Eastman Leather Flight Jacket x Yoropiko

Eastman Leather Flight Jacket x Yoropiko JacketKitmeout has received a sneak preview of a collaboration between Yoropiko and Eastman Leather Clothing. As one of the hottest new brands around, Yoropiko needs no introduction. Eastman Leather Clothing specialise in making extremely authentic, high quality reproductions of WWII vintage flight jackets and accessories. Established in 1984, Eastman flight jackets have found their way to every corner of the globe. Even to the Silver Screen of Hollywood itself, gracing the backs of the famous in films such as: Pearl Harbor, Space Cowboys and Harts War.

The collaboration reputedly is based on an authentic Eastman flight jacket which has been embellished with Martin Yatming’s trademark embroidery. The images show the jacket in early progress. The word is the jacket will retail for over £3,000! There are reports that there will be only 40 of the 1940s flight jacket and 42 of the 1942 flight jacket produced worldwide.
Eastman Leather Flight Jacket x Yoropiko Jacket

3 Responses to “Eastman Leather Flight Jacket x Yoropiko”
  1. Stony says:

    $4,500 U.S.? Good luck selling those outside of Japan.

  2. D. Fredslund Kjeldsen says:

    Pls. transmit the address of the shop of yours closest to the city of London, which I would like to pay a visit next week!

    Best regards,

    D. fredslund Kjeldsen,

    DK – Denmark.

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