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Martin Ksohoh of the exclusive ONE DOUBLE “O” ONE shops on the Kowloon Island of Hong Kong is the man behind the amazing Red Monkey Jeans brand. The brand concept was born of Japanses influence, constructed of specially modified colored cotton, woven into selveage denim, materialized into the form of the Red Monkey Company. A brand named after its creator Martin, who was dubbed Red Monkey by the Japanese native “YAMANE”, creator of the “AVISYA TAILOR” retail concept and more.

In 2002, Martin began working with engineered cotton harvested from a farm in china. The unique yellow fibre creates a very special hand feel and colour shade when woven and dyed with the indigo rope dying method. As demonstrated by the institute lepine in paris more than a decade ago, this cotton fibre allowed new processing methods to be done that were not harmful to the environment and also introduced a raw denim that retained the characteristics of rawness on the outside while the inner surface is plush, smooth and unlike any other raw jeans found in the market place.

RMC was introduced in hong kong to the lane crawford retail chain as an exclusive product, 3 years ago, and has enjoyed tremendous success along with brands such as seven, fake genius, evisu and blue blood. It has performed incredibly without a markdown or discount to date. It is a very specialized product that due to nature of manufacture has a very limited supply yet has created exponential demand. The design is pure vintage art, circa the 50′s and 60′s, and original japanese wood block prints embroidered on a traditional 5 pocket well shaped jean allowing room for a man to breathe yet not baggy. This is the industry standard, that tapers nicely at the bottom but not pegged.

As RMC prepares to establish itself in the american market it has expanded its fabric offering with traditional 32inch loomed selvage denim from japan, (double ringspun, indigo rope dyed, 13.75oz premium denim). The real deal! With white selvage end to end that identifies its unique heritage. The original engineered colored cotton fabric continues to be offered in a 5 pocket premium with wave embroidered back pockets that expresses the natural beauty and inspiration of crashing waves that constantly shape the island of the rising sun. Its not too distant neighbor, hong kong, has provided a foundation for the concept that blends quality, craftmanship and honor as principles, and offers a unique choice other than that found in europe or from the saturated enviroment of so called premium american brands.
In september of 2004 rmc opened its first flagship retail concept destination on the island of kowloon. This collaboration with erik kot has generated a cult following in as little as a financial quarter. The natural wood structure blended with black walls and ceiling creates a dark mystery that is well lit with custom designed lighting and red covered lamps that emit a nice glow over the centerpiece of the shop, a slice of a 500 year old tree from a chinese forrest. Nature is very much an influence as well as featuring creative products from other up and coming namesakes. Authentic japanese evisu is featured here, as well as, dupe clothing from the uk, tsubi jeans from australia and a new french tailored denim company. This hidden treasure on the back streets of tsim tsa tsui, (chim saw choy), bears gold medal product that beckons to be worn.


In the second quarter of 2005, 2 new models were introduced as well as an expanded fit range, a slim fit, and cinch back farmer will be offered. Denims are our specialty, so no there are no other items for america as yet. There are accessories, and there are novelty tops to be found in the shop in hong kong. You are welcome to make the journey as we have numerous times. You can then experience the tradition for yourself firsthand and avoid reading through our novel.

We invite you to share in our experience and dream. We welcome your passion and support. We share one slogan with you and hope you will spend some time with us. In life we find that if — ” you never try, you never know” belief is all it takes a little or a lot.
Peace and blessings
Martin Yat Ming aka Martin Ksohoh creator and founder of “RMC”
The Red Monkey Company.

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  1. Massimo says:

    Does anyone know a website which sells authentic Red Monkey Jeans?

  2. Na Hieko says:

    There are no official stores selling authentic RMC yet because Red Monkey Jeans do not currently authorise online sales. You might find a secondhand or reselling jean on the Kitmeout Auction or Ebay.

  3. Richard Post says:

    How can you tell if these jeans on eBay and other places are real. I’ve seen two kinds of tags on the back, with and without the words Red Monkey Company, and two different colors of waves on the front right pocket, red and green.

  4. Yen Yuro says:

    if you buy off ebay ask the seller to provide a copy of their purchase receipt and then phone the store on the receipt to confirm their authenticity.

  5. J2Nice says:

    i am curious to know … lets say that you buy it from a regular store but the store is not well known… is there any other way to tell if these jeans are fake?? Is there in specific that you can look for ?

  6. Yen Yuro says:

    if your buying from a backstreet store beware. ask them if there official retailers and if they say they are ask to see proof.

  7. Darth Sidious says:

    i bought one of the jeans at Taiwan.. the shop’s pretty nice though.. if the jeans u bought is real, u should recieve a wooden box, cotaining the jeans. the jeans will be wrapped with a yellowish cloth n a very nice piece of plastic paper, with pictures with red and gold.. then again, whether it’s real or not, u still need to see the jeans itself.. n it’s pretty ex…

  8. D says:

    whats an average price for these jeans. ive found them all over ebay but cant tell if there the real deal or not, cus ppl are telling me that they should be selling for $700USD, is that true?

  9. admin says:

    if they’re new and selling for a lot less than $700 then that should raise a red flag. these jeans are so limited nobody will sell the real thing for less than $700 unless they are used/secondhand.

  10. Daniel says:

    I recenntly bought a pair of red monkey jeans from the store 1001 in hong kong and am trying to find a web site for them to purchase other items, does anybody know if they have a site or an email address i could contact them on??

  11. Darth Sidious says:

    Hmm..Webby for RMC is still under construction.. It says coming soon… Sad to say, to get the other products, it’s either you go overseas or try ur luck at ebay or Hong Kong and Taiwan’s Yahoo auctions, if you dare to try.. I bought mine at Taiwan’s 1001 store at Taipei.. 12190NT if I’m not wrong.. About Singapore 620-30++… And it’s a new design for this year.. 700USD for european countries is still reasonable.. But for Asian countries like Singapore.. It’s abit over board..
    If u want to contact them, I think you can check the 1001 paper bag, there’s an e-mail contact there I think.. And phone numbers too.. To check whether the jeans are fake, new pair of the real thing is very hard.. It’s starched.. The inner part of the jeans, near the waist part, there’s a black imprint of the size n a logo in chinese word encircled.. And notice the threads, they are really sewed nicely.. Think that’s the most I can help here.. I’m still pretty new to this brand too but did alot of rescearch on it.. From what I see.. hong Kong seems to sell the jeans at a lower price.. Maybe lower by a hundred or less.. really hope RMC will open a branch here in Singapore!

  12. ERK says:

    Does RMC make jeans for women, also can I have a contact number of some places overseas that sell authentic Red Monkey Jeans,

  13. RMC BEE says:

    Do the real RMC jeans have white or indigo stitching on the edges of the inseam (when u cuff the pant leg at the bottom the inseam is visible) can someone email me pics of the real thing? because RMC has flooded ebay and i cannot tell which the real from the fake.

  14. Kinhhu says:

    stitching should be gold!

  15. Kinhhu says:

    try these for comparison

    Red Monkey, Redmonkey, jeans,
    Red Monkey Minimun order quantity:10 pcs/itme/style/color Delivery date: within 3 days more Red Monkey jeans offers from Guang Dong New Fashion Co.,Ltd

  16. me says:

    I would like to know if the red monkey jeans have to have the tag with the chinese writing in the back and do it come in different textures

  17. Cuong says:

    I just recently found out that their is another brand called Red Monkey Designs (RMD). Is this company one in the same as RMC? They have been claiming that Red Monkey is their name.

  18. admin says:

    red monkey designs and red monkey jeans company are two entirely different companies.

  19. mannyg says:

    Anyone know where I can get an authentic pair in the L.A. area? I’ve looked around but can’t seem to find any. Any help would be appreciated.

  20. jeff says:

    you can get the rmc’s from kimball he has real ones only one in la 3239748277
    he can hook u up tell him t sent you

  21. jeff says:

    if you can get rmc red monkeys from 2005 that is the real deal,all the new stuff is bootleg and crap, have to try and find real japanese evisu, sugar cane, rogan, prps,
    and this new brand the year of…

  22. leek says:

    I’ve been looling to purchase a few pairs of red monkey’s does anyone know where i can a legitamit retailer in the new york area. And are there any light colored red monkeys that where produced.

  23. Jeffo says:

    you can buy authentic red monkey jeans here – uk 01733 564077

  24. jamil says:

    I do have anice retail store on dallas tx , iam trying to get the phone number for the company who sell it for retail srores.

  25. Menace says:

    I got me about 5 pair of red monkey jeanz and each one cost me $850… do u guys think i got ripped off or do u think there real becuz i got them in a box wit a yellowish cloth actually it looked nice… but do u guys think i been ripped off or wat because so many people been sayin some are fake and some are real i just dont know wat to beleive… my has 2005 on the back tag…. i mean i also have me 3 evisu jeanz and 1 pair of republics…. how kan u guys tell if those are fake

  26. Christopher says:

    DOES anyone know where I can get the REAL RED MONKEY and EVISU JEANS in NEW YORK??? AND how can you tell real PRADA SNEAKERS from the fake ONE???????????

  27. admin says:

    phone kimball on la 3239748277 this is tony magnetic’s contact. for evisu the best place to buy genuine evisu is

  28. KB says:

    well first the stitching should be yellow and orange double stitching in the pants. When you cuff the pants the inseam should have white on the edges of it and indigo in the middl also the belt loop should be slanted in the back and on the sides. The tag in the back should have that rough texture where you feel the logo and everything. ALot of stores sell fake ones for about 300-400 and people are buying especially here in NYC but make sure you are not getting ripped off. I had mine shipped from hong kong so………..Alos look for the red thing in the back with the chinese writing on it.

  29. Chino says:

    I was concerned about my RMC jeans I have a few pairs that were all bought in the same place and some of the styles dont have the WHITE stitiching on the outside of the inner cuff…Most of them do however, certain styles jus have the red serge stitching on them but have EVERY other distinguising mark that is stated by KB in the message above mine. Can someone please send me email regarding EXACT charateristics of an authentic RMC jean. Email is…thanks!!!

  30. corey says:

    how can i get some info on getting some red monkey jeans sent from hong kong to atlanta?

  31. Chino says:

    Hey Cory, if u want to get some RMC jeans shipped to ATL I have links from China that can get em to you shipped in less than a week. I did some research and they all authentic and i can also get you BAPE stuff too….if u lookin or inquiring email at, prices are good too no doubt.

  32. Lex Luthor says:

    Props to tony magnetic. t-bone.. if you do still read this.. get backat ur cousin.

    One more thing to check, which seems to be overlooked is the general quality of the denim. i have a few pair straing from tony’s hands… and for shits and giggles i bought some on ebay. For one, rmc does not make a black denim thats almost paper thin. they try to get you with the “hardness” of the jean. yes it is stiff.. but its not the blue vintage type denim that has made rmc to one of the top quality denim lines. also, check the inside stitch of the inseam.. it should be folded back on both sides of the seam and the needle work should be of great quality. you will not find to may threads randomly hanging from the legit jean (except for the back pockets of course). one more thing is, every rmc jean that i have.. that i know for a fact is legit is long enough to put a 6 – 8 inch or more cuff in the legs. the knock off joints that i purchased do not have this. The knock offs come real close, but there are noticable differences..

    Any way… No more monkey business…

    its time for THE YEAR OF..
    tony magnetic… make it happen cousin.. you have the formula to make it bubble over CRAZY..

    be easy,

    the skitzo

  33. Jeni says:

    Is there a red monkey jeans website??

  34. corey says:


  35. Phazon says:

    Where can I get AUTHINTIC RED MONKEY jeans in PHILLY? I found a site claiming they have RMC jeans for $90, are they genuine article?

  36. corey says:


  37. J Dizzle says:

    Are their gonna be any sizes for the big boyz made in the near future?? Or is it possible to place custom orders??

  38. SOOPAchiney says:

    Can someone please send me a detailed pic of AUTHENTIC RMC jeans….including the inseam where the WHITE stitching is located…..thanks..

  39. nothx says:

    hi im currently on vacation in HK from cali USA. One of my friend told me about RMC n im getting commissioned to bring him back a pair. i dont know anything about this denim.. how much are RMC jeans retail like at 1001 n where do i go? email me at

  40. julio says:

    where can i buy you product i live in the bronx and i can make this a hot in here 4 real

  41. Stu says:

    My girlfrind goes all over the world sample shopping. She bought a pair in LA for 1K. She brought them to work and they took a look at them now she has the pair. I’m thinking of putting them up on ebay. They still have the tag on them that says 1400.00 bucks. There is no box due to the fact that she threw it out because it took up alot of room,she might spend 50K on clothes when she goes. She had to submit the receipt to the company so there is no receipt. How much are they worth?

  42. Maria says:


    My name is Maria and I met a Tony Magnetic in HK about 6 years ago.

    I was just curious to know if it was the same one. The one that I spent some time with was originally from the US Philladelphia and worked for Mecca at the time. – he would be about 34 years old by now.


  43. Terry says:

    Where is the Red Monkey company address in Hong Kong.

  44. Joel says:

    I got 4 new red monkeys jeans to sell… If you wanna a pair of it. Just send me a e-mail…. It is

  45. B says:


  46. ecco-joe says:

    are them red monkey jeans on the kitmeout shop really signed by tony magnetic?

  47. C SLATON says:

    I have a new boutique and would like to sell the original Red Monkey Jeans. Where can I find the real Red Monkey jeans?? Can someone contact me so that I may place an order for the original Jeans.

    Thank you

  48. Peanit says:

    How much would an authentic pair of deeznuts cost? Anyone? Anyone?

  49. nabil abdo says:


  50. nabil says:

    yo can someone tell me real from fake red monkeys at

  51. Little E says:

    i bought a pair of red monkeys a couple of days ago i asked some people how do u tell if red monkeys are real and they said that if u have a cereal number inside the pants that they are real is that true? or if its not how do u tell if they are real

  52. LiL D says:


  53. NAZiir TANNI says:

    CAn u hOoK me ^ wiT a PaIr sENd me wheRE caN i fiND dEM

  54. SIN says:

    I bought a real pair the other day, (“The Archa’s”). They wouldn’t give me a box but they came wit the black tack wit black writing and a red and black tag that says something bout how theyre a limited edition pair of authentic Red Monkey’s. wit a cloth string that has like a breakaway plastic clasp on it.
    1. The real ones have the (Flat) white denim on the outer edges of the outside seams with colored stitching in the middle. Mine was red. The denim should almost “Blend” with the seam
    2. The inside should have a matching (Red) colored seam sewn into the gold stitching on the inside of the jean. and a thick blue double seam
    3.The full inside seam of the waistband (top and bottom) and all the seams in the embroidery on the beltloops and the key pocket are double stitched. Plus at least one of the seams at the end of waist should be double stitched completely around the edge.
    4. The tag on the waistband should be made of soft leather. with U Never Try U Never Know on the top.
    5. The back pockets should look slightly frayed but without a bunch of strings hangin out
    6. Mine cost me $350 You wont get authentic ones much cheaper anywhere else

  55. Shaneice says:

    do you have red monkeys for women?

  56. yunchee says:

    Do they have any red monkey short pants and how can u order the authentic red monkey jeans

  57. Slickki says:

    i have a pair of red monkey jeans, my moms friend bought downtown Toronto at a store called rockwells just outside the Eaton Centre. I think the store moved down to bay street now since they broke down part of the building to build Dundas Square

  58. alonzo says:

    Where can i get some offical red monkeys jeans,please some body.

  59. Mohammed says:

    Hey there, im a retailer in the fashion industry from Dubai U.A.E. Can anyone help in getting thru to RMC, cause im intresting in opening stores for the brand.

    Thanks Mohd

  60. Jay Jay says:

    My grandson is a rapper and in his song that he just published he mentions red monkey jeans but we cannot find a pair in his size — he is a 28.

  61. mystic says:

    how can I verify redmonkey product code or serial#/ wanna know if its fake or original