Sean John & Jay-Z’s Rocawear Clothing – NO!

Sean John & Jay-Z's Rocawear Clothing - NO!Jay-Z and Diddy’s design ranges of “faux fur” coats are actually made of dog fur. Tests carried out by the Humane Society of the United States have found that coats in Diddy’s Sean John label and jackets from Jay-Z’s Rocawear line are made from the fur of raccoon dogs.

CEO and president of the animal rights organization, Wayne Pacelle, said: “It is abhorrent that someone purchasing what they think is ‘faux fur’ is actually getting fur from a type of dog that may have been skinned alive.

“False advertising and labelling of raccoon dog fur is rampant in the fashion industry, and the amount of potential consumer deception is staggering.”

The Humane Society said it had informed Jay-Z and Rocawear about the problem over a week ago, but no corrective action was taken and the jackets were still featured on the fashion firm’s website, being sold for USD265.

But on Tuesday (16.01.07), a Rocawear spokesperson announced that as soon as Jay-Z was informed about the use of dog fur he had the jackets removed from his line.

The representative said: “We were not aware that our product included raccoon dog materials. We have immediately instructed all manufacturers and licensees that no product can be produced using this fur. In addition we have removed those items from our website.”

Raccoon dog fur was also found used in a fur-trimmed coat in Diddy’s Sean John clothing label, on sale at New York’s Macy’s department store, advertised as “imitation rabbit fur”.

These garments have also now been withdrawn from sale. Raccoon dogs are an endangered species from Asia which belong to the canine family and are being killed for their fur in China.

Source: LondonNet

44 Responses to “Sean John & Jay-Z’s Rocawear Clothing – NO!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    wat is that

  2. Anonymous says:

    its a freakin RACCOON DOG!!! Didnt you read the story…..sheesh NOW THAT WAS A STUPID QUESTION!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    how horrible :(

  4. Deals says:

    I dont get it…if taking the skin off an animal is so in humane and so not tolerated in todays society..why do we eat chicken..beef..lamb…fish..dont we do the same things to these animals and not that we wear them..we eat them..which is more gross…you guys spend too much time complaining about these things instead of spending time finding ways to help the poor..protect our kids..educate our kids…

    Get a life…..

  5. Lisa says:

    Skinned alive, that’s the point of this atrocity, for god’s sake. How fitting that it’s said we should get “a life”. Appears perhaps some folks should get a heart.

  6. MR> LITO says:

    that is just grose ewwwwwwww!!!!!

  7. Prodigy says:

    this is bogus, thats a dog u dumbass, and in reply to “Deals” yea we eat chicken, and fish and lamb and all of that shite but that is necessary. This skinning racoon dog’s for fur isnt necessary u idiot. plus thats a thucking endangered species

  8. Ray says:

    Why are people doing this???

  9. rick says:

    this is so cruel! I dont underdstand why people do this!!!:(

  10. Elly says:

    THAT IS SSOOOOOOOOOO FLIPPIN RETARTED, LET MY SPELL IT OUT 4 YA, They r an E-N-D-A-N-G-E-R-E-D S-P-I-E-C-I-E-S, I want 2 strangle who ever is doing that x-( & ):>

  11. dephkon says:

    another response to “deals”…have you seen the video where they skin that dog alive? that pic up there is a screenshot taken from it. right there, that dog is still breathing raggedly, blood pouring from everywhere. See how its ears, lips, eyelids, etc. are all just gone? IT CAN FEEL EVERY GODDAMN SQUARE INCH OF THAT PAIN. The only reason it’s still alive is because the guys in the vid are bored. I hope the next time you’re sitting fat and happy from your chicken dinner that you get food poisoning, go to a hospital in china, and get flayed alive by some fat guy named Wang.

  12. Anonymous says:

    or you can all stop bitching and actually phucking do something about it

  13. chris says:

    come on now has anybody ever heard of a f#ckin racoon dog i knw i havent. the point im trying to make is y do u car about a raccoon dog wen people skin chinchilas i never in my life have heard anybody say anything about that. im just sayin try and make up a new excuse cause im still gonna rock Diddy’s stuff and Jay Zs clothes.

  14. y0ungmug says:

    damn that are a bunch of dumb thucks that posted. especially the last dude. You just don’t get it

  15. Xiomara says:

    Yep , I agree. EVERYONE WHO MAKES FUR COATS; ESPECIALLY THE ONES WHO WEAR THEM SHOULD BE SKINNED ALIVE!!!!!!!!! OR BETTER YET; BE BURNED TO DEATH!!!! MAKE THOSE IDIOTS SUFFER!!!!!!!!! you people think that wearing fur coats is so “fashion” or “cool”…. i hope you die…painfully

    (poor animals, i hope this stupid act will end soon)

  16. Paige says:

    ok have you ever seen what they do to those for poor animals they skin like ferrets and weasels while they are still alive and awake so them can still feel every thing those people do to them.
    And people sit there and just let it happen we all just need to stand up and do something about this because those animals do have feelings and if you support that animals get killed just for their fur then i recommend you do and look up pictures of videos of what they do to the animals.
    And the animals cannot speak for themselves so we have to stand up for them.

  17. antonie says:

    jay-z??? suck my dick!!!

  18. phillpa says:

    i don’t see how people can say get a life when animals are getting skinned alive and being tortured. how wuld u like to be locked into a cage that u can barly fit into. then slowly and tortuaiuosly cut and disected while u can feel and see what is going on and then after when ur struggerling with the pain and suffering and waiting to die people smash u up with a bat and stand on ur head untill ur skull cracks. huh how wuld u feel excacerlly GET A FUCKING HEART AND OPEN UR EYES TO THE PAIN AND SUFFERING people say yh (sorri if offends ) omg look at 3rd world countrys, yh u say u will help but don’t. u see an animal being abused u say awwww poor thing bless i wish i culd help. well i wuld say STOP WEARING THEM THEN, if there woz a drop in the market for these animals then they will stop i say again OPEN UR FUCKIN EYES

  19. Anonymous says:

    omg who said skinned alive? do you really think that that thing is alive … uh because i really dont think it is … sorry. and diddy and jay z are the bomb so shut up. you could be sued for hurting their business =P !!!! Plus if you don’t like it just don’t wear the coats … you show far far FAR too much interest … what sick person puts up the picture like that and can look at it if they are so concerned. a hipocrite. what the hell is a racoon dog anyways? ew some wierd kind of ravid animal that probly gives us rabies???

  20. Beeyarch says:

    Dearest Anonymous,

    Hmm, you are a tool! an uneducated, very stupid tool. You look at a still image and make a comment about something you know nothing about. FYI (you may not know that means for your information) Fur bearing animals, dogs, cats (German shepherds and labradors, ginger cats etc), fox, mink and yes that raccoon thingy, you’ve never heard of cause you dont no shit from clay, GET SKINNED ALIVE, FOR THEIR FUR. There are heaps of sickening video’s on youtube and all over the internet to support THIS FACT.
    PS. “Diddy” and “Jay Z” are laughing all the way to the bank, cause people like you line their talentless pockets.

  21. Dan Bekkering The Netherlands says:

    To think it is fashionable to wear furtrimmed coats again, here in Holland I was shopping yesterday in the town “Hoorn, Noord Holland” and in the window of the fashion shop “Moda di Romani” my girlfriend and me saw furtrimmed coats from “Iceberg” and run straight in and told them it was fur from Raccoondogs, They immediately started to defend themselves and told us that a renounced company like Iceberg never would use such furs and that it must be rabbits or foxfur.

    Anyway fur nevertheless I said to them.

    They told me there is so much shit happening in the world that if you would consider everything than you would have a daysjob, I told them yeah but compassion costs you nothing just stop selling this horrific product of skinned alive animals.

    People come with fakereasons to justify themselves that is the lesson here but you have to convince them that they are wrong or at least educate them and get them aware of what could be the horrific truth.

    So now I am mailing and calling Iceberg wich is a company of the:

    Centro Dir.le Porto di Pozzallo
    C.da Fargione
    97016 Pozzallo (RG)

    Tel. +39 0932 777349 PBX
    Fax +39 0932 777521

    I am notifying Peta also I want to ask you to do the same Call Gilmar Group and mail them

    Babyphat uses dogfur too

    Kind regards,

    Dan Bekkering
    Amsterdam 21 september 2008.

  22. Dan Bekkering The Netherlands says:

    O and another thing we looked into the labels of the Iceberg coats in that shop Moda Di Romani and guess what, the coats are made in……

    CHINA……….. so what more proof do they need.

  23. hi says:

    i feel so sad for those animals but even though thier skinned while there alive. MOST of the time they are unconsious so they dont feel any pain. but its still bad. ill never wear faux fur or any fur not just cuz of the cruelty but also it looks really tacky, chavy and old fashioned. most of the time you look a bit wierd.

  24. Anonymous says:

    oh and anyone who publishes a picture like this are NOT sick. infact atleast there spreading the news and showing people what is really behind the ‘soft warm lovely’ coats.

  25. koooook says:

    GAY !

  26. Casey says:

    OMFG!!! that is so sad and cruel, we should go to china find those fuck heads and skin them alive see how they fuckin like it!!!

  27. young says:

    Man you all need to shut the f up. how about this nobodies going to do anything about, its not going to stop and your going to live life and wear them as cloths and eat them. Nothing is going to stop them from doing it because the people in power dont give a f they want money. Money makes the world go round. No revolution for animals is going to start your going to get old and die and we are still going to be doing the same thing so stop this dumbass convo. Cus nobody cares about you tree huggers or animal lover, now im going to eat me a chicken sandwhich in my rocawear jackets while resting my feet on this chinchila rug.

  28. ……Young u r ‘uckin mean!poes!

  29. None of your says:

    Im am sorry but his has to be said…Its one thing to wear a fur coat that came from a “raccoon dog being skined alive” it is sad and i cant even imagine the pain. Okay but being an african and a student at North Carolina A&T…those of you who eat chocolate for example…there are children and others being beatn abused and smetimes even killed in the procces to bring you such a wonderful treat…we are all on here voicing our opinions about what is right..what is wong…who has a heart..and who dont…but really there aint much we can do to stop it. I have furs and other animal attire…My car is outlined in various reptiles …yeah i care but that doesnt stop me from having the flyy whip ….here is a thought mabe when OBAMA gets n office we can find a way to be heard and

  30. I Love Fur! says:

    I’m sorry but reading through these stupid little messages from people who hate people like me who wears Real Fur and the guys who kill the animals in the 1st place are just going on and on about something you can not stop! I’ve got atleast 20 pieces of fur, some scarves some jackets/coats etc and they are all designer…Burberry, Hugo Boss, Prada, Dolce&Gabbana, Louis Vuitton to name a few, there are just so many designers in the world who are willing to use fur in their garments because they know there are literally millions of women and Guys like me who wear it! I would never wear Fake Fur because I personally think it looks disgusting. And real fur feels amazing. You just need to realise that you people and the PETA guys spend your time campaigning and moaning….But guess what? The designers, the Fur factories in China and the Customer like me just DO NOT CARE!!!! Fur has been in Fashion for YEARS and it’s not going away, Get used to it!! As I write this I am wrapped in a Raccoon Blanket from Prada and I love it!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    sean john is an asshole

  32. Anonymous says:

    sean john is a big asshole

  33. scarlett says:

    wat then heck “I love fur” person, talk about frigging selfish and heartless

  34. Jon says:

    haha, fuck those dogs, we’re the humans we run this planet. plus i look damn good in rocawear so forget y’all

  35. Sean Watkins says:

    it aint that serious coz nuthin livs 4 eva. i mean damn, how bout all of yall turn 2 vegetarians? since killin animals are sso cruel. .. it hurts 2 say it but o well dats life. shyt happenz

  36. sean john rocks says:

    wtf u guys goin 2 do bout it nothin so shut da f@^k up dumb asswhip…..

  37. 620 bitch says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha 4real xuck them dogs we run this bitch not dogs dumb asswhips……………

  38. Liz says:

    I can’t believe that we let degeneret people do this to other living beings in this day and age. And degeneret people make comments to support this shocks me even more Its like humans are evolving backwards in time into barbarians enjoying this like a cruel joke. Its worse than in Roman times. I don’t know how people sleep at night knowing this goes on. I don’t know how they make supporting comments like this and kiss their children to bed at night. They sick or psycho themselves too. Who knows what these people do in private They are a danger to our supposedly progressing society. Politicians worldwide need to enforce stricter laws. We have to protest for laws like we did in the 1960s What happened to us people?

  39. juanpablo says:

    to cant beleive that people sleep at night knowing this goes on. when was the last time you slept? probably last night right? c it aint stoppin you so please shut the fuck up and just let people wear what they wanna

  40. annymous says:

    when something “inhumane” like this happens to animals something gets done about it.. or eventually we see a tangible difference and people go “aww its so cute” and feel they need to do something yet when we see people suffering and starving on the streets and criminal war crimes being waged against Palestine and bombs dropping killing hundreds of innocent people and children there body’s resembles black coal in the shape of a human body but nothing significant gets done about that..

  41. Survey says:

    I know I’m a little late to comment but…

    This isn’t right. No matter what’s said, the skinning of innocent raccoon dogs (which… aren’t really that endangered) is sick and wrong. All lives are equal, humans have no more worth than anything in nature. Why we think that killing a innocent beings is acceptable is beyond me. We haven’t aided them so they can repay us (unlike with most animals used for food, we shelter and take care of them well and they return the favor). Disgusting.

    Let PETA’s paint and fake blood rain down.

  42. Hansi says:

    The suffering of the poor, street children, war and cruelty towards animals is all equally bad. It’s important that people voice their opposition against all these evil.
    It doesn’t matter whose wearing them, a lame ass rapper or snobbish Olsen twin, it’s not cool to wear a dead animals skin. It’s just disgusting.
    And the procedure of production is barbaric.
    I’m a pescatarian (that is, I don’t eat meat) and I believe that killing animals for food is also unfair. However, nutritional needs, especially in colder countries may require meat in a diet. At least that is how it was a hundred years ago. There are no such excuses for fashion. You don’t need fur coats in your wardrobe. Animals are slaughtered brutally for no purpose!

  43. Businessnation says:

    make dog food with the foxes.

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