Paul Smith Wallet – Paul Smith Naked Lady Wallet.

Paul Smith Wallet - Paul Smith Naked Lady WalletIs the Paul Smith Naked Lady wallet sexist and degrading to women or a clever and harmless piece of marketing?

The buxom brunette, pictured kneeling naked and holding a red telephone, is the favourite model of Archie Dickens, who works from his small studio in West Wickham. The 94-year-old pensioner initially sold the illustration to an American collector who then sold it on to Sir Paul Smith, who uses it in his wallets, cufflinks, keyrings, shirts and belts. Archie insists his designs are cheeky but not in any way pornographic.

Perhaps the decisive question is, how would guys feel if women carried purses with pictures depicting naked men? A fair compromise might be a wallet depicting a naked woman and man side-by-side?

4 Responses to “Paul Smith Wallet – Paul Smith Naked Lady Wallet.”
  1. clarkz says:

    best wallets in the world, paul smith is the kind of fashion

  2. tai-mona says:

    what is the quality of these wallets like

  3. Andy says:

    Well, I have had one of these wallets for over five years, and love it. And the best bit? My wife chose and bought it for me.

  4. Tel says:

    The quality of the wallets are excellent, but quite a hefty price. Its a sure shame that many cheap carbon copies now are coming in from the far east.