Red Monkey Caps + RMC Cap = Mesh Back & Clouds

Red Monkey Caps + RMC Cap = Mesh Back & CloudsThis is an image of the very rare RMC Cap. The authentic Red Monkey Cap is adjustable and has a plain mesh back with a cloud design on the front. The common fake RMC Caps have the RMC jean pocket detail on the front and come in sizes. This is the authentic RMC Cap spec:

Genuine RMC Red Monkey trucker cap
Colored embroidered denim trucker cap
Black mesh back
Embroidered cloud design
RMC print lined inside brim
Adjustable back

One Response to “Red Monkey Caps + RMC Cap = Mesh Back & Clouds”
  1. ben says:

    hi i have recently come across rmc cap and i was a bit adament to weather it was fake the gut says tht its a 1 size cap which is medium he sed he will send me pics but he isnt doin it its as if hes findin excuses not to it looks real and he says the design on the frnt is stitched in which i know is true so hve rmc really never made a 1 size cap