Adicolor Trainers by Adidas – Adicolor Customised Sneakers

Adicolor Trainers by Adidas - Adicolor Customised SneakersAdidas reintroduce their original White Series adicolor footwear with a deafening advertising cry. The retro concept is clearly marketed to attract nostalgia and simultaneously appeal to a fresh young audience. Adidas use the words of Leonardo da Vinci to reintroduce the customisable White Series: “For those colours which you wish to be beautiful always first prepare a pure white background”.

In 1983, adidas introduced a totally original concept to the world of sportswear – adicolor. Specially created all-white footwear models were presented alongside weatherproof and quickdrying markers. They allowed every customer to produce their own unique pair of training shoes and provided a means of expression for individuality and personal style.

Today, adicolor returns in a sophisticated interpretation of the original concept. As well as the reintroduction of the original models, some of the most iconic and beloved pieces from the adidas archives are back, in all-white, with refined customisation tools.

From the White Series, a collection of classic adidas pieces has been carefully reworked for adicolor along with meticulous recreations of original adicolor shoes. To go with these much-loved models adidas proudly provides a set of premium customisation tools. With these accompaniments the customer can create their own one-off product and shoe their individual style.

The shoes were originally presented alongside a set of pens in six colors: red, blue, yellow, green, pink and black. In 2006 the same colors return to complete six distinctive palettes of products.

19 Responses to “Adicolor Trainers by Adidas – Adicolor Customised Sneakers”
  1. How says:

    how strong wearing is the paint?

  2. JT says:

    It’s acrylic paint so its pretty permanent. I know acrylic paint doesnt come off fabrics when dry. If there are any worries about chipping you can always paint over with gel meduin matting (like clear coat of paint to keep the good stuff safe)

  3. heather says:

    hello i recently bought a pair of adicolor trainers exactly matching the pciture above and i have painted them yellow and blue but when trying to get them off it didnt work bits of the paint came off but it was left staining the stitching please reply asap ive tried varnish nail polish remover and the remover that comes with the trainers but nothing seems to be working

  4. -- says:

    I suggest you simply paint over the shoes with white acrylic paint.

  5. mike says:

    where can i buy the exact paint but not the whole kit…i want the paint and clear coat to paint other shoes?

  6. Sal says:

    where can i buy those shoes i want them really bad

  7. amy says:

    i really want the original white trainers……..i cant find them anywhere! i ahve the paints etc ive got like 100 acrylics i jus need the shoes! :( helllp me

  8. rob says:

    are they just normal acrylic paints,or are they special

  9. david says:

    those is hard.u can make them any color and any style.i want those.

  10. david says:

    does anyone know where to get the adicolor pens becuae the ones I have have run out.

  11. Heather Lockie says:

    i really want to customise my trainers but ot sure what kind of paint to use, acrylic seems to be ok but it os going to keep my design looking cool ?
    If there is a better option, where in the UK can i purchase this wonderful stuff so I can continue to customise a pair of trainers for my other half as a wedding gift ?

  12. Jesse says:

    i live in sothern california of the US of A and i want to know where i can get the pens or the markers or the paint. will any acrylic paint work? cus i can get that anywhere, but what about the pens. pls reply i want to get started

  13. steve says:

    these trainers look f-ing shitee

  14. bradders says:

    how much is that whole kit eg. the picture ??

  15. digg says:

    does normal acrylic paint work on some white kicks?

  16. birchenough says:

    were can i by this whole set including the trainers and how much will it cost

  17. luke says:

    dont know if these messages are a bit out of date now but i can get the trainers featured in the picture including all the paints!!

  18. lee says:

    message for luke just wandering where you can get them from as i really want these trainers and how much are they

  19. Alex says:

    where can i get those shoes in australia and how much would they cost??????