LRG Clothes + LRG Jackets 2007!

LRG Clothes + LRG Jackets 2007!LRG was founded by two young gugy Jonas Bevacque and Robert Wright beginning 1999. They shared a common passion and vision for design, independence and meaning. It was their goal to give the customer not only form and function but also something they could believe in. LRG was the first company to bridge the gap between the skateboarding and the urban communities. It has brought an edge to the skate consumer and substance to the urban consumer. LRG creates through provocating, visually stimulating and soulfully elevating gear for today`s socially conscious individual.

LRG`s main concept is simple: underground effective, overground inventive. LRG offer a clothing line dedicated to setting the standard in construction, use of rugged materials and a phenomenal attention to detail. Each season`s line demonstrates LRG`s continual goal to strike for originality beyond expectations. Deeper roots, stronger branches!

6 Responses to “LRG Clothes + LRG Jackets 2007!”
  1. Air Force Ones King says:

    I really like that look. LRG seems to never let me down

  2. javi says:

    It hits hard in the 559 area and it true “Make Jeans not War” and thats why ill keep being myself and sponcer them were ever i go
    Peace , Javi Aka (Scifen)

  3. Ransen Rolfe says:

    I love LRG. I love what you gugys are doing. LRG means a lot to me this line is so soulfully an deep, no one out there is doing what you are doing and I love it. I am in school for design at the International Academy of Desin & Technology in Nashville, TN. I What to have a line like LRG one day so please reply back to me at P.S. Thanks for what you are doing for the game.

  4. LaToya Rivers says:

    Hello my name is LaToya Rivers and I work for truestar magazine. Which is design by teens for teens. But I work for a fashion show with truestar. We as teenager are trying our very best to hold a fashion show. But we have no clothes. I was wondering can u help us with your clothes. or bring a few of your simple so we can see. I really thank you

  5. Wendell says:

    Wats up LRG is so poppin in stlouis i mean shit crazy and i reather wer that before anything i swear i got bout six seven lrg out fits and gne make sure i keep up 2 that wit it that how hard yall is keep it up

  6. belstaff jackets says:

    L-R-G, is an Orange County based clothing brand headed by Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright.