Yen jeans x Orange Label x Red Label & Black Label

Yen jeans x Orange Label x Red Label & Black LabelTo enhance the Japanese taste in jeans, “YEN JEANS Red Label” has created novel types of jeans like Super Hip Star to break the stereotype of 5 pocket trousers; may people enjoying those awesome differences from usual trousers.

Yet in their pursuit of the new, YEN had to admit truthfully that the Japanese taste is fading in “YEN JEANS Red Label”…

And so to focus again on the taste of Japanese in YEN JEANS, they launched “YEN JEANS Black Label”. Fundamentally, the pieces in Black Label are the fruits of Japanese culture. Japanese culture such as “Vintage Jeans” by stubborn craftsman from Bingo, “Ryukyu Natural Indigo Hand Woven Jeans” by Okinawa craftsman Kasuri. “Mud dyed Jeans” from Amami-Oshima, “Natural Indigo Hand Dyed Leather Jeans” and “Natural Indigo Jeans” from Tokushima are released as Black Label.

The direction of the new Label is traditional rather than new, Natural Indigo rather than Man made indigo, and orthodox rather than surprise. YEN are pretty sure that the items in Black Label are going to satisfy people like you who appreciate the value of Japanese culture.

4 Responses to “Yen jeans x Orange Label x Red Label & Black Label”
  1. Cam says:

    do you know where I can purchase Yen Jeans in the united states or any website which sells them and ships to the united states? i am looking to but the yen super hipstar slim jeans.


    thank you.

  2. clouds says:

    luving them yen jeans

  3. ali says:

    hi can you please tell me where to buy yen jeans for my store asap

    ali 01484 451829