Adidas Clothes Adidas T-Shirt – a welcome BIG BROTHER!

Adidas Clothes Adidas T-Shirt a welcome BIG BROTHER!Just pulling on an Adidas T-shirt transports you to the past and future at the same time! As paradoxical as that sounds it has a ring of truth to it; wearing Adidas clothing has a reminiscent quality to it but at the same time the company has taken sportswear production and material compounds to an almost futuristic level.

Everyone gets a warm feeling pulling on the three stripes whether it be an Adidas t-shirt, a jacket, a tracksuit, a hoody or a plain old sweat shirt. Adidas is a part of the very fabric of the global consciousness. Adidas is like George Orwell’s BIG BROTHER – but we all get a comforting feeling from that all-seeing eye; it helps us remember that life can go backwards and not just inexorably forward towards the grave. Retro fashion can help us forget our finite nature!

2 Responses to “Adidas Clothes Adidas T-Shirt – a welcome BIG BROTHER!”
  1. Teddy says:

    have the same feeling of adidas transporting me back to my youth :o) just seeing the 3 stripes on a pair of trainers i can see myself kicking a ball in the park again.

  2. Retro Fashion says:

    I personally love retro anything including retro fashion. Thanks for the post.