Seven Jeans, Seven 7 Jeans or Seven for All Mankind

Seven Jeans Seven 7 Jeans or Seven for All Mankind JeansCan someone finally put this to bed!! What is it Seven Jeans, Seven 7 Jeans or Seven for All Mankind Jeans? Are they three different companies and three different brands. What’s the official story?

This is the unofficial story plucked from the urban grapevine. Seven for All Mankind Jeans started producing extraordinarily innovative jeans in the USA under the banner Seven for All Mankind and made appropriate trademark arrangements in the USA. However, they neglected to make the same arrangements in Europe. This is where it starts to get messy but the saying goes an entrepreneur with an eye for an opportunity, when he saw the success of Seven for All Mankind Jeans in the USA, started to produce Seven Jeans in Europe since Seven for All Mankind failed to file a Trademark application in Europe.

Upon hearing about this development Seven for All Mankind started long and labourious legal proceedings against Seven Jeans for TM infringement. After much legal debate, it was decided that Seven Jeans in Europe should change their name to Seven 7 so to reduce the confusion with Seven for All Mankind jeans which was and is a far superior jean. So, that’s the story from the urban grapevine. Can anyone confirm or deny this. Does anyone have the definitive story?

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  1. Liz says:

    I am not sure if yow know this, but the brand Seven 7 jeans produces plus sized jeans, and not regular sized jeans. And therefore it is not correct to compare the quality of the two brand of jeans, when in actuallity they are two different products.

  2. Susie Q says:

    I think this theory sounds great, but I read a good detailed article on eBay about this problem. 7 Express is from Lane Bryant, 7Seven has been in Europe for over 40 years, and 7 for all mankind is the US brand since 2000. None are related, so all are suing each other. consider the quality as Kia, Toyota, Lexus, in the order as listed.

  3. mick says:

    Regarding 7Seven and Seven 4 all Mankind: YOU ARE ALL WRONG!
    The following is documented and available from legal decisions and rulings: 7Seven was/is a long running European company that started producing jeans prior to 7 for all Mankind–both in Europe as well as the US (east coast boutiques). 7 for all Mankind started 4/5 years ago from some veterans from apparel and jean industry–great product great marketing resulted in great successes..7Seven was then bought by u.s. based apparel group and relaunched–mostly to express/macy’s and recently lane bryant..7Seven holds original tm and was recently victorious in suit by seven for all mankind..both have their own the history of companies and lawsuits and its obvious that first came 7Seven then Seven 4 Mankind..if any product is a knock-off or fake it is seven 4 mankind!

  4. Stacy Says says:

    It is true that Seven 7 is the original designer not seven for all mankind. I am a buyer and sell seven 7 jeans. When they were produced for express it was for a design that was limited to only express stores and does not reflect their current styles. In my opinion Seven 7 has a superior fit (as many of my customers will attend to). I believe that seven for all mankind is more popular simply because they have had better marketing and appear in more fashion magazines. They are almost double the price and are no better quality. So do yourself a favor and compare the brands – don’t just listen to add campaigns!! You will see for yourself that the name isn’t everything – and that is what your paying for.

  5. Melissa says:

    Liz is a joke, this comment that it is “not correct to compare the quality of the two brand of jeans” because one is plus sized and one is “regular” is the funniest thing. Is someone that is plus sized not of the same quality as someone that is “regular” sized? LOL

    I like Seven7 jeans. They’re a little more pricey than I would normally pay, but they are worth the price if you’re hippy/curvy b/c they hug every inch of your body and make you look great!

  6. tasha says:

    I didn’t know there was so much controversey over these jeans until I went to purchase another pair of seven7 jeans and couldn’t find them. All I see is the Seven FAM and I definately don’t want those. I love Seven7 jeans, I have a hard shape to fit and seven7 jeans make even my curves look great. Those other jeans just look like overpriced Target jeans. Somebody please tell me where I can get the REAL DEAL!!!!

  7. Amber says:

    The story behind the names of the diffrent brands is this: Seven 7 jeans was started in Europe many many years ago and was actualy the first brand of jeans
    to hold the Seven name, they started out in regular sizes and now are carried by lane byrant in the plus sizes as well. Seven for all mankind jeans came years later and has a diffrent approach to thier products, nithere jean is supiror
    just diffrent and better for diffrent body types/reasons.

  8. Cindi says:

    Seven 7 jeans are not all plus sizes. I’m a size 4 (27″ waist and I wear them). I am very hard to fit and Seven 7 jeans look great. They are definitely high quality jeans, you’ll know that when you turn them inside out and look at the seams. The denim is thick but really comfortable because they are 99% Cotton and 1% Spandex, so they have a slight stretch. They don’t get baggy in the seat after sitting for a while. They used to cary them at Dillard’s and Macy’s, but now I can only find them on EBAY. I checked their website but it is under construction. I can’t wait until they get it finished so I can order a dozen pair. I have always hated to wear jeans (due to the way they fit)and preferred shorts or skirts until now. I love these jeans! They last forever!

  9. Kristen says:

    I wasn’t aware of this whole controversy but just purchased 2 pairs of seven 7 jeans. They have all sizes and if you have a Loehmans nearby they carry them for all who are looking.

  10. klaire says:

    I agree. I love my seven7 jeans and really really want a new pair!! If anyone knows where to order more off the net (other than their under construction site) please tell me!!

  11. lisa says:

    TASHA, I just recently bought seven 7 jeans by my house…in Glendale Queens. If interested leave your email I will give you the store address..
    I agree they fit really well and look great!

  12. Mary says:

    I sure hope someone can help me! I purchased a pair of Seven7 Jeans at Lane Bryant in Size 14 with the rectangular black small rhinestones on the back pocket that form an S. Washed them once inside out as per instructions and ***surprise surprise****!! I lost a rhinestone! Great quality for $89 jeans!!!! Anyway if anyone knows where I can possibly find replacement rhinestones for these, please let me know! I ove them! My E-mail is
    Thanks so much!

  13. seven7,seven, sevenFAM says:

    I know a few of you are interested in finding seven7 jeans. I recently bought a pair at “Ross” for $24.99. I love the fit and they are not made for stick figures; they hug the curves and look great while doing it!

  14. Meme says:

    Where can I buy Seven 7 jeans online?


  15. Veronica says:

    A friend told me seven jeans were on sale for $40 at Mervyn’s. Of course I didn’t believe her so I went to check it out and sure enough, $40 -$50. I did some research and found out the difference between seven7 and 7 for all mankind. 7 for all mankind are the ones everyone knows of, but to tell you the truth, seven7 fit as good or better, and they have been around longer.

  16. stephanie says:

    ok ok im 17 how old are all you guys? i bought 2 pairs of seven 7 jeans to day @mervens thinking i would be cool in school but are they real. cause i dont wanna be laughed at by the girls whering seven for all man kind???

    if you know please send me a message at

  17. Robin says:

    Well, I am in love with Seven7 jeans and I own 3 pairs. I paid full price $98 for a pair of white jeans from Macy’s in (Wheaton, MD) the junior’s dept (size 28) in July. I just bought a dark and light rinse pair of Seven7 jeans for about $37 a piece from Burlington Coat Factory in Sterling, VA. The Story behind Seven7-originated in Europe in the 1960′s and trademarked in Italy in 1978. Later registered in France and other Europen countries. Crossing the Atlantic years later, Gerard Guez, a well know jeans maker acquired Seven7 from it’s European owner and now Seven7 licensing company is run out of Los Angeles, CA. Anyway, whatever the type of jean or the style, if the jean fit’s your body, then you set your own trend. Forget all of the hoopla, embrace your body and enjoy life.

  18. Nicola says:

    I resent the fact that Liz said Seven 7 produce only plus size jeans and so these cannot therefore be compared to Seven for all mankind jeans. I recently bought a pair of Seven 7 jeans, and they fit perfectly – I have hips yes, but I am NOT a plus size (and this is not a deluded fantasy, I am honestly not a plus size).

  19. jaded says:

    I saw the Seven7 @ Mervyn’s the other day. They are also sold at Dillard’s and some Macy’s for the non-plus soze set. The reason this misconception exists on the available sizes is because LAne Bryant got a ton of great press on the new Seven7 line for their stores. It probavbly didn’t hurt there was some confusion with the Seven for all Mankind brand. So if you are under a 16 or whatever buy your Seven7′s at Macy’s Dillards or Mervyn’s, if you are not then go to Lane Bryant. What’s the big deal, it is just a size. Az a curvy size 18, I was excited to see some non-matronly jeans at LAne Bryant…more choices for me besides Gap and Old Navy. The Seven7′s don’t seem to gap for people with butts so the jeans are good in my book. And cut a bit longer, so they are good for short girls with long legs like me. (Average JEans are usually only good with flats for me, I can’t even wear kitten heels with out looking like I am waiting for the flood.

    Just a note Seven for All Mankind positions themselves as a deisigner brand by pricing their jeans at $150 plus, and Seven7 is not a designer brand by virtue of price alone. Designer does not mean the jeans are high quality, well fitting or ‘good.’ So if you want to pay lots of money for jeans that don’t suit your figure go ahead. I believe in spending money on stuff that fits well, whether it is $3 or $3000. Go with what looks best, it is always better to have a well fitting Target jean than an ill-fitting Cavalli pair.

  20. emily says:

    um yeah , i have a pair of 7 seven jeans, and the tag came with a pair of 7seven and 7 for all man kind saying that they joined together or what not, i bought them at loemans, and they still were 98$ i am most def not plus size, i have a butt and hips but in us clothes i have a size 5 and 28 waist. so 7seven does not only carry plus size, just thought id share

  21. Mandy says:

    I was with my 13-year-old daughter at Loehmann’s the other day and saw seven 7 jeans for about $40. She’s had her mind thoroughly tainted by reading the Clique books and got all excited because she thought she saw the mythic 7′s in something like her price range. I looked closely at the tag and said, no, honey, these aren’t what you think they are. Then I saw them yesterday in Marshall’s for $29.99 in the dark rinse, skinny leg style she wanted, so I bought them just because they were cute and it’s her birthday. Have to admit I googled seven 7 to find out if they were a knock-off and why they weren’t being sued for trademark infringement. By the way, my daughter is a size 0, so this is definitely not a plus size brand, and concerning quality, I turned the jeans inside out and wasn’t impressed with the finishing. But these days all clothing is made shockingly badly. Don’t get me started about Abercrombie.

  22. sue says:

    I googled a question about the difference and I got this site….so glad I did!! I just got a pair of seven7 jeans on ebay…They DO fit amazingly well and are very comfortable…I was looking for something different than the every day bootcut gap jeans, and I think I got lucky!!

  23. Dawn says:

    Hi- I am live in London, England and I just bought a pair of Seven7 jeans today. I have to admit I was confused by the whole ‘seven for all mankind’ and ‘Seven7′- so it was interesting to read the threads above. The jeans came with an information card which states the Seven7 originated in Europe in the 1960s, and the trademark Seven7 was registered in Italy in 1978, then in other European countries and later in USA. The address listed for USA if any of you want it is Seven7, LLC, 9000 Sunset Boulevard, LA, California 90069

    I am a curvy USA size 10 (sometimes a 12 in trousers, or pants as you call them in the USA) and the Seven7 jeans fit amazing well, in fact better than any pair of jeans I have ever bought! And they are more flattering.

  24. maria says:

    i just purchased a pair of seven 7 jeans, and they are great! i also wear 7 for all man kind, and i like both…if you are interested in purchasing seven 7 jeans, filene’s basement sells both brands and they are much cheaper than other stores!!

  25. Jen says:

    I am 5’4 112lbs and size 2/4 or a 27 and just bought a pair of seven7s on ebay. They fit fine! I usually wear Lucky jeans but thought I’d try something different and I’m happy with them. I have upscale brands like Sacred Blue and 7FAM also and I do think the quality might be better but who really cares, none of them are going to fall apart overnight. No matter what I buy, I generally have to get them hemmed, the biggest problem for me is they are almost all too long!

  26. Kim says:

    I just bought a piar of Seven 7′s today from Mervins…. I admit I NEVER shop there… I had to return a Christmas gift. I walked past the Jr’s section and i saw a display for a ton of Seven7′s…. I figured I might as well try a few on. The fit is actually outstanding, and the denim quality looks and feels great. It doesn’t feel like cheap low end denim like you find on your basic Jrs’s denim… and the detailing and wash make them look just like “the other brand”. Anyways… check out your local Mervins if you want to see for yourself. (mine were origianlly $70 and on sale for $40)

  27. Kelli says:

    hey all i wear is seven for all mankind and they are the best thing that i have every spent over a hundred dollars on. they are every penny you put in them that fit really good. i am 5*6 and i wear a size 29 which is a size 6 in regular jeans but i tell everyone to atleast try seven jeans they are the best!!

  28. Marianne says:

    I just purchased a pair of Seven 7 @ Loehmann’s and they fit beautifully &I’m happy!
    I just found out the difference between these & For All Mankind. I can see the difference, but I still feel that both brands cater the same thing: flattering and comfortable jeans.

    Here’s an example:
    My mom originally bought me a size 29 of 7 For All Mankind, They fit a teenie tight.

    Today I bought size 29 of Seven 7. They fit appropriately and perfectly to my curvy physique. (thick legs, flat stomach, not so big butt)

    I’m going to buy a pair of 7 For All Mankind anyway when I get the chance.
    I do believe that Seven7 sizes do run a little bit bigger, which really helped me &my wallet :)
    Conclusion: both are great brands :)

  29. cyan says:

    My friend and I have been trying o figure out the difference between seven7 jeans and seven for all mankind, so thank you THANK YOU for finally giving us an answer. I bought a pair of Seven7 jeans yesterday and I LOVE them, so it really doesn’t matter which brand they are. All that matters is the fit…

  30. Edie says:

    I bought a pair of Seven 7 jeans at Marshall’s today. They are too long like all jeans I ever try on (I’m 5’4″) but the fit is great. What I like is how soft they are. I hate, hate, hate jeans that are heavy and stiff and these are just perfect. I admit I had no I idea about the controversy but after reading the tag that came with the jeans and this site, I’m enlightened. Now I want to go out and hunt down another pair ASAP.

  31. olivia says:

    hey they sell seven7 jeans at tkmaxx here in the uk! well at least they do in kettering! they are sooooo nice!

  32. km says:

    Believe it or not, you can buy seven7 jeans from Home Shopping Network @

  33. Jerri says:

    I bought 3 pairs from TJMaxx yesterday @ $29.99 each. I’m located in Florida. They had every size and style. Alot of them. I knew there were two different names but thought that it was the same company until today.

  34. BonBon says:

    I don’t think it is that important of how these companies started and I don’t think that is the real issue that people want to know about right now. My aunt just recently brought me shopping and I hate buying jeans because I am a little bit bigger and I don’t like the way I look in them..anyway, she brought me to the local Lane Bryant and I tried on a pair of the 7seven jeans and they looked great…anyway, if you are looking for a pair of the 7seven jeans just look for a Lane Bryant they carry them in many sizes.

  35. Maria says:

    I live in the UK and bought a pair of Seven 7 jeans from T K Maxx today. I also tried on a pair of Citizen of Humanity and Paper Denim and Cloth jeans, and the Seven 7 were far and away the most flattering and comfortable. I love them – I’m 5’10″ and a US size 8 and they fit me perfectly.

    Incidentally, a couple of years ago I tried on 3 different styles of 7 for All Mankind jeans and didn’t understand what all the fuss was about – none of them fit well.

  36. b-b says:

    I bought a pair of Seven7 jeans on ebay a few months ago. I’m a size 26, but I have a hard time finding jeans that fit both my small waist and round booty. THESE FIT PERFECT. They make my butt look awesome! I want to find more! We don’t have mervyns or loehmanns around here! Guess i’ll have to hunt them down!

  37. Faren says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that T.J. Maxx sells Seven 7 jeans for only $29.99. They have all different styles in every size. They get new ones in all the time. Check it out!!

  38. anon says:

    7 for all Mankind is often misassociated with the denim brand Seven 7, a separate company that has been established in Europe since the 1960s. “Seven7″ Brand immigrated to L.A. and continues to manufacture a slightly lower-priced denim with a similar fit in both the US and Europe. Seven 7 was reintroduced in the United States around the same time as 7 for all Mankind, who filed a lawsuit against the company for stealing their name. The court war continued, in the European field this time. The registration of the word ‘Seven’ as a jeans maker belonged to the ‘Seven7′ brand from the 60s. The court decided in Belgium that “7 For All Mankind” ceases to use the sign 7 or “Seven” even in combination with ” For All Mankind”. “Seven7″ licensee in Europe drove the Brand in big success the past few years, lifting the quality standards to extra premium denim, introducing the embellished category in denim, decorated with Swarovski crystal. Other denim brands, including “7 For All Mankind” followed this trend. Price points where also driven to extra premium denim standards, establishing the “Seven7″ jeans among the most desirable fashion items. The European Licensee regenerated the “Seven7” essence of the 60s, combining the original “Seven” design values with L.A. style. “7 For All Mankind” and “Seven7″ represent style and status.

  39. Heatherfeather says:

    I bought a pair of 7 for all Mankind last week, and this week picked up a pair of Seven7 Cuffed Cropped jeans. This is a great example ;I’m 5’10 & size 26 and without a doubt I love the Seven7. The fit is fantastic they make your butt look more “bubbly”. The 7 for all Mankind seemed to flatten my behind. I totally understand that 7 FOR ALL MANKIND is the high end designer brand here in the US, but you have to try them both on to see the difference. What most women are interested in is finding a jean to make them look fabulous.

  40. Marya says:

    I have 4 pairs of Seven7 Jeans I bought from Lane Bryant. I was trying to figure out the mystery of why they are longer sold by LB when I stumbled upon this thread. Thanks for the info.

    I love my Seven7 jeans and want more so I did a search and I’ve found three styles of plus size Seven7 jeans on Just an FYI… for those of you looking for a new source for some great jeans!

  41. Andrea "jeans freak" says:

    I agree with you Heatherfeather! I also have bought a pair of 7 FAM and have bought several Seven 7 in the past and the Seven 7 fits my curves better. It took a long time to get a pair of 7 FAM that fit. I tend to by my jeans at ROSS, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. I’m 5’5″ and wear different sizes ranges from 7 to 11 it depends on the fit. The problem that I’ve always had with 7 FAM is that it is very tight around my thighs and I carry a bit in the “trunk” and Seven 7 is a bit more accomodating. I’ve had my Seven 7 jeans way before they started selling at Lane Bryant. No matter how many pairs of jeans I have once a see a Seven 7 jeans at a good price “I got to have it”.

  42. alice c says:

    I may be late responding to this debate…..however, i love wearing my Seven 7 jeans and it is the only brand that I have found to fit me well. so no, i dont believe the Seven for Mankind is a superior brand….it is only a different product. Both brand fit for different audience. I will always be a big fan of Seven 7 jeans…….as i have never seen my legs looks so long and slim. A big thank you to Seven7 jeans for producing these wonderfull clothes.

    From a big call out in London!

  43. Anna says:

    it’s simple seven 7′s are for poor folks who don’t care for style and seven for all mankind’s are actualy top quality form fitting demin

  44. GEORGIA TARASI says:

    I am a fashion victim and I used to considere 7seven an inferior brand.
    Until a couple of days ago when I bought a pair of the embellished category with swarovski. The fit is incredible. Same with the feeling on my body.
    I received too many compliments, so I am going again next weekend for another pair.
    I think this product has been upgraded. Check it out !
    By the way I have a pair of 7 for all mankind and the fitting is terrible!

  45. a nony mouse says:

    found a pair of these seven7 jeans at the local shoe pavilion (of all places!). I’ve always had trouble finding a fit that I like, and at 28 yrs old, what I liked 6 months ago doesn’t fit anymore (younger ladies, take advantage of your youth while you have it- it’ll all change way too soon! believe me.)
    on a whim I tried a pair on & fell in love, “your butt looks fab!!” said my sister. it was all over after that.
    don’t be consumed by labels and brands, go for the ones that “make your butt look fab!”

  46. LADYJVEL says:

    Thank you all for the clarifications between Seven 7 and Seven for all Mankind.

    I have been a slim athletic 5’7″ size 3/4 woman all my life. For many years because of training and size fluxuations I owned very few pairs of jeans. Five years ago I purchased a pair of jeans in a buy/sell/trade store for $12. They fit so good. I didn’t know what the heck i was buying. They became my absolute favorite pair of jeans I have ever owned in my entire life.


    It wasnt until I started looking to replace them (bad snag out partying in SF) did i come across the price. Just yesterday I was in Mervyns and was almost fooled. The jeans (now I know they are Seven 7 & not SOAMK) were a very nice pair of jeans. Before purchasing I decided I needed clarification and turned to the web.

    I’m glad I did.

    I have one thing to say, the Seven 7 are beautiful jeans and I will agree they do fit good, and i will probably buy a couple pair, but I am in LOVE with my Seven of Mankind Jeans!!!

  47. Nancy says:

    Does anyone care?

  48. rebecca says:

    i see here alot of you are wanting seven 7 jeans and are having trouble finding them. i have a very stylish pair of seven 7 express pants at auction right now on ebay. they are a size 26 inch waist. my seller i.d. is 910scottr if you guys are interested in taking a look. hope to help someone. :)

  49. KIM says:


  50. Anonymous says:

    hey y’all.. is there anywhere online that i can buy seven7 jeans?

  51. onesnap says:

    Hi all,

    I wanted to let the secret out…Seven7 jeans on sale on Amazon with free shipping. I’m trying the crop style ones for the first time.

    Check them out!

  52. Clara says:


    I tried Amazon but they don’t ship outside the US. Anyone got any ideas how we can get them in NZ or Australia? I bought them here in the past but can’t find them any more.


  53. Kate says:

    I just bought two pairs of Seven 7 Jeans at Kohl’s today for $39.99!! I was SO excited to see them there! I want to buy more, but they didn’t have too huge of a selection! Go get them! They’re AWESOME!

  54. Janelle says:

    I have noticed that there are alot of people that are looking for seven7 jeans. I know that sometimes you can find them in stores like Marshalls. If you are looking for them you can also find them at DressBarn for 49.99. I work at dressbarn and we have had them for 2 years. I finally gave in and bought a pair and I absolutly love them.

  55. Shannon D. says:

    Just so you all know, I was just at Burlington Coat Factory for those of you who have one near you and they have a HUGE selection of Seven7 jeans at unbeatable prices. Picked up a few pairs…..for fans of Seven7 jeans this is the bargain of the year…..

  56. Diane says:

    Unlike Cindi, I am not a size 4 but 14–also hard to fit (wide hips, flatter stomach, narrow legs and avg. butt). Bought my first pair of Seven7 jeans this week, and was actually complimented by a work colleague on how well they fit! I look and feel 10 lb thinner in them! I’m off to buy my 2nd pair! $59 compared to 7 FAM $150+? If I had Jennifer Aniston’s figure and disposable income… perhaps. Until then, I’m a Seven7 convert!

  57. JeansConvo says:

    I found a pair of Seven7 Jeans at TJ Maxx.

  58. Niki says:


    Both myself and my 8 yr old daughter own both Seven7 and & 7 for all mankind….the Seven7s fit both of us better than the others. I am 5’9, 140lbs, small waist and a large rear….my daughter is built exactly like me only 5ft tall and 90lbs….the Seven7s are the only jeans aside form lucky brand that are made for a lady with a round but and small waist! We both love them!! The 7 for all mankind are definitely NOT made for a lady with a round rump! They flatten my poor daughter’s rear and are loose in the waist, almost like they are made for someone without hips or a$$.

  59. LIsa Blackmon says:

    re. jeans at Amazon: I tried the cheap $20 and under cropped and regular seven7 jeans and found they fit weird. They definitely run big if you want to try them, and fit differently than all the other pairs I’ve tried.

    Also, I’m a 12-14, and Lane Bryant goes down to a 14, so I can get reg. and plus sizes. I find there is not much difference. If anything the LB 14 is a bit smaller than the regular sizing 14.

  60. Jessica says:

    Just bought a pair of Seven7 on clearance at TJMaxx for $15. They also had 7 For All Mankind on clearance for around $40. The Seven7s seem to have a higher rise.

  61. erin says:

    I just got a pair of seven 7 jeans at Shoe Pavilion yesterday for $8. It stated the original price was $80, but I don’t know about that. My H&M jeans were only $40 and their quality seems far superior to the seven 7 ones I just got,

  62. jtl22002 says:

    I have a pair of Seven for All Mankind and several pairs of Seven 7 Jeans. I can tell you I don’t like the Seven for All Mankind jeans AT ALL I will NEVER buy another pair, I dislike them so much I am going to post them on my local free cycle group.
    I have a very tiny waist with a round butt and very long legs. Seven 7 jeans are the ONLY jeans that flatter my body type. I will be a faithful buyer for a long long time! I was thinking about trying the Rock & Republic jeans but until then these babies are my in my favs!

  63. Silverice says:

    I guess I’m the minority here but I personally prefer 7 FAMK. I own 3 pairs of 7 FAMK and it fits my body prefectly. Personally, I just think that different jeans fits differently for everyone. 7 FAMK, true religion, J Brand and RR fits me pretty well.

  64. Silverice says:

    I guess I’m minority here bc I personally prefer 7 FAMK. I own 3 of them and they are my babies along with my true religion one.

  65. DesiPrincess says:

    I bought a pair of Seven7 Jeans from TJ Maxx the other day, they were $39.99!!! They had several style but I only liked one pair. They don’t look cheap like other people have said on here. I will keep an eye out for these jeans every time I go to TJ Maxx! For the people who go out and buy 30 pairs of Seven for all Mankind jeans are just trying to prove something to the world…I don’t know exactly what it is but it’s a little psycho…

  66. Shopoholic says:

    Both brands are available at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Both these off price retail chains carrys these brands. But the only caveat is that both are a hit or miss store. You most likely will find these jeans there but, there’s a bigger chance your size won’t be there. So if you are a diligent shopper, you probably can pick up a pair up for under 50.

  67. caitlynn says:

    ok whoever said seven7 is only plus sizes is a retard. i wear size 2 and have a pair. maybe if your fat ass could fit thru the aisles of kohls or something you’d know that

  68. Sarah says:

    You can find Seven7 jeans in their plus sized version at or in the Avenue stores. This store caters to plus size women (sizes 14-32). I recently bought a pair of these jeans and love them. As for the regular sizes, i do not know.

    I hate to stoop to your level, BUT……Caitlynn, maybe if YOU weren’t such an anorexic, you wouldnt be such a bitch.

  69. LC says:

    I am wearing a pair of Seven 7 jeans right now. I have got to say this “plus size” stuff your saying better be wrong. I am by no means plus size. I am 112 pounds and don’t have an ounce of fat on me. I don’t have curves at all either. I have a back that just continues where I’m supposed to have a butt. I did a google search to see if these were designer jeans and I am horrified to find that all these websites are for plus size people. I do not think I will ever wear these pants again because of this. What have we come to when a 112 pound girl size 0 is plus size. I’m sorry, but your not plus size until your at least 200 lbs. Or at least a size 12 or more. And we wonder why girls starve themselves and have poor self esteem!?!?! Because we tell you if your a size 0 your fat!!!! All the images of Seven 7 jeans were not fat girls at all. They did a really crappy job trying to promote their jeans because I loved them until I realized that I’m sending a message to the world that I’m fat by wearing them.

  70. Cailya says:

    My aunt bought me a pair of Seven7 jeans in New York and I thought they would be Seven for all Mankind… well I found out they aren’t and they are a little large for me and now a lot of people think I have knockoff Seven for all Mankind jeans…

  71. Elle says:

    LC, you have got to be f*cking kidding me. I wish you had a page or e-mail so you could see this. Did you not read the replies? Seven7 come in REGULAR AND plus sizes!

    I still think you were joking.

    Cailya, since the jeans are a little large maybe you can sell them on ebay. Then you can take a hundred or so more dollars and buy a pair of 74AMs! Totally cool, right?

  72. riciana says:

    I have four pairs of 7 for all mankind and they fit beautifully and the quality of the denim is excellent (well worth the money to me). To each her own…

  73. Tinamarie says:

    I just got a pair of Seven 7′s at a yard sale in a bag with a bunch of other clothes for $1! My 18 year old daughter was thrilled! She is a size 3 and she loves the way they fit. And she thinks that they are an expensive designer jean. I find many good labels at yard sales. You can’t beat 50 cents for abercrombie, hollister, roxie, cruel girl, ralph lauren, calvin klein, ymi, and many others!!!

  74. WTF spent all day looking says:

    My sister purchased a pair of seven7 jean at kolhs… she is short so she passed them to me she never wore them. I tried them on and have not wanted to take them off EVER… they are so comfortable. Also I dont think my butt ever looked better (even 10 years ago b4 kids) I am on here the same as most searching for the same jeans again. I am not very fashon forward…. my kids come first however I really wanted another pair of these jeans…. and that is when I found out they are a different brand all together … so it was easier to find the 7 for all man kind…. I tried several pairs on (I am willing to pay for the jean if the fit is worth it) they did not even compare to how comfortable Seven7 jeans are and how great they make your body look. To people saying 7famk …. you are really missing out b/c you are searching for a name not a fit and comfort. For my job … I walk almost 10 hrs a day…. I want a pair of jeans that are not only going to look great but give me comfort too…..Seven7 is not only better on the budget but they look better too.

  75. Lizzie says:

    I bought a couple pairs of 7 Jeans at my local Burlington Coat Factory, but I’m afraid they might be fakes now that I look at them. They were on sale for 19.99…a ridiculously low price for 7 Jeans. Is there a difference between Seven7 jeans and Seven for All Mankind?

  76. patti says:


  77. DixieHellcat says:

    Bought some jeans last week on ebay thinking they were 7 For All Mankind, then realized Seven7 was not the same. :/ Was disappointed til they arrived. They look great, are well made and fit great! I’m a 12 so not a plus size unless you swallow the fashion mag bullcrap. Anyway I still want to try 7FAM but am quite happy with my Seven7s! :-)

  78. niesha says:

    where can you buy seven7 jeans! every time i search them it comes up seven 4 all man kind. i need a exact store! oh and i live in michigan=]

  79. xiomara says:

    I paid 170.00 US dollars for a pair of seven7 jean that don’t even fit me. What a waste of money! smh !

  80. moe says:

    I bought 4 pairs of seven jeans at BJ’s Whole sale for $17 each.
    They did not have many sizes to choose from but they did have my size.

  81. AJ says:

    Patti – if hand made is so important to you, do you want my grandma’s handmade sweater and afghan? Just because it’s hand cut and high priced doesn’t make it better quality…. generally questionable self esteem and a need to impress makes people pay crazy prices for designer crap. My daughter’s think “Juicy” is the greatest and I remember velour warm-ups at Kmart when I was a kid that were at least as good quality. Just FYI, I am 5’9″ 120lbs,long nice athletic legs, great butt, plenty money and Seven7 jeans look awesome on me! True Religion, 7FAM, Miss Me’s are ok -I still look great in them, but the quality is so so…label’s are alll hype

  82. Hogbikesgurl says:

    I just purchase a pair of 7 Sevens today at TJ Maxx and they were on Clearance for $15.00! I quickly went to Ebay and they are selling this paticular style for $99.00 and up to $200!~ They are a size 27/US 4 the style is Rocker Slim..I am 5’5″ 128 lbs with a figure hips, booty and size 27″ waist! Honestly..after reading all the posts, I am not sure why some of the women stated that they aren’t well made…that’s a negative..they fit & look great:o) Oh and Cailya grow up..people come in all shapes and sizes;/