Swagger Clothing, Hip-Hop Clothing with a Tokyo Twist!

Swagger Clothing, Hip-Hop Clothing with a Tokyo Twist!In 1999 Japanese rappers Big-O and Iggy launched Swagger, a clothing line that is both a persuasive interpretation of the Hip-Hop aesthetic and an example of Japanese precision and attention to detail.

Swagger has a high-end approach to designing street wear that is deeply rooted in honoring a hip-hop lifestyle with a strong, fresh, new freestyle on urban fashion. “We’ve been traveling back and forth from Tokyo to New York for more than a decade. We are inspired by New York hip-hop culture. But at the same time we have a very strong passion of creating our own fashion trends in Tokyo. Swagger is a way for us to interpret the dialogue of two great world cities into the language of fashion.” explains Big-O and Iggy.

4 Responses to “Swagger Clothing, Hip-Hop Clothing with a Tokyo Twist!”
  1. Tiesncuffs says:

    Urban clothing is very popular with the youth today. The coolest of the cool can be seen wearing these stylish hip hop clothing.

  2. Joe says:

    yea, you are right! almost every one in every country have hip hop style. no one want to missed hip hop style or hip hop clothing.

  3. makaveli says:

    Such a nice collection of those cool hat.. it seems very fashionable. most hip hop people wear this. i love it.. keep it up!


  4. LXO says:

    they have this blue and white print that looks like a copy of M.I.A’s clothing line