Billionaire Boys Club clothing, BBC remains under the radar

Billionaire Boys Club clothing remains under the radarSo when’s the greatly anticipated Billionaire Boys Club clothing range going to finally hit the high street in meaningful quantities. There’s been so much hype-and-burn surrounding Billionaire Boys Club for so long, fans are now starting to suffer from fatigue. Billionaire Boys Club has all the credentials to be an amazing success with Nigo, Mr Bape, and Pharrell Williams, Mr Cool, the guiding lights. That said, if mere mortals can’t buy the clothing it’ll remain nothing more than a mere fashion mirage.

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  1. Carlton Adwin says:

    I agree, I am really pissed by the crappy job they have done at making this stuff available! It is really frustrating!

  2. Teddy says:

    ain’t reebok to blame for all the problems and that’s why pharrell is suing them for 4 million!!!!

  3. RANJ says:


  4. SEAN says:


  5. Bryan says:

    Okay, i have been looking for the BBC clothing line, but i guess theirs i line really out. Because if people want to buy it than why not make it a little easer to find. The needs and want, if the costomer wants it than why not give it to them.

  6. stacey says:

    hi there, just seen your poste here and wanted to tell you that there are hundreds of items on Ebay on this line of clothing if you are still looking for things! They are pretty expensive though…depending on what you want!! Just thought id let you know!! Take care!

  7. Rodney King says:

    the clothes are really rare thye charge more so only a few will be paying to get it for instance a sean john quicksilver or volcolm shirt would go for $15-30 while a BBC, Ice Cream Shirt go for $90- 150 just a t-shirt

  8. max says:

    they have theese shirts at places like fred seagal, i got a shirt there for 50$ and they last alot longer and stay fresh unlike “sean john” or quicksilver? i dont see why youre even compareing that 2 bbc, the shrits are in and u can rock them all the time

  9. Sk8boardQ says:

    it is hard to find cloths but its not hard to find em online………but i think it would be better if they put stores or more stores around

  10. jr says:

    I agree, I looked every where these shirts are hott!, but hard to find, and if u order on the internet they have stains in em, or is to big or too small, anyway if u order online make sure u can trust them fools

  11. TeamHCN says:

    I’m not really sure why anyone’s disappointed with not being able to get BBC clothing: the entire lineup is among the most hideous I’ve ever seen – far worse than Bape and Shady Ltd. Nigo should be credited for the shrewd marketing genius that he is, but as an artist and a designer he appears incapable of an original thought, if not lacking talent. I wonder how long a brand based entirely on a 1970s sci-fi movie will last? Clashing colours, thoroughly unoriginal and uninspired graphics, excessive repetition (for reasons of laziness?), and a sky-high pricetag: these are the hallmarks of BBC and Bape.

    BBC in particular lacks any redeeming qualities. People buy it because it’s garish and over-the-top. This look is synonymous with Bape and BBC, and it’s been engrained in the public psyche that those brands are expensive and “rare”. Therefore, wearing Bape and/or BBC is a status symbol, a vulgar display of wealth – but nothing more.

    Aside from ostentatiousness, another reason people buy Bape and BBC is because they see celebrities wearing it. Of course, they don’t realize that that celebrity didn’t pay a cent for the clothing, and more likely than not was actually paid to wear it. Hell, I’d wear something that ugly if you paid me.

    So, the next time you’re about to plunk down $90 for a shirt that’s so ugly it’ll make your eyes bleed, stop and think: what part of making a simple, white cotton t-shirt with a few crudely drawn silkscreened characters on it justifies $90? Are you really paying for a well-made, well-designed article of clothing, or are you really paying for Nigo to be able to fill up his Rolls-Royce at the gas station? Hmmm…

    If you’re even remotely concerned about style, quality and innovation, go look at brands like Ecko, G-Unit and Akademiks, which produce some beautiful clothing that looks night-and-day different every season (unlike a certain Japanese designer’s clothing line). And if you’re “too good” to be seen in such “mainstream” brands, go look at Artful Dodger: they have an entire lineup of clothing that looks beautiful, well-made, and aesthetically light-years ahead of the competition.

  12. mike says:

    some people will buy it just in support of pharrell, if thats one way to show it then thats how people will do it, thats if u can get ur hands on it.. i just say make it more available along with the “ice creams” and u cant loose..some just want it for the display of vulgar wealth and others including myself wouldnt mind one of the less crazy colored shirts in support of pharrell since in my opinion is an amazing producer who helpt put VA on the big map.

  13. TeamHCN says:

    Fair enough, but you could show support for Pharrell by buying his music – or just enjoying it – without having to fork over $90 for a t-shirt. To put things in perspective, though, Pharrell earns more money in a year than many people do in their entire lifetime. Neither he nor Nigo needs more money to feel supported. BBC symbolizes crassness, and the whoring of one’s own celebrity status for the sole purpose of making even more money that you don’t need. I would have more respect for BBC if it were evident that a little care and thought had gone into designing the clothes, but that hasn’t happened; BBC’s designs have somehow managed to be less original than Bape’s. It’s obvious that the BBC line was meant as nothing more than a cash grab, and I find this highly insulting, because neither of its progenitors needs more money – certainly not when that money is coming from people who have less than them.

  14. tino says:

    TeamHCN is completly correct. There Shirts are lame, ugly, hidious and way over priced. I mean sure if you want to waste the money because it makes you feel “cool” to wear these flashly bright coloured shirts than go ahead, but your wating your money, and giving someone else more money to waste. People are caught up in society!

  15. NigerBoy says:

    I definately agree with TeamHCN and tino. These shirts lack creativity and just too expensive. Lrg is a relatively cheaper clothing line and is more appealing to the eyes. BBC, Bape and Ice cream are just ways to rip consumers off. We buy their music and other downloads already so why do they want to be this greedy? Like TeamHCN said, they have all the money in the world already, they dont need profit from this anyways. People who buy these clothes are just ignorant and show offs. Its all about the price and the name, as for the designs………I rest my case.

  16. chea soo like im mad interested in this joint but like were is the clothes and erre than

  17. KottonMouthKings420 says:

    you email me if anyone knows how to make a pharell look a like charactor.

  18. Keysony says:

    BBC clothing is hot but where the hell is it? Maybe BBC clothing is just hyping it up by not making it readily available yet. Who’s behind this annoying sales strategy? It’s so exclusive that they are missing out on a lot of potential customers. Maybe they are living up to their name? However, if you give a sh*t about your customer base then you make it readily available, hell, look at Sean John, Armani, Cavalli, Lacoste, Polo, etc… BBC can kiss my ass, I rather rock the labels I’ve mentioned!!!

  19. que says:

    I personally agree with what has been stated before me. I must admit, I’ve spent a rediculous amount of money on clothes, and the only reason I did it for was to hopefully to make me look cool. But I figured out that spending $420.00 on some jeans or $100.00 dollars on a tee-shirt was a complete waste of money. I support pharell’s music and creativity, but not the price for the BBC clothes. I think that, If their wasn’t so much pressure from music video’s, magazines, and t.v I don’t think that people would fiend for those clothes, like A Bathing Ape, BBC, or even Evisu Genes. But I am interested on how BBC will do, clothing wise, and where there going to place their apperal , because I work for a shoe store, and the ice cream shoes aren’t selling well at all. Most of my customers thing there ugly, straight up.

  20. Tshirtjunkie says:

    i got almost all designs of bbc and ice cream thsirts! at reasonable price as well. i seel 6 for 110 including shipping worldwide. can contact me anytime i can also sell in singles if u interested it is 22 dollar each including shipping let me knwo cheers
    hoodies and jean avaliable as well

  21. ace21 says:

    the shirts,hoodies,jeans and kicks are fresh as HELL!!!!! jus way to hard to find.

  22. issy says:

    i want ti purchase bbc and ice cream clothing but the usd to south african Rand is 7rand a dollar cant u make it more affordable.its $300 x7 = 2100 rand.

  23. Marcus says:

    does anyone know how 2 make those bbc dolls

  24. daynewayne says:

    tha shyt iisz fukkiin riidiiculuss. why are tshiirts 80 dollars and shoes 200 . theii should be lower priced. fuckiin swiimmiin trunksz iisz like 240 wtf?–>>

  25. TooKool21 says:

    bbc is everywhere. people, you guys need to understand where theres a line between the consumer and producer, bbc and bape is out there but it’s just that second thought you guys get in your head not to get it, maybe if you actually been to one of the actual store then your thought on it being increative and too garnish bull-crap. Its not for the designs or the looks its how it fits certain personalitys.

  26. shelly says:

    ok how come they only make in male sizes? that sucks you need to let teyana get up on sum shit for the ladies,cuz it sucs looking for a female size in bbc shirts or anything..

  27. alex says:

    bbc clothes are hideous, unoriginal and overpriced for sure. love pharrell’s and chad’s music and production, though

  28. Icecream says:

    BBC and icecream are fresh as hell. The brand name itself speaks out luxury. If you truly got the pocket or don’t mind spending 80 bucks on a tee then why not? The truth is, the only reason for people to hate on BBC and icecream is simply because they can not afford it. BBC and icecream is limited products. Luxury streetwear deserves their respect.

  29. kingill89 says:

    naw Pharell out his mind its funny how he tries to be the alternative guy in the world of music but he charges more than Jay-Z does with his clothing line

    Whoever wants to buy that shit they can go ahead but im letting you kno its not impressing nobody and its speaks volumes about your personality everybody that roccs them shirts is known as an egotiscal douche becuz they think money can get them everywhere

    these shirts been out for about 3 years and they still not considered a hot brand of clothing hell Playcloths is beating them and they was released last year and they charge less than half of what pharell charges for a tee

    and the sales bbc stores might as well be in walmart for them weak ass sales they have

    we all buy these flashy clothes for one reason and that is to attract the opposite sex and I been doing pretty good without paying 80 dollars for a tee that would actually probably turn a girl off knowing I spent 80 dollars on a tee shirt

    yea so in a 50 cent mind state I would rather be a window shopper instead of paying 300 dollars for a hamburger and 150 for a milkshake