Artful Dodger Clothes – Bape Hoody Evisu Jeans hybrid

Artful Dodger Clothes - Bape Hoody Evisu Jeans hybridIs Artful Dodger a Bape x Evisu hybrid? Are Artful Dodger clothes for people who can’t afford genuine Bape and Evisu? Some fashion commentators have been throwing these suggesting around and some fashionistas have been blindly nodding in agreement.

In reality, Artful Dodger is neither a hybrid nor an economy label. Artful Dodger clothes are highly original and are not immersed in Bape style Hip-Hop Culture but have a genuine and unique flavor of their own: “Artful Dodger is best described as a European, contemporary men’s street wear line. Though urban casual, it’s the opposite of the baggy oversized hip-hop look associated with American street wear.”

The Artful Dodger x Evisu comparison is perhaps even more bogus. Artful Dodger jeans may have extravagant and ornate “oriental” detailing but there is no dominant logo engineered into the design and style-structure as with the Evisu gull-wings. Despite the need for some fashion commentators to pigeon whole and stratify, Artful Dodger is a unique brand — and whether you like the style or not it at least deserves recognition for its originality.

32 Responses to “Artful Dodger Clothes – Bape Hoody Evisu Jeans hybrid”
  1. dxxiii says:

    seems crazy derivative to me.

    bape / evisu / maharishi comparisons seem inevitable with some of the graphics i’ve seen. i wonder where did they get the idea of 3 eyelet branding i saw recently?

  2. K.gaines says:

    i need to buy your clothes of the website

  3. Young says:

    Artful is extra hot!! The all-over print hoodies are hittin’.

  4. J Awesome says:

    Artful Dodger is crazy!! I’m from NY and I purchased 2 Artful Dodger Hoodies and people were going nuts when I put them on. In other words if its hot in NY its hot anywhere!!

  5. dementia says:

    Anyone know where to pick up the hoodies in NYC?

  6. Jazz says:

    I’m lurrving this stufff man!!!…. someone tell me where to get it… PLEASE!

    Does anyone know who does their design work?

  7. Rich says:

    RIDICULOUS. I don’t see any comparison between BAPE and Artful. Maybe Evisu but not BAPE. Whoever suggested that comparison doesn’t know their sh*t !!

  8. jon says:

    their design was done by vault49

  9. Johnny Quach says:


    Love the side, great content on here. Check out my line when you get a chance. Also, please respond with an address and I’ll be sure to send a t-shirt as a thank you.


  10. fashion guru says:

    I believe the designer is Scott Langton very mysterious

  11. harlem says:

    i bought a pair of artful jeans yesterday and the artwork on them is unique and creative. Evisu jeans are too plain for such a high pice tag. Artful is worth the money!

  12. Nico G says:

    My girl jus got me a artful hoody for our anniversary and its da hottest hoody ive ever seen!!!! shit is crazyy

  13. Nico G says:

    you can get them in sammy’s in fordham

  14. Edward says:

    Fordham and what? exactly where so I can see if there are any hoodies available…

  15. Todd M says:

    Artful Dodger is heating up in Chicago. Once chicago gets a hold of it, its sure to blow up. We are the fashion capitol of the world.

  16. Artful dodger is one of THE hottest clothing lines nowadays!!!

  17. Beans says:

    My Artful hoody is breakn necks in Atlanta. The detail is crazy.

  18. Michael says:

    Yo, Ive been watching Artful Dodger and all of their denim is hot. They also have a Burgundy Velvet Blazer with the leters”A” and “D” on the front embroidered in gold, also on the back of it is a lion embroidered in gold as well. I am definitely interested in seeing what they have in stores in the future.

  19. jon says:

    I wear Bape and i dont find these two similar at all. However i do really like artful dodger designs, their hoodies and denim especially! but i dont live in NY where do i get the stuff??? besides karmaloop that hardly has anything

  20. brent copple says:

    my friends got an artfull dodger hoodie, everyone at school is goin crazy about it, no one knows about it here in oregon, im tryin to figure out who carrys them tho? anyone know in the northwest? ha thanx

  21. em.dee says:

    dnt suppose we are gettin these in the UK anytime soon?

  22. UK Fashion says:

    I heard they are going to be in harvey nichols

  23. ILHE!S says:

    All I spend BIG CASH on is A.D.!!! It’s one of the hottest style’s out now. I think that it run’s equal to Evisu and far exceed’s Bape. A.D. is well known but still fresh to the point that not every dude on the street’s copp’n it. Individuality is KEY!

  24. Stan says:

    I got the t shirt, the hoody and the jeans.. man the suit is off the hook i can literally name 2 occasions where i got laid because of the clothing. DBLOCK

  25. Rico Suave says:

    I didn’t care for the shirts and jackets being i’m a taller stature but the jeans are truly one of a kind. I spend a grand on their shit easily. Ask the international excange in georgetown. They know me.

  26. Rick says:

    I wore a fit to the Street Dreams tour at Hampton U and I saw people in just about every fit imaginable. I din’t see any A.D. though and thats when you know its hot. BAPE and Evisu are reachin’ their fashion peaks and I still haven’t seen any line as hot and as unique as this. I fuks with A.D. just cuz nobody else has it and its fire…

  27. loveinfashion says:

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  28. hikeboy21 says:

    Wuz up everybody my name is HB! I got a store that has few but some cool Artful dodger gear its called manffasion I was the first one in Charleston, South Carolina to start wearing A.D. Back how they call me ADK (Artful Dodger Kid) My collection is crazy!!!!!! Im already wiatin on the summer collection!!!!!!!!! Keep doin wha ya doin AD’s is all I wear now!!!!!!

  29. Justine says:

    Men! no one can compair Artful Dodger with either Bape or Evisu. Artful is hotest!!! Artful catches everyone`s attention onces u put it on….I love dat quality of AD.

  30. bape hoodies says:

    damn that jacket in the pick is sick, in a good way :D

  31. Sunshine says:

    I am trying to find the A D Jeans with the rhinestones on the back. It was a style that came out earlier this year. I think the jean has a beautiful on the back.