Edwin Jeans + Edwin Clothing = Japanese Originals

Edwin Jeans + Edwin Clothing = Japanese OriginalsFor their high-end denim Edwin are using Japanese fabrics that are exclusively developed by Edwin. This season Edwin are strongly focused on real unwashed denim in different casts, completed by washing treatments which offer the best natural worn look.

After indigo blue, black will be the high spot color in the Edwin S/S 07 collection, from dark raw to very light grey. The Edwin female concept will be extended with a new regular style in order to give the best fit in the finest denim quality. As the demand was tremendous this style will now be available in their  un-washed rainbow selvage and their new natural selvage. Edwin jeans are introducing a new super slim fit in the man and female line. This skinny look will be available in stretch denim and non-denim.

3 Responses to “Edwin Jeans + Edwin Clothing = Japanese Originals”
  1. Carlton says:

    This site is great but You guys need to start leaving info as to how ‘we’ ( the fashion junkies) can get our hands on this stuff.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You used my name, i need some of des jeans….. please

  3. Texas Chainsaw Massacreep says:

    Search for Edwin jeans in Europe. Everyone has them and you can order online. Remember, the Euro is in a lot better shape than the US Dollar. If their price is L250 it’s around $365 US. You can find a free conversion rate chart online. Good luck, I’m there!