Balenciaga shoes = Jimmy Choo meets Microsoft!

Balenciaga shoes = Jimmy Choo meets Microsoft! These outrageous Balenciaga shoes where inevitably the centre of attraction at Balenciaga’s Fall 2007 press parade. For obvious reasons this Balenciaga shoe is called the “IT” and has a Jimmy Choo meets Microsoft feel to it. The question on many fashionista’s lips is: “What do you wear with the frigging things?”

5 Responses to “Balenciaga shoes = Jimmy Choo meets Microsoft!”
  1. vivienne says:

    gives new meaning to the phrase “step into the future”!

  2. Alicia says:

    u can wear anything; they have every damn color!

  3. Casey says:

    Holy cr*p- those ROCK!

  4. Alexis says:

    I want them when and where can I buy them!!

  5. Lorenzo says:

    Beyonce got them.
    they worth over $4000,-