American Vintage Clothing + Jeans = Franco-Americana

American Vintage Clothing + Jeans = Franco-AmericanaSince its birth in 2005, the French brand American Vintage manufactures in Europe and represents a style inspired by the true American vintage trend. It is a collection of tops for women, with a sand wash jeans image communicating simplicity, novelty, femininity, comfort in a vintage but modern style. The complete line is designed in many layers, so the wearer can combine each style however she feels and wants to wear American Vintage.

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  1. stéphanie says:

    I am french and search where to buy this brand in paris and new york
    thanks for information; does it exist a website concerning this brand?

  2. Jelena says:

    Unfortunately I cannot tell you where you can purchase the items in Paris or New York but I can tell you that we recently got it for our store and it seems to be a great success….
    It comes in the range of colors and because it is designed to be worn in layers it is extremly versatile.You can mix and mach it however you like.
    Our shop is in ski resort in Austria but we do sell and ship to our customers if required.
    It is a great new brand, but it is very dificult to find so far…..That can be frustrating,however on the other hand, I prefer to know that I’m not likely to see someone wearing the same thing as it is often the case lately.And it feels good to be stoped on the street by a stranger to comment on your wardrobe!

  3. Kay says:

    Where can I buy the American Vintage puffed sleeve voile dress?

  4. rdb says:

    the brand is available at … i\’m looking for the BIRCH TUNIC by american vintage… it is in, its described as \”this soft brown cotton top has a gathered keyhole neckline and banded poet sleeves\” and its really cute but out of stock…cannot find this tunic anywhere else on the internet…i am desperate…i am in asia, in the philippines, and i won\’t be going to europe until 2007…please anybody who knows where i can get htis top please e-mail me

  5. Jelena says:

    Did you mean Voile Puffed Collar Dress?!
    Unfortunatley that particular dress is from the old collection and it is not available any more.
    American Vintage has two collections per year – winter & summer, and usually it’s best to get your favorite items as soon as they become available as in many cases reordering might not be possible.
    (I will double check and let you know if I had any luck.What size?)
    In the new collection for winter that sould become available shortly they have the similar (if not the same) version but as a tunic….
    If you don’t have any luck finding it,perhaps you’ll be able to find something similar in the next summer collection.

  6. Jelena says:


    We should have it in stock soon.
    It will be available from our internet shop,among other brand new items from American Vintage.
    I’ll let you know as soon it comes in.Hope this helps…..

  7. Jelena says:

    If anyone is interested,
    we just got in the new American Vintage fall/winter collection.

  8. man le says:

    hi !
    i am desperatly looking for a store or online store with american vintage clothes.i read something on the kitmeout website about it,where jelena talks about her online store. are u talking about the kitmeout store??because i cannotfind anything on that website…….

  9. alice says:

    They sell in Paris in my neighborhood at a store called Why Not? It is at the Trocadero, rue de LongChamp, in the 16th.

  10. allie says:

    hey love the american vintage clothing company i have a store in uk and i would like to stock it any one with any contact details !

  11. Cavalier says:

    Where can I buy American Vintage on-line? Jelena: are you also selling on-line?


  12. Cavalier says:

    Where can I buy America Vintage on-line? Jelena: do you also sell on-line?


  13. ro says:

    hi… i saw an american vintage store in paris last year… on- or near- rue des abesses…
    i love their clothes as well!!!

  14. Lynne says:

    I’ve just bought some American Vintage in Paris in the Marais district at my favourite store Abuh Dhabi. I’d love to know if this great label sells online, as I live in Sydney.

  15. Thea Govorko says:

    Hi, I’m trying to find a website for American Vintage – not necessarily to buy online but I just want to look at their clothes – does anyone know?



  16. Polly Leach says:

    Hello. I have just bought some American Vintage long cotton vest top from a little shop on the Ile de Re in France called Le Magasin in Ars-en-Re. We are trying to find a replacement as we had a washing crisis! Do you know where I can find these clothes in the UK? I too would love to know if there is a website for these clothes.

    Thank you. Polly

  17. laila says:

    hi all.
    american vintage has a webside:
    lots of nice pictures of their collection, but only phone numbers
    for french stores.
    if anyone finds a webside who carries am.vintage, please tell..

  18. anastasia says:

    I bought American Vintage in Greece at the island of Paros. I would love to buy them on-line, if anyone is aware of a website.

  19. Retro Fashion says:

    All the old stuff I wore as a child is coming back. Kinda scary and makes you feel old, but it looks great most of the time.

  20. Elfryda says:

    I have the same question like everyone… Where can I buyl american vintage Shirts of this year online? I would be happy about some information. Thank you!

  21. brenda says:

    where can i buy American vintage in Toullouse

  22. Women Vintage Clothing says:

    You have to love the fashion world. A french company re-packages American Vintage and then sells it back to us. It’s like the Beatles selling R&B music back to us during the British Invasion. ;) I guess the advantage to the American Vintage brand is that you’d have the quality of new garments, eh?

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