Emma Hope Trainers + Shoes = Hope for Men

Emma Hope Trainers + Shoes = Hope for MenEmma Hope is world renowned as one of the UK’s leading footwear designers. Since graduating from the Internationally recognised Cordwainers College, which is also responsible for training Jimmy Choo and Patrick Cox amongst others, Emma Hope has won five Design Council Awards, the 1988 Martini Style Award, the 1989 Harpers & Queen Design Award, and in 1995, the Clothes Show TV and D.T.I. accessories award, with a prize of her own collection in a catwalk show as part of Hong Kong Fashion Week.

Although Emma Hope shoes have been primarily aimed at the fairer sex, recently a new and exciting Collection of trainers called Hope for Men has hit the high streets. The collection includes both lace-up and slip-on sneakers and casual shoes and lace-up high-fashion baseball boots. The Hope for Men Collection has an earthy, wild and androgynous quality which attracts people with a deep and mischievous disposition.

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