Nudie Jeans Acne Jeans Nudie Slim Jim

Nudie Jeans ACNE Jeans Nudie Slim Jim JeansThere’s a cool change in the air – and I’m talking 2 below zero!!! For years denim was dominated by the Amricans and Italians, creating a long line of classic jeans from traditional Levi Jeans to exclusive Armani Jeans. Then came along the innovative Japanese brands with Evisu jeans at the forefront led by the visionary Hidehiko Yamane. However, during the course of the past few years a new player has stealthily entered the denim arena. These new players hale from the unlikely land of the vikings; Nudie Jeans and Acne jeans have strong and proud Swedish roots yet their denim has truly universal appeal!

What’s so special about these Scandinavian brands? Why are Nudie Jeans and Acne Jeans so special? Many fashionistas believe the secret of their success is their raw edge. Neither Nudie nor Acne are tainted by transparent marketing hype. Both brands are as cool, clean and fresh as the snow in Stockholm. The stench that wafts from the marketing boardrooms of the high profile traditional brands has not yet tainted these two Swedish gems and this breath of fresh air attracts the denim wearing youth of the 21st century who are too asute to fall for the relentless marketing hype of so many traditional brands.

The Nudie Jeans collection includes Slim Jim, Flare Glenn, Baggy Bjorn, Bootcut Ola, Straight Sven, Super Slim Kim, Thin Finn. The Acne Jeans collection includes Max Garage, Max Pool, Max Raw, Mic Punch, Mic Raven, Moc Market, Moc Pebble, Mod Miner, Mod Off Duty. Anyone looking for a change from the traditional American and Italian Jeans, or anyone seeking relief from the Japanese denim invasion, should serious consider a look at Nudie Jeans or Acne Jeans. It’s a true breath of fresh air!!

12 Responses to “Nudie Jeans Acne Jeans Nudie Slim Jim”
  1. Metroid says:

    acnejeans are cool, you are right…. and they also have nice cuts…. but, if you want the freshest swedish design you should check out THE STRAY BOYS… in sweden not an insider anymore…. otherwere though: YES!

  2. lin says:

    cheap monday is the coolest swedish jeans otherwise. cheap monday is the bestest thing ever happened to jeans since levi´s. it´s punk and it´s cheap.

  3. lin says:

    btw, expensive jeans really sucks.

  4. Taka says:

    This is the full collection

    Nudie Slim Jim

    Nudie Flare Glenn

    Nudie Regular Ralf 1

    Nudie Regular Ralf 2

    Nudie Baggy Bjorn

    Nudie Bootcut Ola

    Nudie Straight Sven

    Nudie Super Slim Kim

    Nudie Thin Finn

  5. bryanboy says:

    babooooosh! acne jeans rock

  6. HAns Christian says:

    Nudie have been the best selling jeans in Norway for the last 4 years beside Levis and Diesel. They have an awesome cut!

  7. Thord says:

    Acne Jeans is part of a major swedish advertising agency. Their first jeans were created as presents to potential clients. So to say that it is not tainted by marketing and hype seems a bit wrong. Their succes is rather the product of a more sophisticated and profesional marketing than their competitors.
    Oh… and the snow in Stockholm is usually anything but clean and fresh.

  8. george says:

    is ther any fake nudie (jeans ) ?
    how to spot it ?

  9. Mauricio says:

    Where can I buy Nudie Jeans online? (size 28)

  10. Anonymous says:

    nudie organics are the ultimate

  11. Craig says:

    Awesome jeans! Bought a pair a month ago and wearing them to death and they looks and feel better every day!