Amplified Clothes + Amplified T-Shirt = Retro Rock!

Move over ‘Boho Chic’ and make way for the ‘Retro Rock Goddess.’ 1960-70′s Rock Legends and 80′s Punk Poets, have found their way back into our wardrobe thanks to Amplified, a new clothing range featuring distressed and vintage-esque tops, tees, jackets, and skirts. The collection has a range of t-shirts, vests, jackets & skirts that […]

Earnest Sewn Jeans, New Blood for An Earnest Cut & Sew!

“Earnest Sewn is excited to announce the companies’ newest hire, Douglas Babbit, who is joining the management team as the Executive VP / Worldwide Commercial Director. Douglas will oversee both Earnest Sewn and An Earnest Cut & Sew collections, Worldwide Sales, International Distributors, and the Retail Operation. Babbit was brought on board to facilitate the […]

True Religion Apparel, The Counterfeit Busters!

True Religion Apparel Inc. (Nasdaq: TRLG) today announced that the Company has recently won two court default judgments against several individuals and businesses charged with importing and selling counterfeit True Religion Brand Jeans. The default judgment orders from both cases total approximately $1 million, after legal expenses. In one of the legal cases, True Religion […]

The Year Of Jeans + The Year Of Clothing = Ultimate Denim!

The rumour-mill is cranked-up and white-hot with chatter about the next MEGA-BRAND! Fashionistas in the Boutiques and “Real People” on the Street are all buzzing about a new denim brand called The Year Of. The Year Of is under close wraps and almost nobody has seen the Collection, which by all accounts is the ultimate […]

Henleys Clothing + Henley Shirt = Quintessential Brit

Henleys was founded in the mid 90′s to accommodate the ever changing demands of the consumer. Their aim is to innovate, inspire, and to create an impact in the ever changing and demanding “high street”. Henleys is a proven success in the UK and is now ready to embark on expansion into Europe. Mens and […]

Rag & Bone Jeans + Rag & Bone Apparel = Edgy Workwear!

Rag & Bone Apparel is attracting well-deserved attention of late. The designs are highly original and the whole feel of the Collection is clean and edgy. Rag & Bone was born in 2001 through the shared frustrations of not being able to find the type of clothing the founders wanted to wear. They felt that […]

Supreme Cap + Supreme Tee = Uber-Skate Apparel

Supreme, the New York uber-skate brand which started back in 1994 and has a direct store on the (in)famous Lafayette St., offers a super-rare cap. The Supreme snakeskin-esque cotton and mesh Truckers Cap offers rarity and quality for the hardcore Supreme addict.

Habitual Jeans + Habitual Denim = Limited Edition Jeans

Habitual Jeans – Australian fashion editor Nicole Garrett & her fiancé Michael Colovos created this amazing new Designer Brand. Habitual jeans’ subtle washes and tailored details such as welt pockets and bound buttonholes have become the overnight favorites of models like Gisele Bundchen and Carolyn Murphy. Through the use of inventive washes & tailored elements, […]

Stitch’s Jeans + Stitchs Denim = Hottest Jeans in Hollywood

Designer Albert Dahan, the fashion guru behind Da-Nang Surplus, decided to return to his denim roots and create Stitch’s Jeans. Albert Dahan and his Team searched throughout Europe, Japan and the United States of America to secure the finest and most unusual indigoes for Stitch’s Jeans. You will discover that their denim has undergone extensive […]

Kris Van Assche Clothing, from Dior Homme to YSL

“Kris Van Assche was born in Belgium in 1976. Shortly after graduating from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he moved to Paris in 1998. After working with Hedi Slimane at Yves Saint Laurent and then for Dior Homme, be began to show his original creations in January 2005. Today the man heads his […]

Trunk T-Shirt + Trunk Ltd Tees = Moments in Time Clothing

Trunk is making waves in the fashion world at the moment with celebrities as diverse as Chris Martin and Paris Hilton donning (if you get the meaning;) their pucker Tees! Trunk Ltd., is the curator of classic rock ‘n’ roll art. They are a creatively driven group of individuals dedicated to developing imaginative fashion concepts […]

Puffa Jacket x Puffa Clothing = Revival of a British Classic!

Puffa – A Classic British Brand. Puffa is the original quilted jacket. Designed over 30 years ago by Penny Rogers who had an idea of using down- filled quilts to make lightweight, yet incredibly warm outerwear for her family. The concept quickly took off, establishing the brand and by the late 70′s and early 80′s […]

LAMB Sneakers + Royal Elastics Shoes = L.A.M.B.

Gwen Stefani partnered with shoemaker Royal Elastics to design L.A.M.B. sneakers. The current styles are named after the words in Stefani’s album title, “Love Angel Music Baby” 1) The “Love” sneakers, which feature a hand-stitched “L” on the side and 24-carat gold-plated hardware. 2) The jogger-style “Angel” sneaker which has the L.A.M.B. logo is hand-stitched on […]

Ella Moss Clothing + Ella Moss Fashion = Hip-Couture!

Designer Pamella Protzel is an LA girl at heart, and her hip, fun and quirky Ella Moss collection reflects that. From daily after-school trips to Beverly Hills as a middle schooler to Parisian flea market excursions as a teen, Protzel has always been inspired by art, fashion, people and traveling. A true style prodigy, at […]

Apee Clothing by Ape Clothing — chauvinistic?

It’s official at last, A Bathing Ape is not misogynistic!! For sometime now the fashion community have been trying to establish why Nigo and his Bathing Ape brand have generally neglected the fairer sex. As we know, Bape menswear is a true fashion phenomenon but comparatively speaking Bape womenswear, or Apee, was seen as non-existent and […]

Meltin Pot Jeans x Meltin’ Pot Clothing = Cross-Cultural Kudos!

Meltin’ Pot is based in Matino, in the south of Italy, and is the main connection for the peripheral offices around the globe. The no-nonsense mission that sets and keeps the engine in motion is making the best jeans in the market. Thirty years of family experience in clothing manufacturing contribute to develop a product […]

Wrangler Jeans + Wrangler Denim Pants = Mainstream Revival!

1904 C.C. Hudson founds his C.C. Hudson Overall Company. 1919 The company is renamed to „Blue Bell Company“. 1947 C.C. Hudson engages famous Western Designer Rodeo Ben who designs the 13MWZ – the very first ‘Wrangler’ and the beginning of Wranglers triumphant success all over the world. 2004 Wrangler starts its unique WANTED campaign, reflecting […]

Creative Recreation Shoes x Cr8tive Recreation Sneakers

Creative Recreation Shoes are attracting well-deserved attention. Their designs are fresh and creative and have an urban chic vibe. Worth a good long butchers for sure! Realizing that this generation was not going to follow in the same footsteps as the one before them Creative Recreation began their own journey. Being successful in this generation […]

Hackett Clothing + Hackett Polo Shirt = True Brit!

Hackett for some has taken Burberry’s place as the quintessential British fashion brand. Hackett clothes are perhaps more subtle than Burberry but that does not diminish their strong individual style which is British through and through. If you are looking for some quintessential British style you need look no further than Hackett! Hackett today is […]

Ben Sherman Clothing + Ben Sherman Shoes = SKA!

Ben Sherman’s current campaign imagery includes a snapshot of Ben Sherman’s edgiest clothing portfolio ever. The imagery is shot to reflect the iconic TWO TONE look capturing the attitude and atmosphere of the SKA phenomenon that inspired the collections for S/S 2006. Ben Sherman is also celebrating their unparalleled success in scooping 3 UK Fashion […]

Garbege T-Shirt x Garbege Hoody = VS. Series

In Autumn/Winter ’06, the key phrase at garbege is: Opposites Attract because of the contradiction created through the fusion of two similar, yet opposite, ideas. The selections’ theme, the “VS. Series” explores the union of two different elements on one canvas – a “Mash-Up”, which is an English/Jamaican term that means to blend two seemingly […]

Maharishi Clothing + MHI T-Shirts = Summer Madness!

Maharishi is having another amazing summer sample sale on June 1st – 4th and 15th – 18th 2006. Following last years success Maharishi is having a summer sample sale both in the East End and up West. Last year there were plenty of bargains to be had in Brick Lane at the back of Spitalfields […]

45rpm Jeans x Badou-R Clothing = uber-urban style!

45rpm, the Japanese specialist denim and fashion company, can trace its roots back to 1977/1978 when it was established in Tokyo. 45rpm has also spawned a long listed of impressive fraternal brands, including: R by 45rpm, Badou-R and ummii908.The 45rpm style is uber-urban with contrasting “high-society” accents. The overall paradox injects subtle and sophisticated style […]

Carpe Denim Jeans x Carpé International = carpe diem!

Carpé International FABRIC: carpé uses carefully selected cotton to warrant the proper fit, texture, and durability. the denim is tested by industry standards to assure that the highest quality weight, color and finish are achieved. FEEL: the broken twill used is delicate, yet durable. this maximizes comfort, and allows for a smooth experience for both […]

LA Air Line T-Shirts and Clothing, Lift Off!!

History of LA Air Line — POP ART / POP CULTURE LA Air Line traces its roots back to Venice Beach California in 1971. This was a wonderful time to be in California. The creativity of the California culture at the time was changing the world. The Doors, Beach Boys, surf culture….. art, hippy, free […]