Bape Sneakers – Fake Bapesta Sneakers killing the brand?

Bape Sneakers - Fake Bapesta Sneakers killing the brand?One of the most counterfeited contemporary brands is surely BAPE. BAPE, short for A Bathing Ape and brainchild of Fashion-Guru, DJ Nigo, is sold through exclusive retail outlets at exorbitant prices — at least the authentic BAPE, or Bapesta, Sneakers are. These days, however, it seems you can buy a truck load of snide BAPE sneakers online for the price of ONE authentic pair.

Many argue that our man, Nigo, has only himself to blame for this phenomenon. The rationale goes that Nigo knew exactly what he was doing when he marketed his product in such a way that demand way exceed supply in an attempt to create an acutely desired and therefore exclusive product. This, the argument goes, is igniting the counterfeit bomb which will eventually kill the brand! Perhaps there’s a lesson here for all brands; cyberspace doesn’t tolerate traditional marketing BS – it’s time to think outside the box!

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  1. Taka says:

    is there any easy way to spot a fake bapesta sneaker?

  2. G in LA says:

    Spot a fake Bape? Hell… they’re a knock-off to begin with! Whatever counterfeit pains they endure is only a bit of ironic justice coming home to roost. Counterfeiting is a huge problem in all premium goods, but it is hilarious to actually see people complain about counterfeit BAPEs. Have you ever seen an Air Force 1? And you still actually wear a BAPE with pride just because they ganked you for some extra coin? Nice. Way to keep it real!

  3. G in LA says:

    Oh yeah… and to term Nigo’s marketing strategy as his “brainchild” is also just an appropriation of NIKE’s marketing and distribution strategy. So not only did he copy the shoe… he copied the supply & demand philosophy as well with nearly the exact product. The only reason it succeeded is that online losers who are geeks in real life and striving for some semblance of cred have grasped the brand for its exclusivity. No real passion, emotion or story behind the shoe… just didn’t make a lot of ‘em. Did anyone ever score a basket in one? Rock an arena? Attach any importance to the shoe? No… just told some nerds they’ll be cool if they get these cuz we didn’t make a lot of ‘em. Same theory used to sell “limited edition collectible figurines” (yeah, dolls girls and boys!) to other geeks.

    Put ‘em next to your Star Trek collectibles and your Dungeons and Dragons figures and limited edition “Magic The Gathering” cards. Bapes… please.

  4. Franklin says:

    You can know if the star is towards the bottom of the shoe

  5. AC says:

    if they are knockoffs… then why are rappers like cassidy, fabolous, pharrell, lil wayne, etc. sportin em? bapes a wholle different concept than A1… whats true tho is that air force ones ar ethe ONLY type of shoe/brand that will ALWAYS stay in style. anyone wanna rgue? A1s been in style for looong ass time

  6. luke from chicago says:


  7. Gabriel says:

    Is there any legit websites i got a rep to keep i cant buy no fake bapes lol…help me out…yo luke i feel you man…peace

  8. TheReal says:

    Wow, the state of the art of the playa these days is in sad shape…

    Lesson 1. If you need $300 AF1 clones in fruity colors to pull a chick, you might as well hit vegas and trick that dough. Save yourself some cash, “playa”…lol. Oh, and just a word to the wise, those chick that flock to any cat with any signs of having dough are those same chicks that sit up in the courtroom smiling at your arraignment, steppin’ off with the next one while you get sentenced…recognize game, fool.

    Lesson 2. If you look to rappers (and I use that term loosely…half those cats mentioned can’t flow to save their lives…) to tell you what’s cool or not, then you’re just another fake-ass, wannabe with no style of their own. Get a damn life. If those Pharell gay rumors turn out to be true, you gonna switch teams and move to SanFran too? Cats these days are clones…

    Now I’m not hating OR knocking dude’s hustle, I actually like some Bape joints….but these

  9. fake says:

    where can one buy fake bapes? i’m just curious to see…list some sites.

  10. Fake in LA says:

    Look man tou can buy fakes anywhere. Just look at the price. 18/20 online stores will sell fakes. Or you can go on ebay and see ALL Fakes. I wouldn’t reall care if they were fake. If there ain’t no store in LA then I’m gonna see how I can get them. I like the shoes but I ain’t gonna pay more than 150 for a pair. Not everyone is a millionaire and can afford those prices. Plus I know where to get some. Out on the street!

  11. drew 65 says:

    yo whats good. i bought a pair of bapes from the city for 70 bucks. i really dont care if there fake cause whos really gonna know right? ya feel me? but w/e and that cat that bought 12 bapes for 300 a piece is buggin. invest that money in some stocks or something or buy a car lol.



  13. Da Queen says:

    A wats good everyone. Im a student at my school i see some people at my school wit some BAPES i think day pretty tight.And foreal i feel what some of you is sayen. Oh and to you who look up to dem rappers, day aint nobody only someone who gotts alot of fucken money.And dat is on the real tip. BAPES is kinda like AF1 in a way, but who gives a damm.IMA get some black red white spiderman BAPES.dat is real yall do what yall do. It dont matta wat people say day jus some fucken HATERS.

  14. mz.bri~bri says:

    wud^ yall dis do b ya gurl bri n i wanna say dat 4 all da haters dat b haten on dem babes yall need 2 get right or fall back cuz dem bapes iz hard n im fenna get me a pair boo get it right n 4 whoever dont like em …nobody gives a fuck kic rocks

  15. B says:

    Look… I think Bape makes real cool shit but I don’t have any because it if you can’t afford it don’t buy it. People see right through someone frontin like they are rich, especially women. The point is that Nigo IS a brainchild for making the shit so expensive and exclusive. He knows that anyone with half a brain can spot a fake Bape, and its not by the sneakers or cloths but the people wearing them.

  16. B says:

    To the homie who “GOT LIKE 12 PAIR”,

    Fake Bape 101:
    1. If a guy steps out of a 88’ Buick that cost him $3000 and claims that his Bapes are real, there not.
    2. If a guy steps out of his house/apartment where he pays $300-$700 dollars a month to live and claims that his Bapes are real, there not.
    3. And God-forbid this guy really did pay top dollar to get real Bapes he looks like a clown for pretending to have money.

    Lesson to learn: DON”T BUY BAPES, fake or real, unless you are stepping out of a Ferrari, otherwise you are going to look like a “No Class Havin’ Clown”

  17. g in la is wrong says:

    hey g in la, your ignorant simple as that. the bape brand resembles alot of different already released shoes. its called a remake. you dont actually think that nigo wouldnt already know of the existence of the air force one. thats the first thing that comes out of every ignorant person’s mouth. i bet u didnt kow bape also has models resembling addidas shoes and air max 1′s no u didnt koz u didnt do the research before going on here and running your mouth. the story behind bape is that the people who can afford it are contented witht their social status. theres nowhere else to go but down for these people. they are at the top of the chain kinda like an ape bathing in lukewarm water. and what do u know, thats what the brand is called ” A BATHING APE” DJ nigo is a genius and u, g in la, are ignorant.

  18. CHR!S W!F3Y says:


  19. juelz says:

    they may b fake but they are pretty k0ol… but idk bout payin 70 for em or w.e might as well buy sum air 1s

  20. Wesnyll.tcom says:

    I have 5 different pairs of Bathing Apes, I think that my Bapes Are real based on the fact that I have seen fake Bape and mine are nothing like the fake ones i have my advice for people is to not buy Bape off the internet because i was scamed before with fake bape so just dont order shit online playahs.

  21. YARF! says:

    ok look i just read this whole page of people running their mouths. some know what they are talking about but most dont. i mean and who really cares what some guy in LA thinks… are u ever going to like meet him sometime in your life? NO! so who gives a fuck. Im into bape because its different, and u get noticed when u wear it, not because its expensive, because u stand out. i just bought a BABY MILO jacket, who knows if it is real. if not i dont care, but if i tried hard enough i could ensure myself getting a real one cuz my friends bro has hook ups with TK and pharell but i dont really care because its just a jacket man….. life goes on and if ur gonna call me a toy or some shit like that i dont care go ahead i dont even think im gonna come back to this site… so i think u should do it just for fun =)

  22. Chi says:

    Aye G from where ever…you clearly dont understand the whole point of BAPESTA shoes…Nike did not come out in bright colors that are rare to see on shoe until bape did, so basicly what i am sayin is bapes are a good shoe for ppl that wanna stand out and not look the same like everyone else. Look whos wearin bapes… Lil wayne, sean paul, even robin williams so basicly dont be man cuz you cant afford them

  23. Islingrocks says:

    yo im a hard working dude that just wants to buy a fresh real pair of bapes can someone help me out and tell me where I can buy some bapes even if i did get a pair i wouldnt rock em unless im feelin real breezy u dig someone help a playa out i need to kno where i can get some real bapes im tired of scammers tryin to rob a brotha

  24. mickyimp says:

    yeah you can check out there website cheapest one they have are about $22,000.00 and while u buying a pair file for bankruptcy lol. just buy the fake ones man they make them the same way as the original bapes cant tell no difference

  25. mickyimp says:

    you guys know what bbc stands for right and all the people out there think that you have a real pair of bapes you paid $500 well guess what they are still fakes LOL…………………………….L

  26. st says:

    lol. the statemants are too funny. If anyone payes 20k usd for ja jacket he is just stupid. its not a skill to pay much for clothes.. just wearing the brand to show you have money. paying much for being ridiculous… jeah keep it real lol.
    If you like the shoes you can buy Air F1 as well a airbrush job can make them very special … i don t like the bape ones just because of the idea…
    i have a bape jacket. i like it very much because it s funny … funny not more … propably its a fake i will never know and i don t care …. btw i can t imagine anyone payes that much for the clothing … most musicians have sponsors and many dont care very much about that stuff … i think pices on their page are just promotion to show how special they are :P. i wonder weather the shoe on this page is a fake …. its just funny und not important.

    btw: if you don t have the heart to buy a fake but you want to be as cool as hell lol than buy LRG and you will be a bit more discreed and less jokes about your clothing

    and i know my english is not that good …. but it is just not better :)

  27. st says:

    maybe someone should tell you that bape is a japan brand and the prices are quoted in yen … so your 20k are round about 150 usd.

  28. trueday says:

    for all ya’ll who dont know, there are only 2 places you can get bape shiz, and that’s in Hong Kong and Japan. For all ya’ll order your Bapes, Ice Creams, Bapestas, and Baby Milos, from wholesale places on the internet or Ebay… better check your sources and get some real ones. How? I dunno about ya’ll, but i’ve got a friend in HK.

  29. CalamityCat says:

    acually bape has been sold in america for over a year at Soho in new york city

  30. JYNX CLOTHING says:

    i must admit…nigo is a smart businessman. Some Bape clothes are good, but the shoes have got to go! When i see them i just want to laugh at the person stupid enough to buy them. They look sh*t for start, the colours are wak. and the funny thing is…YOU THINK YOUR STYLISH AND FRESH BUT YOUR NOT!!!! You just follow trends and what pisses me off is that your actually proud of it!! get some style, be original. And to anybody that is about to spend $300 on a pair of bapestas…Stop! Are you so self-absorbed and selfish that you’ve forgotten about people dying because they cant afford food? For fuks sake.

  31. S.Baby says:

    i thank dat people shuldnt even rock bapes. dem bytches iz 2 damn expensive. AF1′s iz gon be in style fah a wayyyyyyy longer tyme den bapes. dat nigo niggah iz trippin fah makin em dat expensive. n 2 Mr. I Got Like 12 Pairs, dey prolly all fake cuz if u do tha math, itz sayin u wuld rather spend 3600 on 12 shoes instead of doin sumn real wit all dat. i mean, i want bapes 2,hoo doesnt? but dem thangs iz 2 damn expensive. AF1′s r rocked way mo den bapes down hea n tha bottom uh’da boot.

  32. light of the world says:

    It’s a lot of people commenting on here just to say some silliness about bapes…..but they are not really thinking about what is being said……ironically i found this site trying to find a pair of clear bapes…….but after reading some of the comments on here I am having second thoughts……I already have a pair of clear air force ones and I need to step my game up for winter…….but bapes are just some wanna be air forces that got a star instead of a check…….and like “g in la is wrong” said all the other shoes that bape has come with look oddly similar to shoes that are already out……..really what it boils down to is that this dude Nigo is not very creative……actually he has no creativity at all……as someone trying to release a shoe, or clothing line, or album, or whatever they should be able to pat themselves on the back for their originality……because who wants to see 5 other people try to release 5 pairs of shoes that look just like air forces?????…………i sure as hell don’t!!!!!!!! Think about that stuff

  33. CalamityCat says:

    You cant deny at least the hoodies were original (zipping al the way up). now a lot of companies are copying that.

  34. xboss says:

    crazy yall should get yll some clarks wallabeez n stop all that crap bout bape……PLEEEZ

  35. riley escobar says:

    sorry but there iz no current way to find out if a bape iz real or not………

  36. penny says:

    yeah i just wanted to clear some things up so people can undersatand a little better. well first there are way more than 2 stores and theyre not only in japan and hong kong. if you to the bape site and downlod the software you can see how they are all around the world. second the only way not to get a fake babe is to actually go to the store and buy it directly. there are alot of websites trying to help you out in not buying fake shit but hey you will never knoe if it is fake because some people are real good and you wont know if you dont buy it from the store. third i read some are buying shoes for like 300 dollars that is nuts. i went to the main babe store in tokyo this weekend and they are not 300, they are around 150. on the site it tell your 16000 yen not dollars and that is around 150. yeah they do look like AF1, but hey there are loads of shoes in the world that look alike its just they way the colors and designs flow. if you guys would of been in the same store i was in it might of changed your view. they make a shoe that everyone will like. the clothing is definitely original cuz i havent seen anyone make shit like that, but yeah the shoes are like AF1. if you want more info just ask since i do live in japan.

  37. D from boston says:

    the point is if you want some bapes, buy them in the store. personally i am a sneaker collector and i take pride in the fact that i personally bought each and every pair of mine. i visited japan last summer and went to the bape store. the onlyproblem is that i am not rich, a “baller”, or a “playa”, so i chose instead to buy a dozen pairs of forces insted of 2 or 3 bapes. $250 sneakers is excessive and extravagant, but if you got the money, do your thing. wearing fake bapes is like buying fake ice, fake handbags, or fake anything else. however, it is an illegal industry to produce and sell these fakes, and when you buy them, the money most likely goes towards supporting other illegal activities, similar to the narcotics industry. also, for those of you who ever took an economics class, you know that with an increase of replacement goods (aka bootlegs) the price of legitimate goods increase accross the market. therefore the more people that buy fakes the more the price will continue to increase for people who like to shop for forces, jordans, and bapes in the store. once im ballin out, driving a benz, and got a thick 24k gold rope around my neck, then you can catch me in tokyo waiting in line for the new bapes release. some people collect stamps, i collect kicks. sneakerheads for life!!!

  38. Wax says:

    yo penny… I live by NYC and have been to the BAPE store and yes they are cheaper, around 150$ a pair, although some are more expensive. I would appreciate it if you could send me some Japanese clothing brand sites or names… Nihongoga skoshi wakarimasu and I really like everything from Japan… any information on where I can get some really nice Japanese fashion would be greatly appreciated!

  39. bapeboy says:

    got mine for 125 for a christmas sale

  40. Killy25 says:

    Ok folks it is really kinda sad that you all are carring on about a damn shoe. Babe, Evisu, As well as Red Monkey, are all a Japanese style of clothing. If you took a pair of Levis to Japan, you could probably sell them for about $300 or better. It is because we a charged an embargo tax the reason why we pay so much for these items. Think about it. We don’t trade certain items with certain countries so we have to be taxed to enjoy them.
    Instead of you all insulting one another, think of ways to get money……..Thats what Nigo did…

  41. david says:

    i prefer to stay with air forces 1 they cheaper and look aline also you can go to footlock and can find a pair of air forces 1 dont have to worry about it fake or not beside ppl buy bape cuz they see some celebity wear it shit air forces 1 been in the market long ass time before bape or whatever come out i though they gona look something difrent but they dont ,they look excatly like air forces 1 so wtf i dont care well that my opnion anyway

  42. paul says:

    if they have an R on dem are they fake

  43. t.e.k. says:

    lol @ bapes come on dawg all they did was cut the end of the nike symbol off and put a STAR when i first saw them i thought they were for people who couldnt afford air force 1′s for 80$ at the max LOL come on now this guy aint doin shite NIKE aint do there sneakers. Ice Cream shoes are ASS i never see anyone rocking em. Bapes r corny. Juz be real and rock Air Force 1′s and go get ur ass some Leather Paint or Die and color and design your shoes just like this dumb fella. Stuff his music and his shoes hes dumb. and his hoodies LMFAO Raw Blue been makin the hoodies Bapes just came out with for like 4 years now

    get real

  44. info all day says:

    fake bapes iz really messed up 4 bapesta brand but 4 tha rest of us its good cheaper prices n nobody will no if there fake or not wat can i say imma sneaker head n i got bout 4 pairs of fake bapes

  45. jkap says:

    u are all dumb for thinking bape aint shite its the illest sneaker and clothing company in the market today. Also stop being lazy and get ur ass a f-in job so u can buy these kicks n hoodies u project fags just dont kno shite ab nething go to soho in the city n go copp a pair n stop hating on people that dont ride the bus

  46. fish says:

    i luv bapes but shite sum people is rite…lots of poeple cant afford da real ones…u cant even tell the difference between real ones and fake ones most of tha time…they hott but i aint obsessed wit dem…i want sum real ones but i dont care…i dont kno if tha ones i just bought are fake cuz da website says dey real but dey aint 300 dollas…shit who cares u still look fresh and fuk da haterz ddat say dey fake because they just jeloyus that u look fresher than them dat day…i think mines are real but some faggets at skool jordan and carlos think dey kool cuz dey get $500 shoes aand say dey fake…fuk dem dey ugly and get no girls they rich birds…generally BAPES ARE HOT REAL OR FAKE…iight peace im out.

  47. Bape Guy 101 says:

    All these lil’ ids goin around wearin bathing apes for some damn $300. Ya’ll need to get a damn life and take some allergy pills cuz’ Bathing Ape is just a fake version of ASir Force 1. And I’m sure everyone has worn some AF1 at least once in your short ass lives. So…all I’m trying to say is get a damn life and sop making fake Bathing Apes and stop complaining about them because if you bought them obviously you were pretty excited about them. So except how he way things are or just take a damn seat.

    Thanks for reading.

    -Bape Guy 101

  48. vanish b.k all day says:

    long story short how can u tell the difference between the trues and the fake?????

  49. vanish b.k all day says:

    also anybody know where to get some ballys at?????

  50. john says:

    whats that smell is do i smell some baters (haters on bapes).
    yes there are many fakes bapes out there but you have to do u nah mean yes its true that u can buy a ape for 70 to 90 there are some thats real out there.
    but the main reason that people wear bapes is becouse of the color scheme it dont matter if its fakes u buy whats u can afford. shit and stop looking up to those rappers man last time i check they was rich. everybody know damn well that u would spend 300 to 400 on a pair of bapes shit thats like mah 1 weeks paycheck right thurrr get ur mind straight people do u nah what u can afford. and the baters yahll can stop now
    u know how it goes( its a ape thing)-bathing apes swear to never kill apes)

  51. john says:

    and yes paul if they have R on them bro then ur asss got joke bro bad too
    what the fuk is the r bro the fake limitation is this man u the u the little ape thing at the bottom they are supposed to be different color its not supposed to blend. there supposed to be a different color lol i int ganna lie u see the ones up there yea they are fake lol just to let everybody know but u just have to buy what u can afford man i got like 5 real one and mah dad brought me i was damn thats fake u can tell me the color were offf and the color scheme was off
    lol so now i got a fake one in my collection with the 5 real ones.
    but who cares i still wear it u got to realize there are bigger thing that u have to worry about then shoes, buy what u can afford shit if u can buy the fakes one but them, buy the real ones if u can..
    and yah u know how it goes
    .its a ape thing)-bathing apes swear to never kill apes

  52. john says:

    example: this is real people.
    just click the link

  53. ZEEY says:

    I agree with G in LA with his comments on top.
    BAPE or BBC products dont even have a original design or fabric.
    Its purely a marketing thing driven around pharell.

    Thats it! and i aint paying 300 euros for ice creams when i can buy a reebok or adidas for 90euro. and it looks better too.

  54. Tok in Hokkaido says:

    The only way I know my BAPEs are real is by going to Aoyama itself to buy them. I got 2 pairs and a few shirts. I wouldn’t trust alot of other places which is unfortunate.

  55. Tok in Hokkaido says:

    BAPEs from the stores in Japan are Y165 or about $140US. just so you know.

  56. Tok in Hokkaido says:

    I mean Y 16500. My bad.

  57. jay-up-north says:

    PPL are str8 trippin on BAPE products….they have nice design, flashy and WAS somewhat unique…But how original is it if everybody has em….fake or not…it’s not like ur gonna walk up 2 some guy in da street and inspect his gear… I personaly like the gear…I think their stuff is fashonable…but it’s become like a myspace page, everybody and they mama’s got one now…If you feel like payin’ $200-$300 for a pair of shoes….then go nuts. Fact is… at first when bape came out, it was very exclusive but with all the fakes out there who really knows. I came on this blog to find out how to spot fake bape gear…I don’t even own any. some of my friends have some shoes, shirts and hoodys….all bought on eBay except the kicks(my boy paid $80 each pair…and thats Canadian $$$) so it’s prob ALL FAKE…For the quality of some fakes out there… you are a sucker for paying full price…Not to say that I would buy fakes fully knowing they are fake…..but then again I have a pair of Gucci AF1…….since when did Nike and Gucci ever make a shoe….THEY NEVER DID….and as for some fool sayin you should only wear bape if you step out of a Ferrari…U NEED HELP…If you step out of a ferrari Ur gonna be wearing Gucci, Prada…D&G…not some shoe that looks like a box of cereal….That would be like steppin out of an 89′ honda civic decked out in Gucci

  58. Tee says:

    Lets get it straight yeh, if you cannot afford expensive designer goods either BAPE, PRADA, ARMANI, EVISU, etc DON’T BUY IT!!!!!!!! plain and simple, you ain’t fooling no-one but yourself i’m hearing certain people saying the don’t mind buying the fake stuff, at the end of the day nigo is not forcing you to buy his goods!!! but why waste your money if it’s not real so basically your paying someone that got shitty material together and made it and sold it to you for $80, when u can create your own style and buy something cheaper that looks better, at the end of the day i’ve got some real bape stuff, HOODY: £180, JEANS: £135, TRAINER: £130 and JUMPER £120, yeh it is alot to spend on clothes but i know its real i also buy clothes that is way cheaper, at the end of the day if i think its nice i will buy it!!!!!! remember people you are paying for the name, and another thing the more you buy bootleg clothes, the more the companies lose money that means the more they will raise their price, which will lead to more of you jackasses complain about “BOO HOO IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE”

  59. name says:

    okay well i just read most comments on this page and people just need to chill. I own a pair of REAL BAPES that i bought in New York. I think one pair is sufficient- i don’t even wear them that often (being as they were $210) so really what price does popularity, looks, ego, or social class have? I’m pretty sure you can’t really diss Bapesta if you like AirForce1′s since they OBVIOUSLY look the same. I’m not gonna lie though they’re hoodies are off the chain, but too overpriced, and hard to find (authentic ones).

  60. Anonymous says:


  61. Airmaxd says:

    man thats the point of the bapes to be exclusive as hell, you can spot a fake which makes your bapes hotter, the biggest compliment is for people to replicate your style. You see a cat with fapes n laugh. i guess it comes down to taste aswell… ill always be a nikehead but a pair of roadstas go down wel..

  62. jody joe says:

    i dont give a fuk a bape is a bape they look the same fake or not them shites hot

  63. pimper612 says:

    man o man all u guyz is stupid!!!!!!! i buy all kinds of fake shoes and i aint NEVER had anyone walk up to me and be like man dem is fake and if day said dat id be like hey I DONT GIVE A fuk get out my fave and for da stupid person who made em….. yo man is dumb who da fuk would buy a pair of 300 dollar shoes that look like forces and wouldnt NOBODY know bout bapes if it wasnt for my guy soulja boy tell em (big upz my dude) so shyt maybe if der wasnt just one store in a whole state and maybe if day wasnt 3 cents a pop! i would buy some real ones but fuk dat shyt and fuk dat guy to somethin is wrong wit him and if u ask me BUY FAKE SHOES BUY BUY BUY until u broke i gots all da shoes i ordered i coped me a pair of patented leather black n gold forces black jordon 7′s some red white and blue bapes and some black and wheat jordon 13′s da only way ppl gonna kno day fake s if u buy a color of jordons that werent released JUST BUY BUY BUY

  64. Emily Haynes says:

    Bapes are weak…
    The truly are…

    Straight Air force 1 ripp-offf….

    Ok lets take a mercedes benz C Class rebadge it and put rally car stickers all over it……

    Nuff said

  65. Emily Haynes says:

    Next week im gonna do a LV bag with the initials EM…..on it…Great hey…..

    charge $3000 … 6 times the price of an LV one……

    Fashion can make a fool out of some people…..

  66. C4D1LL4C P4T says:

    I read about half the way down this pages of comments. The only thing that this page did was just make me feel bad for most you people out there. You know some people are real some people are fake. If you are wearin fake bapes is doesn’t make you a fake person. I have two pairs of bapes, most likely fake, but I don’t give a *&@%. I’ve loved patent leather shoes since the Jordan 11′s. So, I buy the Pro Keds, bapes, I don’t care what brand they are, if they look hot I’m a get em. All white, and they always stay clean, how are you gonna complain. People gotta get a life of their own an quit bitchin.

  67. Scope says:

    What the hell is with ppl sayin bapes are copies. Do you know who Nigo is? he aint a clothes designer, he dont design the actual clothes, all he does is come up with the design to put on the clothes, so he goes to nike, asks if he can use the AF1 shoe and put his design on them. Of course they are copies of AF1′s, but thats because he dont make the actual clothes. I like bape because of the design, if there was a genuine company that did the same sort of design but much cheaper, i would buy that, but there isnt, i dont care about how much the originals cost, i aint buying them for the price, or the brand, just the design, so unfortunately u may sometimes get fakes if you wana get something cheaper.

  68. 3000 says:

    Back here in s.a bapes go 4 bowt 1200 rand which is about 200 us dollars and they have no signs of the fakes at all.u guys also need 2 understand that if u buy the fake 1s dey dnt cum wit all the authentic papers,documents and wateva and they are nt b4 u buy ur bapes i think u nd 2 luk at a summa these points.i personally prefer the real thing…it just makes me feel betta bowt myself…PEACE 2 ALL YA’LL

  69. 3000 says:

    Oh and 2 ur lists of ppl who wear bapes u can add the game,chris brown and kanye

  70. david says:

    fakes are so easy to spot. there are a lot more counterfeit brands out there like LV and people are still buying it. There’s counterfeit everything.

  71. ImaBathNapeFinatic says:

    Your cool to “hate” on dem shoes cause like people care about “you” in society or something. Being from the atl you gotta understand that you can arrive in dem 500$ pair of jeans, gucci, lv, or a nice clean new pair of bapes and people look at us like wow hes got some money and what luke was saying is dat pussy come crazy when you step out wit dem bapes. TheReal, you gotta step your game up not Luke because you are the one that married one of those birds, they aren’t to marry, they the one’s you pick up at the club and drop em off when youve had ur fun. That is what style is all about gettin tha good showin off dat swag. Payin the extra money is basically saying yea i got dat work.

    Oh ya and G in LA, … Bapes are completely off the subject when compared to World of Dungeoncraft or what the fuk you mentioned hangng on ur shelf… now why the hell would you hang a shoe on a shelf? Dem birds aint gonna come ova to yalls house when dem boats are posted on tha shelf unless you spit that game but ur talkin bout action figures and shite… thats why i stay in da atl.

    *Shoutout to Jeezy*

  72. WikedTechniQuezZ says:

    Nah yall i got my shite for $25.00 and its dam offical baby blue and white looking fresh to death holla. they best place to get brand name shite is New York, you really cant mess around there all these nippaz is straight pimpinq….

  73. A.Raphiel says:

    SHUT UP! Sounds like Im hearing the same thing over and over. I mean, Bapes are fresh and innovative. I give that same award to BBC & Ice Cream. Everybody wanna be different and unique, and thats what Nigo and Pharell did. Made their own brand just for them and when people tried buying the clothes off their back, they turnedit into a company. Thats why a BBC shirt with only the logo on it cost 80 dollars. Its gonna cost you if you wanna imitate. Thats why Bape is so expensive and limited.
    Cheap Copycats give you Fapes and now we gotta Epidemic. All those bitching about how Fapes are so expensive, or how outplayed it is, GO MAKE YOUR OWN SHOE. You do that and you make yourself a millionaire off a simple idea. Quote-”All Bape is is some AF1s+ a statr on it”. That made Nigo a star. That started the BBC. So Wht dont you

  74. Biscuit in the"Boot" says:

    Yall be making some interesting points ya dig like bapes look like forces with a star that may be true bu they are different because look at them fire ass colors OMG brah them is like some of the freshest colors i evere seen really and truly if I could afford them hoez I’d get them but i got a closet full of forces and even if I could afford them i can’t find no real ones anyway. But HATERS GET OFF DJ NIGO’S TIP LIKE FOR REAL QUIT HATIN CUZ YOU COULDN’T MAKE SOME KICKS LIKE THAT , THAT BUKU PEOPLE LIKE It’s the same way with cars from a distance I couldn’t tell a C300 from a Cadi and my mom got 1 buy . The point is let people buy what they want and buy what you want ya dig.

  75. Rebel says:

    i love when these boards get outa control. I buy real and fakes of bape. Real for the style and the support and fake just for the fun of it. it dont matter if i roll out wit my slk55 or some guy walkin down the street with bapes, just get what u want and do what u gata do. dont hate. bbc, bape and my fav brand nike keep up the good work! and the ppl in china, keep up the good work too :) enjoy ur life, do w/e the hell u want…

  76. throwinback says:

    yo i got real AF1s, dunks and bapes and i love them all. i had the dunks and AF1s way before bapes and for a long time i hated bapes because i couldnt get them. i finally worked my asss off and got em and i hated them right after i bought em. but shite you stand out just like those dunks that you can make on the nike site which is what i did. yeah i can understand hating bapes and nigo, hell he copied AF1, but you do get respect not because of how much you bought em for but how original you look. but make sure you dont get the wack asss ones and get some clean ones.

  77. pingoo says:

    so heres the choice:

    1) bapestas

    2) jhung yuros

    3) greedy genius

    4) cr

  78. Just a Boston Kid says:

    I think that half the people here have no clue what their talking about… Did you know without BAPES you probably wouldn’t see AF1 making the Citrus, Easter I, Easter II, Ronahildo, St. Patrick, World Cup etc. BAPE isn’t only helping itself by making it’s shoes exclusive and having alot more people want them, it’s helping AF1 step it’s game up, it helps them know what people want…

    And to the people saying BAPE is for computer nerds, losers, and everything are the same ones flaming people over the internet because of their taste in shoe… Makes you sound like a loser to me…

    Personally, I have (all 100% authentic) 12 pairs of Air Forces, a few Jordans (more than BAPES though,) and not too many Bapes, I only have all the Marvel comic ones, copped right when they were released both because I liked them, and because I knew the price would rise in a matter of weeks (copped them because of the colors, not cuz I ever read comics) and I wear the BAPES more often than the Air Forces, because I like the look and feel of them BETTER.

    But, another thing, I live in a 3 room apartment with my parents (only 15) but I have all these BAPES and AF1s because I worked my ass of for them, so to anyone saying “if you stepping out of anything but a Caddy dont buy BAPES cuz people’ll think their fake” well, in Boston, no one doubts their authenticity, because on Myspace I have a pic outside the BAPE store, and also because everyone knows that since I was old enough to dress myself i’ve been into kicks (in other words, yes, I was wearing AF1s and Jordans at 5)

    Anyways, while Nigo did copy the AF1s, Air Max 90, Converse, and Adidas lookwise, what he did was genius in my opinion, because he made alot of improvements on older shoes, and made them look like his own… You don’t get mad at rappers for remixing songs do you?

    IDK, mabye I don’t have a clue what i’m saying, but I’m pretty sure that this is at least a valid argument, but I do understand what you all are saying, BAPE is a liiiittle to much of a look alike, but I still like the one’s I have over any AF1s…

    P.S. just a little bit of opinion- The Silver Surfer BAPES are my favorite only because I can match with them pretty well, trust me, if I didn’t have all the clothes I have now, I would probably hate them just as much as you all do, but when I match well with those BAPES, I like them alot…

    Thanks for reading this, let me know what you think about my opinions, tell me anything I said that’s wrong, seriously…

  79. rasta says:

    chill boston kid. its just a sneaker man

  80. foodstampz says:

    u all ain’t thugs for wearing expensive gear , i floss but not with my patent leather sneakers, the reason bape is copied is becuase to make them in china costs like 2 cents.. 2 pennies.. i can get them wholesale for 20 bucks a piece.. If you al had any sense of style you would check out real skateboarding dvs, etnies.. fallen.. they make sick exclusive joints.. bape is so ugly.. you al are just making yourself look like clowns to girls. ive had plenty of hot girls who dont give a tos about theese kiks. and i mean real woman.!! sekzi woman. .. lol you all are a bujch of herbs for having an argument on theese sneakers.. he aint real hip hop.!! THIS AINT A HIPHOP SHOE..

  81. jfin says:

    hello just to comment on this bape thing… i went to new york and went to the bap store… the shoes are not THAT expensive

    i bought a pair there for $150

  82. lil bw says:

    hey guys,truly speaking i would rather buy a1s than a bape star because i went to ghana[africa] and to ma surprise they were making bapes.yeah africa making bapes.they trying to make a1s but u could clearly see the diffrence so they stopped. airforce has been there for God knows how long so going to buy an ape sneaker is kinda …..dumb

  83. asdf says:

    what products of bape are the most famous ,toys clothes or shoes,i only has their clothes and shoes

  84. notorious v.i.c. says:

    hype kills…if these joints weren’t rare or limited, they wouldn’t do nearly as well. same goes for nike sb’s. why do ppl get so heated over kicks. just rock whateva you feel like as long as you lookin fresh. wtf.

  85. paulfrank says:

    ok…all yall really need to stop hatin bapes….what did they do to any of you…so what if they look like air force 1′s hes still gettin money cuz everybody in japan wearing them
    and there is only one store in the soho which is in nyc…
    and you know when bapes are fake when the distance from the lightning bolt and the star is very close…youll also know if the ape at the bottom is colored cuz thats not how its supposed to look….plus the bape sign on the back will tear off easily and the thread will start to come off…and its fake when the print on the soles tears off easily..
    its obvious the only reason why you people are so mad is becuz you guys dont know the difference between real and fake bapes…its obvious you guys arent real shoe collectors or know nothing about shoes in general…

    but im still not a big fan of bapes…i only have like 3 pairs…im into skateboarding sneakers like DC shoes and stuff…

  86. niga says:

    i gots some bapes……….they are so cool and even if they were fake it’s not about that it’s about being unique and i really have not seen anyone sport these in utah. so stop hattin and try to find your own style. so if you like babpes af1′s chucks whatever you please be, wear it rock it out that’s why they make so many brands and if you notice some brands look alike and you guys don’t hate on those.

  87. braaaaaaapppp says:

    fist things first, niga nigo nige man get a more original name, but wat u say is prety tru.

    i say nigo n wat he dun with bape is gud. say if i had a clothing o sneaker brand, i wudnt want ne tramp off the street to wear it, just the kinda ppl hu earnd the rite to wear it, so a lack of supply with a hellof a lot of demand is wat u want. he got that with bape so the guy needs respect.

    then comes the issue of fakes. so wa if der r fakes around, if this was to eat up bape, surely then it wud eat up evry utha unique clothing line in the world, its jus sumat v hav to liv with. at the end of the day, the person wearing fake gear guna no, unless the guys stupid and thinks its authentic, n so, wat bape clothing represents wnt shine thru n no gud wil cum of it.
    i rock custom painted bapes, i painted these, n more than the authenticity of wa im wearing i think it jus represents nowledg of the sneaker scene, more than nething else.

    by the way u sneaker freaks, chek out up n coming jb classics, even for u girls, they luk braaaaaaap.
    uk sss massive

  88. cboy says:

    hey i dont like to buy sumthin fake but i bought me a pair of bapes i like them jus shinny air forces with a star not original but cool it cost az much as regular af1 but i like to stand out 4 sum reason feels good it feelz good matchin wit mah candy painted chevy give more confidence but nigo is only crative wit ta zipper all the way up hoodie an tht only think nigo really did but other than tht itz really for ta upper class an plus nigo names gettin famous wit fake or non fake shoes cause every designer knows therez all wayz gonna be fakes NOMATTER wht so jus b cool wit it peace every1

  89. SuperStaRR FLY says:

    I’m not going to front Bapes were Hot. Now they aren’t so i suggest you regardless if they are real or not just don’t wear them anymore.

  90. Bapes says:

    I likes bapes it is a really dope brand to buy but I cant afford no authentic bape cuz right now Im on the welfare, so I just usually look up bape on google and buy a replica one usually the quality is pretty good. I think Bape needs some new styles though

  91. Chris Legend says:

    Hi everyone my name is Chris and I am here to set the record straight on BAPE sneakers. I am in the military and I have lived in Japan for over 2 years now. I started rocking REAL BAPE in 2006. Only cuz it is so difficult to find the stores. I have Japanese friends who have lived in Japan their entire life and I had to show them how to get there. Anyway the point I wanna make is you do not have to be rich to have a real pair of BAPE sneakers. However I feel bad cuz they cost much more in the states. Yes REAL BAPE sneaker will cost you $300 in the states. BUT…I can go to the BAPEXCLUSIVE store in Tokyo and get a pair between $100-$200 US dollars….it depends. You see…BAPE is limted edition like they say. Espcially the DC comics and MARVEL edition. Once they sell out the price continues to rise. Anyway…the only way to get AUTHENTIC BAPE, BBC, OR ICECREAM IS FROM AUTHORIZED RETAILERS. EVERYTHING ON EBAY IS CONSIDERED FAKE!!!!!!!! for more info go to the only AUTHENTIC web site. There is no difference between Air Jordans and Bape to me. The price is about the same for me. but I feel that if you can’t afford the real thing than don’t wear the fakes either cuz that jus aint right ok? ya’ll take care and please DON’T BUY FAKE BAPE OR BBC. thank you and have a nice day ;)

  92. Chris Legend says:

    oh yeah and by the way…if u r not sure if a pair is real or fake they are probably fake. and if you don’t like BAPE that’s fine too! its been around in Japan for over 10 years and it aint goin no where. people in the US have a tendency to follow trends anyways. Nigo don’t give a f!@# about what you think about his shoes. He has plenty of money and he will continue to get money. He doesn’t even need to sell BAPE in the US cuz theres is over 7 million people in Tokyo and im sure they get enough business. So if you don’t like it don’t buy it. its that simple. don’t talk about other people who like BAPE because last time I checked it was a free country.

  93. KILAA says:

    FUk BAPEs AF1 all day!! numba 1 nigo iz a fukkin jocker, numba 2 300 dollarz 4 kicks!!! No fukkin sense, numba 3, shitz iz bright as hell n uglii, numba 4 af1 look betta den dem thingz hands down. YA DIGG!

  94. KILAA says:

    dude thats a fape duh

  95. UGK said they is fake period says:

    aye yall ppl buggin mayne bapes are fake as hell when i see ppl rockin that shyt they gone be carrying they shoes in they arms cuz they aint touchin my street feel me UGK UGK said they were fake asss knock off AF-1s the difference is bapes gotta shootin star(which is lame) and at tha bottom corner it says ape instaed of air and on the bottom of the shoe the design is the same as the AF-1s jes instaed of a circle ripple effect its a star the way the holes for tha laces are are the same shite its 6tha same shoe some one is rippin nike tha fuk off and makin a dolla we should be offened when we some 1 wearin these its like they dissin hip hop man fuk dem shoes ppl will learn…besides id rather get my AF-1s and be proud and have em painted.

  96. kenkozo says:

    nigo is taking the p out of all u raggamuffins who buy his bape trash

  97. nacho hata says:

    all of ya just stupid who cares if they real or fake if you werin be happy because some people cant even afford buddies.

  98. Nes$ from NYC^ says:

    It’s a tough decision. The real is good and the fake is good in my opinion. Why is the fake good? Because it’s cheaper. People like me can’t afford the real thing. Plus, you could hardly tell the difference. I think that either way it’s looks good. So what if you get it fake, huh? You can still look good with it and that’s all that I have to say. Your opinion is your opinon and mine is mine. I know that I’m not the only one that thinks the same.


  99. t.g says:

    only tards fall for fake bepes i know this guy that has real bapestas but drivs a shity car. if your not guna drive a good car why hell have real bapes

  100. king says:

    bapestas rock
    bad as hell
    they can match with eny sock
    bapestas rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mastre rimes

  101. cb says:

    so wat if there fake they look nice and cost alot less

  102. Anonymous says:

    Just like Kayne said

    Man I promise, I’m so self conscious
    That’s why you always see me with at least one of my watches
    Rollies and Pasha’s they done drove me crazy
    I can’t even pronounce nothing, pass that versace!
    Then I spent 400 bucks on this
    Just to be like nigga you ain’t up on this!
    And I can’t even go to the grocery store
    Without some ones that’s clean and a shirt with a team
    It seems we living the american dream
    But the people highest up got the lowest self esteem
    The prettiest people do the ugliest things
    For the road to riches and diamond rings
    We shine because they hate us, floss cause they degrade us
    We trying to buy back our 40 acres
    And for that paper, look how low we a’stoop
    Even if you in a Benz, you still a nigga in a coupe

  103. joe says:

    wow the only reason i like the bapestas is becuase of the design. If the fakes are 70 bucks and look almost exactly similar then why not get em they still look sick

  104. joe john joe says:

    bapes is so 3 yrs ago its ACG’s

  105. rockstar says:

    Hey i dont care they fake i dont want them i like to pay top money for my shite if im not fake y wear fake shite

  106. faith says:

    omg i got 2 pairs of bapes and i payed a lot of money how can you tell
    if they real or not

  107. faith says:

    bapes rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but if they werent rare and exclusive i wouldnot buy them

  108. faith says:

    you go natcha hata

  109. swagger boy says:

    af1 r good but 2 plane that y bape is better

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