Marc Jacobs & Oscar de la Renta, For Fur?

Marc Jacobs & Oscar de la Renta, For Fur?As part of PETA’s “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” Campaign, a group of plucky volunteers stood on the corner of Melrose Place in Los Angeles on Thursday in only a PETA banner to protest the opening of the Oscar de la Renta store. The store had originally been planed to open Thursday, but is still under construction. “We’re targeting Oscar de la Renta because they sell fur,” said protestor Melissa Sehgal, who added the demonstration was also directed at Marc Jacobs which has three stores on the street for using fur. Sehgal said PETA hopes the two companies will sign a written agreement promising to stop selling fur.

14 Responses to “Marc Jacobs & Oscar de la Renta, For Fur?”
  1. Christine says:

    Congratulations to PETA and all animal rights activists. Wearing fur nowadays is UNACCEPTABLE and MORALLY WRONG. Anyone who contributes to the FUR industry is guilty. We shouldn’t promote and give financial support in the killing of Millions of Animals who die in horrendous ways just for their fur. They are the ONLY owners. Millions of DOGS and CATS are skinned ALIVE and killed for their fur in CHINA, mislabeled garments are sold in the USA:
    NO MORE FUR; it should be BANNED FOREVER.
    I’m disgusted at Jennifer Lopez, Burberry, Oscar de la Renta and all people who have no respect for our environment.

  2. sean says:

    this protest of petas will never work
    these people would not even be costumers if the companies stopped selling fur so what does it matter to marc jacobs or oscar? if your so pissed off with brands who sell fur then just find some brands that dont there is plenty out there. and there are no cat skin or dog skin coats in either marc jacobs or oscar or any other brand i know of. they need to go back to kfc at least they were making some progress there
    (seriously its not marc jacobs skinning the animals he just buys the pelts, why dont they go to the source)

  3. laney says:

    Do you really not get it? If it wasn’t for designer like Marc Jacobs there would be no demand and therefore no reason for this evil butchery.

  4. jahr says:

    these phooking designers should know better. just too phooking greedy by far. either that or just plain ignorant!

  5. PewPew says:

    Whats the point of targeting one shop when the fur franchise is still abundant? Your petty protests will not stop fur now nor in the future and your blatant attack on celebrities is just for propaganda and is quite low and sad.
    Sean has a point and all you people have is some stupid excuse. Of course Marc Jacobs uses fur but is he a single culprit and the single supply demander of fur? No. So I assume by targeting one designer you will try to achieve one more step to world domination like the terrorist you are.

  6. Inventing Matilda says:

    War on Fur aside, PETA has a fantastic angle when it comes to marketing and publicizing their cause. Snaps to whoever thought up the clever quip: I’d rather go naked, than wear fur.

  7. cv says:

    this is

  8. phil bobuck says:

    I saw 30 days on TV….I had no idea how awful people are to animals…it made me sick. I hope everyone see’s this.

  9. cody says:



  10. Big Jim says:

    Yeeehaw! Hey Ladys, just got back from eatin a big steak on my fur couch in my wool socks. I really like this nude thing these peta terds are doin, good wack session. Just thought i would let ya’ll know. Howdy cousin’s.

  11. meatsubstitute says:

    haha! but more seriously, shouldn’t we b focusing on human problems? rather than animal stuff? like, sure skinnin and killing innocent animals is bad but arent these starving children of ethiopia worse??

  12. Clifford says:

    I still don’t get the Idea of cows walking around India, and people are starving there.

    I rather be naked than vegan.

  13. Christina says:

    That model is kinda porkey for being a vegan.

  14. the first part of a p0rn0.
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    Now I have to clean all the blood out my engine!!