RMC Jeans x Santastic = Yoropiko

RMC Jeans x Santastic = YoropikoMartin Yat Ming takes RMC jeans into unchartered waters. The Yoropiko denim collection is like nothing anyone has even imagined before. The designs are breath-taking and the quality is unrivalled. RMC by Martin Ksohoh is denim for the next generation and marks an epoch in fashion history.

5 Responses to “RMC Jeans x Santastic = Yoropiko”
  1. Denim Dr says:

    IM READY LETS BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. adrian says:


    If possible can some one give me a number a link for rmc . I own a retail shop in the bay area ca. having trouble finding a distributor for rmc and the santatastic x rmc is sick . I want to carry hot designs like this.

    Pleases no fakes or bs jeans

    thank you in advance

    Adrian Bowden

  3. Leannah. GM644 says:

    The RMC is crazy fresh! I really need to get on it ASAP! Holla at me Roc City Paper Chasers, we want it! I need the real deals please! I bring you money, you bring me goods! !:)

  4. Illastrate says:

    Download the new joint from STAN STEAM “501 Vintage (Me and My Levi’s)”

    From the Up coming album The STAN STEAM COLLECTION Nov 08

    Working Class Music Grp


  5. QQ says:

    RMC c’est une radio bande de QQ