B-Rude Clothing by Boy George of Culture Club

B-Rude Clothing by Boy George of Culture ClubSo everyone’s favourite transcendental gay and pseudo-krishna queen, Boy George enters the fashion world with his B-Rude label. Everyone’s asking the same question: why’s the ex Culture Club front-person, DJ maestro and all-round fabulous entertainer hitting the cloth?

The B-Rude label was actually born back in 2004 and consists of bold clothes and T-shirts for men and women. If Boy George’s eccentric and often breath-taking personal fashion sense if anything to go by the B-Rude label will, if nothing else, stun and amaze the fashion world — at a guess it’ll be like imploding Vivienne Westwood over Jean-Paul Gaultier and then adding a bucket load of John Galliano and finally a pinch of Buddhist Punk; a crazy divine mixture which has the potential to be a success.

So hats off and good luck to Boy George and his B-Rude label — definitely one to watch!

2 Responses to “B-Rude Clothing by Boy George of Culture Club”
  1. PJ says:

    It’s a pity this B-Rude label isn’t available anywhere for purchase. I think it is a clever marketing ploy by George to keep his name in the media, especially since his singing career is over (by his own choice) and he seems to enjoy wasting his days DJ’ing (lord, what a fall from grace) and taking pictures of young men in their underwear or less (as if the world needs another nude photographer -how original), which positively places him in the “wealthy, bored & creepy” category. George should do us all a favor and take a hard look at where his life is going. He needs a stable life partner badly, to help him focus on his life and do things with actual value. He needs to hire a good vocal coach to help rid himself of his now raspy and basically horrible singing voice ( no doubt all the smoking, drinking & drugging has taken it’s toll on his vocal chords ) and gain back the sweet and high note hitting sound he used to have -hey, if Stevie Nicks did it, so can George. He also needs to stop with the lewd picture taking of young men in their undies or less. I miss the old George who actually made good music, and I detest this bad singing and drugged out person who has taken over.

  2. danielle says:

    Is it just me or was boy george never really considered a good dresser? As I recall even for the 80′s his style was over the top and not represenative of what most would want to wear. A few of his clothes resemble items at greatglam.com only they are much more expensive. Just because you write a song about chameleons doesn’t make you a fashion designer!!