COEXIST Clothing = Ethical Apparel!

COEXIST was founded behind the concept of the COEXIST design logo. Combining three Abrahamic monotheistic faith symbols to spell “coexist” suggests a lifestyle of creative conscience. COEXIST embraces life first. They design the possibilities of enjoying it together because we are all at the interface of what is and can be. They aim to expose […]

Cheap Monday Jeans & Clothes, Suicidal Marketing!

Cheap Monday Jeans, the punk infused denim brand from Sweden, is gaining staggering attention and not just for its jeans. Just a few years ago Örjan Andersson was on his knees in his shed, hand printing his own shirts and jeans and in contrast just recently Cheap Monday Jeans were nominated in the category for […]

Citizens of Humanity Jeans = altruistic panache!

Citizens of Humanity, the jeans favoured by Jessica Simpson and list of other high-profile stars, is a venture by Jerome Dahan and Michael Glasser, the creators of Seven Jeans. Citizens of Humanity jeans as most fashion buyers probably know are the epitome of premium denim; an amazing fit, purist craftsmanship and a pinch of meaningful […]

575 Denim + 575 Jeans = 100% Californication!

575 Denim is Californication in the true sense of the word, Denim was never really californiarised until 575 Denim hit the scene. 575 Denim represents stereotypical California in every way: off-the-wall, uncompromising and just plain sexy! 575 Denim’s sexy credentials are further substantiated by the long list of star celebrities squeezing into the denim: Cameron […]

Emma Hope Trainers + Shoes = Hope for Men

Emma Hope is world renowned as one of the UK’s leading footwear designers. Since graduating from the Internationally recognised Cordwainers College, which is also responsible for training Jimmy Choo and Patrick Cox amongst others, Emma Hope has won five Design Council Awards, the 1988 Martini Style Award, the 1989 Harpers & Queen Design Award, and […]

Grass Jeans + Grass LA Clothing, is it Greener?

The Denim Industry is in the midst of a quiet revolution. A long list of brands and designers are ignoring the lure of highly priced and highly hyped premium “novelty” denim and are offering the consumer something altogether more honest. The urge to produce novelty jeans with garish logos and impractical cuts is being replaced […]

Evisu Shoes or Evisu Shoos have come a long way!

Back in 2001 Kitmeout was the first website to offer Evisu Shoes forsale online. Back then Kitmeout offered a selection of slipper trainers for a mere £39.99 which, considering the quality at that time, was a fair price. Things have changed drastically since those days. Today, the Evisu Shoes, or Evisu Shoos, Collection is deserving […]

SEAL KAY & SK1 Contradistinctive Premium Denim

SEAL KAY the premium jeans brand from Milano is gaining a well deserved reputation for producing innovative and contradistinctive designs. SEAL KAY Summer 2006: Hawaii and army style, the working uniform and the british edgy style to be mixed together with an explosion of new fabrics such as canvas, treated cottons, silk-cotton. Pants and jackets are […]

Red Monkey Denim Shorts, The Fake Collection

We’re all aware of the ever increasing number of counterfeit products available online, or as our fake-friends prefer to call them “replicas”, a euphemism if ever there was one! Let’s face it, there will always be people, widely referred to as the “Counterfeit Class” who will buy cheap and poorly made fakes under the illusion […]

Moschino Jeans, Cheap and Chic has it lost its soul?

Franco Moschino, born in Italy in 1950, was affectionately labeled the “Court Jester and “Bad Boy” of fashion. The Moschino brand mirrored its creator perfectly; flamboyant, surreal and sensational! All the Moschino collections had an incredibly unique and seductive quality which has sadly been missing over the past few seasons. Many fashion commentators questioned whether […]