Red Monkey Jeans or Red Monkey Company

Red Monkey Jeans or Red Monkey CompanyRed Monkey Jeans or Red Monkey Company? What is it? In fact, some labels carry the name Red Monkey Compy because the leather patch was too small for the full name! Really!! Regardless the brand name is Red Monkey Company and they sell Red Monkey Jeans. Currently these jeans are some of the most difficult to find and it appears that the only people wearing the genuine denim is your top stars, Jay Z being the most talked about.

So what makes Red Monkey Jeans so exclusive. It all comes down to numbers. Red Monkey Company only make 50, that’s fifty, Red Monkey Jeans in each style – now that’s limited edition gone mad!! Add to the equation that most of your top stars are buying them up that leaves very little for poor old joe bloggs. But don’t worry, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Although Red Monkey Company only make 50 Red Monkey Jeans per style they have very wisely decided to increase their number of styles: there’s the Tsunami and Warriors shortly to be accompanied by the controversial S&M and Bondage artwork depicting psuedo karma sutra embroidery. So in 2006 we should see more cool dudes strutting around in these elusive jeans. Although at over $500 a time for the authentic Red Monkey Jeans we won’t be seeing them on the street corners just yet!

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  1. shauntay bond says:

    do yall carry red monkey jeans in womenz sises

  2. Jay Grand says:

    Hey! I just wanted to know if the aunthentic Red Monkey Jeans have Red Monkey Company on the label, Red Monkey Jeans, Or just the stamp.

  3. admin says:

    Mostly Red Monkey Company is on the label but some of the earlier ones have Red Monkey Compy without the “an”

  4. Kinhhu says:

    Check out these red monkey jeans styles

    Red Monkey Geisha Girl Jeans

    Red Monkey Pyramid Jeans

    Red Monkey Ghost Samurai Jeans

    Red Monkey Fun Cat Jeans

    Red Monkey Tidal Wave Jeans

    Red Monkey Village Samurai Jeans

  5. Joki Kale says:

    Hey, I just wanted to know if all red monkey jeans have that slim jeans fit like the evisus or is it just some of them?

  6. Gib Washington says:

    How can you differentiate fake from REAL…

  7. admin says:

    a lot of the fake rmc have a red tab on the back like levis. authentic rmc don’t.

  8. isiah says:

    Besides the red tab are their any other things to look out for that are on the fake jeans?

  9. admin says:

    the word is only rmc jeans made in 2005 are real since official production ceased after a partnership break up? another big give away is the box. the authentic rmc box is made of pine the fake ones are made of ply.

  10. Baz 8701 says:

    some of the fake red monkey jeans really resemble the real ones but i can tell the difference and some of the new ones are bangin the designs are crazy but what normal person has 6 to 700 $ to spend on jeans i know i dont .

  11. Haseeb says:

    How Do u Tell Between Real Red Mokey Jeans From a Fake ?

  12. nash vadher says:

    Is Woodhouse Menswear the only stockist in the UK? I have seen them in their Long Acre Store and Bluewater Store.

  13. Scary says:

    i bought my rmc in hk 1001 store…when they first came out…. i have the red tab…whats up with that?

  14. d says:

    bought my red monkeys from harlem, got the geisha girl joints

  15. Just Jes says:

    I see red tab red monkeys on this website are they real?

  16. Just Jes says:

    Can i get A answer about that red tab issue?

  17. LeekDaG says:

    I seen somone selling some fake red monkey’s for $65
    and i cant tell the difference between real and fakes.
    What are the differences between real and fakes?

  18. I own many red monkeys. I have seen real red monkeys with the tab being sold in stores in the village soho and the L.E.S.

  19. dev says:

    whats the difference between the real and the fakes is there suppose to be a certain color when u cuff the pants

  20. D says:

    Do all Red Monkeys come in a box or could they just come in a Bag if they are Real? Holla Back with any info on the Difference between real and Fake.

  21. monkhg says:

    I have many RMC jeans.
    The RMC jeans have the red tag is offical release in Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The jeans without red tag is offical release in US. Therefore whether it has red tag or not it can’t show the jeans real or not.
    The only way to idenitfy the real or fake is consider the color edge of the denim and the quality of the denim. if you tried a real jeans before, you will know the different between them.
    By the way the latest release RMC (Hong Kong) with the laser code in the box and the skin tag on the waist, that’s the easiest way to idenitfy real or fake

  22. Kaliklown says:

    i think most people u see wearin em have the fake ones maybe no jay Z cu he be rich

  23. Daniel says:

    How do you know if your red monkey jeans are real or fake?
    And does the red monkey company make blue jean shorts?

  24. Marte says:

    so no one in the hood has them

  25. esu says:

    check for selvage… easy…

  26. haku says:

    If they have a selvage they’re real or what?

  27. Spooky Moo says:

    Make sum mo of dem dere jeans so Ahhs, an inner city blak folk can buy sum wit muh 2 sens pe hour Ah make.

  28. Katie says:

    I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!

  29. RMJ Girl says:

    I’m offended at the spooky moo comment…….I know it’s some black imitation……I was so excited about this topic .I be in this chat room often

    Cut the Spooky Moo character out!!

  30. JAMES says:


  31. mannie says:

    U gotta check the inside cuff in the inside shud be double stiched the size of the jeans are ironed on the inside

  32. anthony says:

    what is red monkey stock symbol

  33. Brittany says:

    are there plus size red monkey jeans?

  34. Satoru says:

    double stitched meaning?
    What does it look like?

    I heard RMC dun come in bags. ONLY boxes.

  35. nabil says:


  36. nabil says:

    IS it true that u can tell that red monkeys are real if the jeans have buttons not zippers

  37. yao ming says:

    red monkey jeans dont come in shorts

  38. nabil abdo says:


  39. kevin says:

    to know if red monkey jeans are fake or not is simple in the back part you going see the rmc tage that have a poem on the back tag if it have RED MONKEY JEANS COMPANY on the back tage are FAKE and also rmc dont make SHORTS therefore are Fake.

  40. miggs says:

    if u live in new york u can find rmc & evisu jeans (real) in the store century21 in manhatten or in bk (selected sizes only) prices may vary

  41. little e says:

    how do u tell if rmc jeans r real cuz 1 of my friends told me they have to have a cereal number in da inside of da back is that true.and if it aint tell me how do u tell if they real

  42. Little E says:

    could u tell me how to spot fake rmc jeans cuz some kid i know said they have a cereal number inside of the back pocket is that true.and if its not could 1 of ya tell me

  43. Anonymous says:

    its spelt “serial number”, douche bag

  44. richass poor kid says:

    how to tell real from fakes….see the receipt!

  45. racecar says:

    i got some RMC from a store call fusion in philly -327 south ST (#215925356)
    not sure if the are real but the price tag is like 835$ us

    it feels pretty light.. are these jeans supposed to be heavy?, cause they are supposed to be make of heavy deniem

  46. toya says:

    do your got red monkey in lady size because i really need them like yesterday hit me up

  47. toya says:

    where do i find real red monkey jeans in charlotte

  48. LUNASIK says:


  49. tweet says:

    real red monkey jeans are heavy straight leg jeans wit five black bottons. also it comes in a red monkey coffin wit two bags rapped up wit it also it is a in dark blue indigo colos if u dip ur finger in water and ur finger turns dark blue they are real in the inside before u put them on they supposed to have a farm look on both pockets

  50. juni says:

    where is the serial number located at and is 1001 a real serial number

  51. will says:

    y dont u make shorts

  52. J.O.P says:

    cop em rmc da look hot

  53. real says:

    let me tell u the differences

  54. real says:

    Because of their status as one of the most desired jeans on the market today, RMC jeans are heavily counterfeited throughout the world. To help protect buyers from counterfeitors, Martin Yatming, aka Martin Ksohoh, founder of RMC jeans, has provided Kitmeout with the following information:

    1. All seams should be stitched in double yarn and not single yarn. Poorly finished button holes and sewing. Pocket lining should not be white, it is ivory and made of thicker fabric.

    2. The real RMC jeans embroidery on the “Toyo Story” Collection always finishes in the side seams regardless of the waist size and fakes have a gap and do not go into the seams.

    3. The RMC Jeans red tab should be red outside and inside, unlike the fakes which are red outside but white inside. Fake red tabs will aslo shrink after washing whilst the genuine does not.

    4. Real RMC has a leather waistband patch and not imitated PVC. The patch is also single stitched with double yarn all the way round and not partly double stitched like the photo above. After 2005 all RMC jeans were branded RMC Martin Ksohoh and NOT RED MONKEY COMPANY.

    5. RMC embroidery should be continuous and no denim space should be seen.

    6. Real RMC jeans use selvedge denim produced on a 28inch loom. Fake RMC jeans are produced on a cheap machine. Fakes use poorly made denim with coloured overlocking and in some cases they “edge” the coloured denim and sew to the edge of the seams to make it look like selvedge. Fake RMC jeans also have a poor quality hem and the colour of the thread is usually too dark.

    7. Fake RMC Jeans have a thin space of denim showing and the embroidery doesn’t line up. Also the colour of the blue embroidery changes drastically instead of fading gradually. Real RMC jeans do not show denim spacing, it is fully embroidered to the edge of the fabric and this is then turned into the side seam. The real “Toyo Story” Collection has 800,000 stitches and is more like a tapestry. The real RMC “Toyo Story” Collection has 1002 stamped on the leather patch and not 1001.

  55. aj says:

    my rmc jeans have, unevertryuneverknow at the top and then it has the rmc label then RMC Martin Ksohoh then it says lot 1002 and size 40

  56. aj says:

    oh and also it has the blue pockets with the chineese character doing different poses throughout the fabric of the inside front pockets

  57. shay shay says:

    do yall make shorts cuz on ebay guide it said yall didnt make shorts

  58. e flo 510 says:

    i got me some for 675$ all real what now bitches

  59. Fresh4Life says:

    Basically dont buy your RMC jeans from a clothing store.. most clothing stores buy them whole sale and sell them for like 59.99-120.99$ a pair.. And you cant buy RMC jeans wholesale to my knowledge.

  60. Anonymous says:

    If your not making as little as $50,000 a year you need to just buy the fake an get it over with , when it go’s out of style like every thing else , you will be glad you did not wast your money .
    1. If you gotta ask if its fake = it’s not real
    2. If you gotta ask how much = you can’t afford it

    I drive an 08 Escalade with a fake Rolex but who will know ???????

  61. chris hill says:

    please can someone tell me where i can get real red monkey jeans in the uk possibly manchester area

  62. Nathan Riddett says:

    I got 2 ORIGINAL pairs… ya’ll betta reckognize! These ARE the shit. People that buy fake, are fake. Save up, at least you know you got the real deal on, rather than be a faker

  63. RMC/Evisu says:

    I just wanna know mine say unevertryuneverno or somthing with lot 1002 size 40 with martin ksohoh and its all in red writing are they real but i bought a size 40 because i dont like tight jeans im really a 34 to a 36 so why are the legs so tight because if a size 40 person bought a 40 wouldnt the legs be way to tight for him since they are for me an im only 34 to 36 and can u stretch the legs out at all or do they get baggy after washing.

  64. del says:

    i have an original pair, size 400 from hong kong 1001 store, 2005. I live in the manchester area of the uk.