No Skinny Jeans or Tight Jeans? Boyfriends Jeans!

Skinny Jeans or Tight Jeans? Boyfriends Jeans!Is the skinny jeans fad finally over? For the past 18 months or so girls and, more surprisingly, guys have been trying to squeeze into skinny jeans with irreverent disregard for the sorry eyes that have to view every unsightly blubber eruption or boney backend or unnervingly skinny pins. A list of big brands jumped onto the skinny jeans bandwagon and helped it gain momentum which took the fad on a surprisingly long journey when most fashion commentators were predicting it wouldn’t even get off the ground. Levis, Dior, Bebe, Evisu, Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld and others all propelled the skinny jeans fad way past its natural sell-buy date and subjected the world to a nauseating fashion feast. Fortunately, the skinny days look to be coming to a well-overdue end!

Enter the new fad: Boyfriend Jeans! or, if you’re a guy, Big Brother Jeans! The name comes from the recent trend for girls to wear their boyfriend’s jeans so the style is relaxed, worn-in and baggier. A long list of brands are dropping skinny jeans for this new look, brands such as Yanuk, G-Star, Hudson, Replay, Levis and Hilfiger to name but a few. No doubt the skinny jeans look will retain its die-hard followers; Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones and the truck-fest brigade who wore skinny jeans before they were fashionable and will still be wearing skinny jeans when Boyfriend, or Big Brother, Jeans replace them as the in denim item. One thing’s for certain, a world without skinny jeans will ensure a big sigh of relief for all concerned!

11 Responses to “No Skinny Jeans or Tight Jeans? Boyfriends Jeans!”
  1. brudy says:

    The problem isn’t skinny jeans. It’s the tubs that try to fit into them. Wear clothes that fit your body and body type and don’t ruin good looking fashion for the people that don’t eat at McDonalds three times a day.

  2. diana says:

    are u seriz? i love my skinny jeans just as wen i start to fall inlove with them its over! once i was in general pants and i overheard a conversation that boyfriend jeans are coming in i didnt rele believe it…. that sux.

  3. lisa says:

    skinny are so not over they are the best jeans ever, if you were baggy jeans they hideyour shoes n im a big fan of shoes and sjinny jeans so ur shoe so i say keep on wearing on them and i agree with brudy people are only saying there over coz they carnt fit in em lol.

  4. Ally says:

    skinny jeans are meant for skinny people, and thus look great on them but if you are having trouble fitting into them, then i would say its a no go…so all those fatties out there should stop trying to squeeze there way into them, its just disgusting

  5. jyunji says:

    skinny jeans look cool on skinny women BUT guys wearing skinny jeans looks shameful and pathetic.

  6. hamar says:

    Pathetic? Well i agree to some extent. I hate these young kinds wearing skin tight jeans who are only 5ft 5-6 in height. Tall average build people should wear them as it looks masculine and sexy on them. As for men wearing them…..Yes they should

  7. braden says:

    haha if you hate people wearing skinny jeans im guessing your just a big fat joe lashing out at all us skinny people
    have fun slipping into your ‘boyfriends’ jeans haha

  8. john doe says:

    skinny jeans rock there will be no sigh of relief
    every1 will want it back

  9. tamsin says:

    i myself ,wear skinny jeans,im into all the rock stuff etc ,and i must say ,tho i love skinny jeans i often wonder,if i look fat in them,im a size 10 and am 14 ,and i wear skinny jeans allt he time, tho im getting a bit sick of it, yes my jeans fit well ,apart from a fw blodges which are hidden by long tops i have ,i cant if tinto them very well and they are a big big actualy lol lol , uh… i will try out the boy friend jeans lol ,they look comfy lol =]

  10. sarah says:

    to be honest. the skinny jeans fad will never be over. i wear them most of the time even if they went out of fashion i’d still wear them coz thats what i want to wear. and i’m sure lots of people that wear skinnys would think the same. but saying that i might invest in a pair of boyfriend jeans not because they’ve suddenly come into fashion because i want to wear them. and that is that.

  11. Trina says:

    I love skinny jeans but I’ve decided to give the boyfriend jeans a try since it’s everywhere on the internet and magazines. I still think skinny jeans will never go out of style cuz they look cute with everything you wear. People who are fat shouldn’t wear them cuz they ruin the whole style for people who look nice in them.