Ice Cream Sneakers & Trainers – are they starting to melt?

Ice Cream Sneakers & Trainers - are they starting to melt?Is the tasty Ice Cream Sneaker brand starting to melt? Everyone loves ice cream, whether the stuff you eat or the stuff you put on your feet. Pharrell and Nigo hit on a great concept a few years back and the complications between the guys and Reebok were a real pity for everyone concerned including the eager customer. That said, once you expose ice cream to that kind of heat it will inevitably start to melt and that’s manifest today by the dwindling excitement surrounding Ice Cream sneakers.

Hats off to Pharrell Williams and Nigo though for trying to rescue the brand from a sticky end. The guys have not let their dream die and the official website tells us:

“Ice Cream Footwear is a morph between the skate and urban world. This exclusive collection is available in limited distribution at high-end boutiques worldwide. Ice Cream’s uniqueness and creativity are set forth from the outset, with each pair encased in packaging that resembles an actual ice cream carton.

The Ice Cream sneakers collection is a result of a collaboration between Pharrell Williams of “The Neptunes” and one of today’s hottest global designers, Nigo. Nigo is best known for his “A Bathing Ape” Clothing Line.”

That’s not such a far cry from what Reebok told us back in 2004:

“Ice Cream’s uniqueness and creativity are set forth from the outset, with each pair encased in packaging that resembles an actual ice cream carton. The first shoe in the line is a skate-influenced silhouette with a low-profile design that features sparkling images of diamonds and dollar bills. Additional images to be featured in the footwear collection include radios and dice and pagers and money rolls. Ice Cream is available for a suggested retail price of $200 and will debut in three colorways: black/red/blue, yellow/navy/blue and white/black/red.

So maybe the Ice Cream sneaker brand has started to melt – So what! Some of us like it messy.

26 Responses to “Ice Cream Sneakers & Trainers – are they starting to melt?”
  1. shannon jack says:

    i think pharrells line is great but i hope its affordable for people like me that lives in the ghetto but loves fashion.

  2. sb?? says:

    Like Bape, its marketed in a ‘hyped up way’ so the consumer feels they have to buy the product to keep up.Also, for a relatively new brand £90.00 for a screen printed t-shirt is a bit much, maybe when they have established themselves more i would expect an increase in price! Bape and BBC have not done anything different, the printed jeans and all over print hoodies have been done before, and not for £250.00. The shoes both look very similar to ones that have been in stores for years and to people not in the know must look like knock off’s. I’m not shunning the brand for its prices, just saying why pay £250 for a yobbish all over printed hoodie, when you could get a high end cashmere jumper of far superior quality for the same price. A bit of originality never hurt anyone and all the ‘bape heads’ look incredibly similar to each other.
    Theres always a brand that short-term wow’s people with its supposedly new ideas and this is what these two are, its a matter of time before the hype gets cut short by the next fad!

  3. harry says:

    where do i buy???

  4. dude says:

    where do i buyyyyyy???

  5. BCTW says:

    Since Harry and dude got no answers, maybe I will – where can I buy them in NYC, or anywhere for that matter? Someone please holla back!

  6. Ron Tha Don says:

    Those Shoes are sweet, Where can I find them

  7. Kyle says:

    I have 1 pair, diamond flavor UK size 9.goin in on ebay next week.willing to sell them to someone for $100 b4 i put them in. ring me on 00447845218743. wont have them for much longer.i feel this is a bargain considering the kind of money you have to pay for them nowadays.give me a ring

  8. ALEXANDRA says:


  9. andres says:

    these things are f’ing ugly man..they look like adidas wit friccan stickers on em..type of thing u can make at home…get some style pharell please man.

  10. keith says:

    i bought mine at union in soho. got them last year for $100. they were getting rid of them. that store is official, they sell all bbc shit. they are official retailer of the clothing line. so try there. they might have them soon. the store is on spring street. dont know the exact address. its gonna be mad money, so get ya money up

  11. simonne says:

    they look like moon boots by crayola but the other ones sort of looke like pumas which is slightly betta but they a bit chunky

  12. Hollie says:

    I went to the Reebok shop in Carnaby Street, London and like them so much that i bought 2 designs, one with teddy bears all over them and also ones with writing looking like gold chains… £75 a pair! thats a bargain for me and they were the last in stock… and no longer make them! they got the new style out… which even i have to admit are pretty…. pretty f*cking ugly!!

  13. Jubilee says:

    i really love the shoe but i wish they wud make them a lil cheaper.

  14. Cedric says:

    What different styles are there?

  15. easein says:

    were do you get them from!?!?!?!

  16. jared says:

    just saw the promo vid. fake gangstah BS.

    orthopedic shoes?

  17. That Boardflip2 Wear'r says:

    U Should Be Able To Buy Em At Union NY(172 Spring St); E.M.G.(2281 First Ave); and Barney’s Flagship(660 Madison Ave)

  18. tyrice says:

    pharrell ur kicks and clothing line is dope, the only thing is the price and not everyone agree’s with the whole sk8board style, dont worry the followers will flock soon…….IMMA FAN…keep doin the thing, and give these haters something to talk about

  19. aaron says:

    yur trainers are lame and look like shite and they are really uncomfortable and no one should buy them cause i have got a pair and they are so shite my nan hats them

  20. pimpin says:

    lovin da ice creams skateboard P!!! but da price is not on everybody rage comin from ur idol sell yo shoes cheaper and they wnt melt thell freeze!!!!

  21. ashley says:

    i think the ice creams are lookin nice and i think the are mucky like Shannon said i hope they are affordable because girl like me also livin in the ghetto dont have that kind of money and if pharell wants peopple like me or anyone else he needs 2 lower the price.
    Even thogh they look worthit. get me .

  22. Emzy says:

    I Think that the pharrel line traiers / Ice Cream Are Really Good. I Agree that i hope they are affordable but im sure they will be well worth the money. All Me m8s are goin on about them and my m8 is soon goin to america and bringin a pair back for me and me ova m8. They really nice but really pricy but oh well . Were Can You Buy Them any sports shop in america or a certain one?

  23. !Niome! (AKA) Ni Ni says:

    aaron yr the one chattin shite the trainers arer lookin bad so dont try and put other people down just cos yr LAME!!!!!!!!!
    luv the shoes!

  24. DOug says:

    yeahh that are definatly not affordable for any average joe but if you look hard enough you can but a pair online that wat i did

  25. lokimikoj says:


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  26. YOMAN says:

    Yo i dont know where to order online for real sneakers man. Can anyone tell me a site where i can get me some black green money roll flavor ice cream shoes. seriously the board flip sh*t is starting to piss me off. why do they stop making them man its so gay. they should keep selling them. anyway someone pleez tell me. thanx