Ted Baker Clothes Ted Baker Jeans who’s Ted Baker?

Ted Baker Clothes Ted Baker Jeans who's Ted Baker?So who exactly is Ted Baker? Is Ted Baker a real flesh and blood fashion designer born and raised as Ted Baker? In fact, Ray Kelvin is the closest man to the brand name Ted Baker. Yes, Ted Baker is a brand name and not a flesh and blood fashion designer Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Ben Sherman, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney or any other famous British fashion designer.

Ray Kelvin opened his first Ted Baker store in Glasgow in 1988. Ted Baker has since growing into a multi-national fashion brand offering a wide range of collections from Menswear to Swimwear and from Underwear to, even, Homeware. Although it’s deflating to discover Ted Baker is not an actual fashion designer, the disappointment is mitigated by the fact that the Ted Baker brand continues to offer a good, honest, range of fashion at affordable prices.

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  1. p says:

    I work for ted baker and i would just like to say. do not buy anything! garments fall apart easily and the sales staff dont care they just want to make a sale as it adds to there sale total which is reviewed everyday and can determine wether they have a job or not. the whole system is corrupt and motivation is money. ie managers only care about sales as they get sales related pay. ray kelvin passes everything that goes on the shop floor and it is discusting. hes 50 something! so the stuff you buy is the fashion sense of an oldtimer which is why the staff look like old men! i was told buy some one in head office that ray is awful to work with.