Nobody Jeans x Nobody Clothing = Australian Vision

Nobody Jeans x Nobody Clothing = Australian VisionThe Nobody Jeans, Denim and Clothing brand from down-under is attracting increased attention in the Northern Hemisphere. This is no surprise to most fashion commentators as Australian Fashion in general and Nobody Jeans in particular have a unique and refreshing style:

“Nobody was established as a women’s denim label in 1999. Menswear was launched in 2002. All garments are designed and manufactured in Melbourne Australia. The team behind Nobody is a 3 person creative with backgrounds in fashion design, denim manufacture and washing and psychology. All share the common goal: ‘We want to design and produce the best denim and coordinates in the world’

Every day the team are in the denim laundry playing, experimenting, talking. They call every aspect into question. Fits, fabrics, effects, colours, finishes, techniques, tools – until we feel we have the best jeans we are capable of producing. Every garment is hand finished.

Their seasonal fashion collections are based on their design philosophies. Within this they have an aesthetic as well as an ethos that informs the collection. Every piece from a signature garment to a tee shirt has the ethos instilled in some way.”

11 Responses to “Nobody Jeans x Nobody Clothing = Australian Vision”
  1. Dean says:

    Hello, just like to say that I really like your jeans, they look great, but the pair I brought a few months ago from void clothing in new Zealand, just haven’t lasted, 1st the back ripped open just pulling them up so I had them fixed, since then ive been through to buttons & now the other side have ripped right open to the point I cant wear them, I don’t normally complain but I spent near $260 on these jeans I expect them to last, ive always brought levis at a similar price and they last me about 4-5 years.
    Ive sent them back to the place I brought them and they cant do any thing with out a receipt, I payed cash and just don’t keep receipts. Is there any thing you guys can do?

  2. Michael N. says:

    Where can i find Nobody Jeans in Italy – Milano

  3. Lauren Scarfe says:

    Hi there

    I am a big fan of Nobody Jeans and have afew pairs in which I puchased in Perth, Western Australia. I am now living in London and have been looking around for your jeans and they don’t seem to stock them anywhere. Can you tell me if I can purchase them from anywhere in London, UK.

    Thank you.


  4. Jelena says:

    hi! i bought nobody jeans a few months ago and they originally had rips in them but after i wore them once the whole upper thigh ripped but i paid $200 for them and usually my jeans last forever! i haven’t bought nobody jeans since because i don’t trust them anymore for the amount of money charged, plus there is nowhere to return them as the store no longer stocks them and they told me to contact the manufacturers! please help me out because i really did like them and they look bodgy if you stitch them up but it’s a waste getting rid of them!
    thank you

  5. Jessica says:

    Hi i just wanted the finishing lines of this sentence that was printed on the tag and i got cutt off, it goes like this…
    To much to think about that you have …
    thats all i have PLEASE PLEASEE send mee the rest of itt ..
    THANKSSSS .. :) xox

    sorry about the speelling mistake in the first one :):)

  6. Anonymous says:

    tk maxx

  7. hayley says:

    hi i recently purchased a size 10 pair of nobody jeans after wearing them for 2 days they have stretched to a size 12. i tried to swap them over for a size 8, but was refused. they told me to wash them and they should go back to the original size, but they just stretched more. is there anyway of trading them as they were $200. thanks

  8. Alister says:

    i bought a pair of nobody jeans (never worn, still with tags) off trademe, a website like EBAY but in New Zealand, i didn’t know what they were but liked the look of them, i have since found out they’re a rather large brand! funny thing is..i got them for $20..:-D and they’re great! shop around, people..

  9. Nanci Jean Taylor says:

    PLease send a merchant’s catalog to this mailing address. Thank you.

    Nanci Jean Taylor
    2332 La Mesa Drive East
    Jacksonville, FL 32217 USA

  10. nobody tee says:

    do nobody makes a grey tee with a pink heart that says “nobody loves me” and is featured in the lastest Australian InStyle Magazine, in the Christmas shopping pull out? If so, where are they available in Aus and at what price?

  11. De says:

    i like to wear nobody jeans. i’m from myanmar. i didn’t find nobody website. and i want to know where can i buy nobody jeans in Australia and England. please kindly sent to me.