Lacoste Polo Shirt v Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

Lacoste Polo Shirt v Ralph Lauren Polo ShirtThe race is on to find the world’s finest polo shirt! After exhaustive research a short list of top polo shirt labels has been compiled. The top labels include: D&G, Burberry, Fred Perry, Hugo Boss, Penguin, Ben Sherman, YSL Rive Gauche and Versace, but it will be no surprise to know Lacoste and Ralph Lauren came out on top.

The Lacoste Polo Shirt and the Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt are both classics in their own right. Each label is synonymous with smart-casual style and each has an illustrious and enviable history to back up its claim to be the finest polo shirt designer in the world. So which label takes the crown in this online poll? The poll was very tight but Ralph Lauren shaved it by the slimmest of possible margins. In fact the margin was so slim, it was albeit a dead heat for pole position.

Lacoste Polo Shirt v Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt – who would you choose?

29 Responses to “Lacoste Polo Shirt v Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt”
  1. Sue Bock says:

    Lacoste wins by a landslide. He made his shirt for a sport, Tennis. The logo was a lark as he had made a bet to win a crocodile suitcase if he won a tennis match. I am not sure of the history of the Ralph Lauren Polo exceot that Lacoste created his design first.

  2. hamar says:

    ralph lauren has much better quality and a better fit unlike lacoste. lacoste has huge sizes for beasts to wear and not small, slim sizes at all. Where as ralph lauren has options such as custom fit and classic fit and immense quality.

  3. Matt says:

    I have loads of polos’s i prefer the fit of ralph lauren shirts to be honest. But better than both those brands is penguin by munsingwear they fit so well and come in wicked good styles. Fred perry also makes nice polos with a tight fittting chest and ribbed openings to the arms, look much better. Im surprise abercrombie and fith nev er got a mention they make some nice polo’s!

  4. Futura says:

    In fact both Lacoste & RL Polo my fav shirt brand. If you want me to choose only one, I would prefer Lacoste. I do not agree hamar that Lacoste doesn’t comes with slim fit, it has now if you check your local store properly. I do not sell garment so I might not be able to judge which one has better cotton quality. But if you were to do a comparison, put them side by side, you can see that both Lacoste & RL polo shirt has its own class of material. Personally I like Lacoste pearl button, look stylish and young which suits young man like me. :)

  5. Eddie says:

    I prefer La Coste, simply over these factors: material wise, the logo (prefer crocodile than a horse), the collar, the comfort and fit of the shirt, various trendy colors..and is stands for young, coolness, style and luxury,,,, i like ralph also, but prefer La Coste

  6. Il chiaroscuro says:

    Having both, RL and Lacoste polos, I can say that the quality of the cotton is far better in my Lacoste polos, but I love the colors that RL has. Lacoste fits me better, but I guess that depends on each person.

  7. jack says:

    ralf is much better, allways keeps its shape, where as lacoste looses shape n looks old after little wile. lacoste polo tops are too thin, feels cheepy, not as good quality

  8. hamar says:

    yeh i agree with you jack, lacoste is a good brand but its a shame that every single person in the world wears it, its not exculsive and doesnt make you feel special

  9. Greg says:

    I love both polo brands but I have to say the quality of lacoste is better but the price is not. I only own 2 lacoste polo’s and 1 lacoste dressed up shirt that I got on sale, and about 10 ralph lauren polos and other ralph lauren clothing. So Overall, I would have to say the quality of lacoste is better than ralph lauren, but the price is not

  10. Hattie says:

    i don’t like lacoste polo shirts. i MUCH prefer Ralph Lauren, they’re more comfortable and nicely fitting.

  11. Tyler says:

    Definately prefer Lacoste over RL, I own a lot of both and RL has a better fit but Lacoste feels a lot more luxurious and as someone said earlier that Lacoste loses its shape and looks ratty afetr washing that’s not true I bought my first Lacoste polo over a year ago and it still fits me fine and looks the same as the new ones I own so sorry but I’d have to disagree on that point but still I have nothing against RL as it’s still a great company… just saying that I would prefer Lacoste. :)

  12. D says:

    Polo is like Mercedes, Lacoste like BMW. One is classic luxury, timeless, made with the finest materials, and is priced at the top of its market. The other is sporty, “younger”, “hipper”. Also made with excellent materials, and also costing a lot. Both are awesome.

  13. Roberto says:

    I’m espain, I live in ANDALUCIA (CADIZ) , and I prefer Ralph Luren becouse is very biutiful and lacoste is … I don’t like lacoste :D I’m thirty.

  14. Camille says:

    I love Lacoste. I think its the best. The clothes are beautiful and the shoes too. Ralph Lauren is OK. I dont LOVE it I juste LIke it
    bye, !

  15. s.awan says:

    oh god they both are good

  16. Matthew says:

    All our Lacoste stock is made in France in the original textile region (although now a different factory…the ‘Devanlay’ factory in France), then you will see that they are *FAR* better quality than the ‘Designed in France Made in Peru’ (Devanlay factory in Peru) stock that the USA mostly gets. Even they are great quality, and certainly better than the Izod licensed stuff the USA used to get. But the French stuff from a France or UK official Lacoste boutique is the business!!! It beats Ralph hands down. Lacost have more history…heck Rene Lacoste invented the damn polo shirt! They do also now make a ‘custom fit’ Italian made polo for £5 more (£60 as opposed to £55) and even a slim-fit stretch (10% lycra type material) that cost a whopping £80 each. The striped polos go for £80-£100 that’s $160-$200 folks. We can buy Ralph’s for £45-£50, £60 for stripes. And the quality is the reason for this difference between Lacoste and Ralphs. A Ralph Lauren ‘Polo’, polo shirt is a poor man’s Lacoste…..but still a nice shirt.

  17. sofiane rahli says:

    Ralph Lauren is the best !

  18. Lacey says:

    I think both brands are magnificent. But I’d say that Lacoste would be a great choice if you wanted a lasting polo. But if you want different colours, then choose Ralph Lauren. It all depends what you are going to assorize with and the comfort.

  19. polo shirts says:

    Loved your article!

  20. eric says:

    It is not even close. Ralph Lauren Polo shirts wear in and get better with age. Lacoste shirts are good for a few wears and then are worn out, stained and destroyed from normal washing.

    It is unbelievable to me that Lacoste gets away with producing such an inferior product. I am actually thinking of starting a blog just to discuss the poor quality of Lacoste shirts.

  21. Jay Moody says:

    I’m voting for Ralph Lauren. Polo is the game of Kings and I like the reference to the game polo. Plus the colors come in a nice variety: Navy blue, tan, white, black, and red, the stripped Ralphies are good too.

    Besides Lacoste is played out; Pop culture has ruined the Lacoste brand by having too many idiots like certain famous people disrespecting the brand not knowing anything about it. Too many idiots where it now that if a respectable person was to wear it (they do still) it would be hard to tell him apart from the idiots that just wear it (most likely the idiots that use street vernacular like “Pimping” or “Crib” have fakes, nonetheless they reflect badly on the brand).

    Although I will recommend Vineyard Vines as a good brand, it’s like Lacoste but with a whale as a logo instead of an alligator. Although Vineyard Vines is a nouveau company and doesn’t have the pedigree Lacoste does. Still, Lacoste reputation has been somewhat tarnished by idiots.

  22. Pologear67 says:

    I love the Ralph Lauren slim/custom fit polos.
    I think Ralph Lauren’s designs are far superior to that of Lacoste.

  23. Mike says:

    I have read a lot of the comments here. My first initial response would be Ralph Lauren all the way. I have purchased more Polo Ralph Lauren’s than I care to count. Maybe its just that Polo is getting played out for me. I still think Polo is good, but the quality to me just isnt there anymore. I try the slim fit and they just seem to be to tight, I try the classic and they just seem to be to big to long. I just can’t seem to find a happy median with Polo Ralph Lauren anymore. I just recently purchased my first two Lacoste polo’s and they seem to fit extremely well. The cotton is softer and heavier. It seems to be a better quality shirt all the way around, and the biggest thing is its just the right length. I think I just found my new brand of polo shirt.

  24. polo t-shirts says:

    Choosing the cheap lacoste is your best choice.

  25. Daniel says:

    The reason why most people said lacoste polo doesn’t look good any more after a few washes because I think they got fake lacoste off ebay or some other HongKong website. Try to buy one in a store or before you draw conclusion about their quality.

  26. Matthew says:

    Either the Made in Peru Lacoste you guys get in the America market is of a *MUCH* lower quality, or you’re letting your heart rule your head with comments such as “Ralph Lauren is higher quality”. RL’s are made in Sri Lankan sweat shops with bog standard cotton that bobbles after a few washes…while the Lacoste we buy in the UK are still made in the same Devanlay factory in France, where they have been made for years. The cotton is premium, never ever bobbles, and each section of the Lacoste shirt is dyed in the same vat for days on end to ensure even colour and fastness – then each section is professionally and slowly machine sewn. Finally, two REAL mother of pearl buttons are evenly placed by hand, as is the crocodile motif, and sewn in place. RL’s have a couple of plastic buttons stitched on. I’ve also had RL’s fade after one year, yet I still have vibrant Lacoste shirts I bought in the Madrid Lacoste store in Spain TEN YEARS AGO. So as regards the quality of the two brands…well one is a high street quality shirt with a premium label embroidered on it, the other has a quality manufacturing process to match its price. I actually think its a shame, too, as I like the look of RL’s shirts…but I’ll never again spend money like that for such a normal shirt. Lacoste feel and wear luxurious, and they stay that way for years.

  27. sams ron says:

    ralf is much better, allways keeps its shape, where as lacoste looses shape n looks old after little wile. lacoste polo tops are too thin, feels cheepy, not as good quality
    polo ralph lauren

  28. Andrew says:

    I like both. I wish I could have a hybrid of the RL custom fit and the Lacoste polo. (maybe with a croc riding a horse logo? ha) I like the fit of RL’s, but Lacoste’s fit is fine, I just slightly prefer RL’s (the custom) I like the fabric of Lacoste better.
    Contrary to the other comments, I find Lacoste better quality. Lacoste still looks nice and new for a long time, RL does pretty well, but shows slight wear before my Lacoste ones do.

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