Greedy Genius Shoes up to $6000

Greedy Genius Shoes up to $6000Introducing the much anticipated Diamond Eyelets by Greedy Genius. Attached photos show a sneak peak at what we have developed to take sneakers and jewelry to the next level “removable, interchangeable, diamond eyelets”. The sets of Diamond Eyelets are made with 14k yellow, white or rose gold VS to SI stones diamonds ranging from G-H color. A set consists of 28 individual eyelets that fit perfectly in your shoelace eyelet hole still allowing the lace to come thru. The current shapes are Stars, Circles and Hexagons. Retail price range is from $2800-$6000. Inquire at your local Greedy Genius retail outlet for more information.

2 Responses to “Greedy Genius Shoes up to $6000”
  1. Diamond Perry says:

    If you could send me pictures of the shoe Diamond eyelets By Greedy Genius Thank you

  2. Kiymeshea says:

    these shoes are on point i luv dez shoes juz not the price