Diesel Jeans and Global Warming!

Diesel Jeans and Global Warming! Diesel jeans advertising campaigns are best known for their overtly sexual content and innuendo, right? Apparently not in 2007. Diesel jeans are side stepping their well trodden tits and arse campaigns and are opting for some fashionable social commentary. Of course, the cries of cynicism reverberate across the galaxy as Diesel jeans starts preaching about the travesty of global warming!

“It isn’t that we want to make a social or political statement,” said Dan Barton, vice president of communications for Diesel USA. “We’re taking a serious issue and putting it into Diesel’s world, a surreal avant-garde world.”

Barton also said he believed the campaign’s concept would be more effective than simply preaching about the evils of climate change.

“The problem with the idea of global warming is that it’s usually lectured to people,” said Barton.

“We don’t want to make light of the subject,” said Barton. “We want to raise it in a way that people can digest.”

Next thing we know Diesel will be making jeans out of Sugar Cane — now there’s a novel idea!

5 Responses to “Diesel Jeans and Global Warming!”
  1. richard says:

    As far as I am aware Diesel has made quite a few campaigns that comment on social issues. They were the first to feature a gay kiss, made an anti smoking campaign 15 years ago, and have talked about the ozone layer, politics, fashion, music industry , obsession with staying young, third world poverty….so this is yet another example of not doing ‘tits and ass’ advertising that I do not think Diesel has ever really done.

    I like the campaign as it does not preach, but makes you think.

  2. Laurel says:

    while waiting in the airport (and being pissed that our flight was delayed by about 12 hours) i looked up and there was this ad for diesel jeans and it said “Global warming ready”… i’m pretty sure that if i was buying clothes and there was an option of that brand and another brand even if it was more expensive, i would say in a slightly loud voice something along the lines of “nah, i don’t want that brand, they support the greenhouse effect and global warming”

  3. hailey says:

    WHy on earth, do you honestly need a half naked women hovering sexually over a man without his shirt on!! COME ON!! normal women who buy your jeans would not be as sluty as you make them seem!! oh lets go out and buy a pair of diesel jeans than stand half naked over a man without a shirt, lets be realistic please!! what happened to all the normal non sluty ads, this is reality people!!

  4. sebahattin says:

    sizin malar?n?z? limitasyon yap?yorlar

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