Paul & Shark, The ultimate Polo Shirt for S/S 07?

This Paul & Shark Striped Polo Shirt is from the very latest Paul & Shark Spring Summer 2007 Riviera Maya Collection. Paul & Shark is synonymous with the creation of high quality and high fashion shirts and polo shirts and this season is no different. The attention to detail and quality demonstrated in the above […]

Take Two jeans S/S 2007

The Take-Two S/S 2007 Collection has a Miami theme and a real sassy edge. This is the brand blurb: “Take-Two was born in Germany in 1982 mainly as a denim brand and a 1996 became an Italian brand. Actually its design and manufacture are entirely made in Italy. Step by step Take-Two has grown as […]

Stone Island Jacket + reflective Japanese fabric

Stone Island has a legendary reputation for designing innovative jackets. The brand continues to reflect the vision of their founder, the late great fashion genius, Massimo Osti. The above Stone Island Jacket is the 4023. White blouson in reflective Japanese fabric composed of thousands of glass microspheres enabling the piece to reflect light. Anti-wind pockets. […]

Armani Jeans S/S 2007 Collection

The armani Jeans Spring Summer 2007 Collection continues to build on the brands growing reputation for foresight and innovation. The style is, as you would expect from Armani, clean and sharp with subtle flare. Overall the S/S 2007 collection gets a big thumbs up!

Griffin + Barucuta Jacket = True Harrington Jacket

Griffin are very excited to be collaborating with Baracuta for a second time, a brand with such great heritage and the originators of the first ever Harrington jacket as worn by Steve McQueen and Elvis Presley. The first Griffin X Barucuta was made using authentic British camo, enter No2, made with original German camo, that […]

KU Clothing coming to Europe

The word on the fashion grapevine is KU, the original Japanese high-fashion brand, is coming to Europe. KU is widely acknowedged as the first and ultimate Japanese designer brand. The brand has a well-deserved reputation for creating unique and innovative designs which are invariably seen as fashion leaders. Anyone who knows Japanese fashion will know […]

MHI Clothing + Maharishi Snopants

Since its birth in 1994, maharishi has evolved into one of the UK’s most influential designer labels, offering men’s, women’s and children’s collections available from exclusive fashion retailers worldwide. Founded by (creative director) Hardy Blechman, maharishi carries a strong ethos of respect for nature while utilising the latest technology. Blechman, whose former experience lay in […]

DKNY Clothing + Donna Karan the philanthropist

Apparently Donna Karan is reputedly quoted as saying she wants to be remembered as a philanthropist. Perhaps there is no surer way of destroying your credibility than to make such a sanctimonious statement. We, the punters on the high street, don’t want to hear about the righteous cravings of clothing designers, we just want them […]

Organic Jeans + Organic Denim = Original Sugar Cane Jeans!

Organic cotton used to create so called organic jeans is all the rage at the moment. According to Sugar Cane’s UK brand director, Paul Morarji, though, bar all the hype, it’s actually nothing new. “We have always offered an organic denim, ever since we started producing jeans in 1975,” he says. “The cotton and the […]

Kilo Clothing + Kilo Goods Hoody

The highly anticipated KILO GOODS Spring Collection arrives on shelves this week with a worldwide rollout to retailers in Japan, Europe, Canada and the United States. The KILO GOODS Spring delivery continues to raise the bar with quality technical construction and fresh directional design. “The KILO GOODS spring collection is inspired by the attitude of […]

James Jeans = Sexy Jeans!

James Jeans continues to make some noise in the denim arena. James jeans has a well deserved reputation for making comfortable and sexy jeans and this season builds on that fact. L.A. clothing designer Seun Lim created James Jeans slimming by eschewing trendy top stitching and concentrating on the manipulation of subtle details to present […]

Armani Underwear + Armani Cap

Armani accessories continue to expand and generate growth. Armani is renowned for exceptional wallets, scarves, caps, underwear, sox and other designer accessories across the brand platform, including Armani Jeans, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and A|X Armani Exchange. “Regarding our future potential growth, the Armani brand has a remarkable resonance around the world, which we are […]

Yoropiko Jeans = Rare Denim

Here’s a quick shot of the Yoropiko Jeans collection colourways. This collection is ultra-limited and the attention to detail and embroidery is simply unheard of in the denim world. These jeans are true collectors items.

Etro clothing = Etro Style

Etro clothing has a distinct style that is undeniably unique. The brand has that certain indescrible something that just works. That said, not too sure what to make of this pearl of wisdom from the Etro archives: “Two men – the Gentle Man and the Busy Man – meet on the Etro runway. They represent […]

CK Jeans + CK Underwear = Beijing

Is China the next gold-rush for designer brands? Calvin Klein targets China with a new 2,690-square-foot store on the lower ground floor of the Peninsula Arcade in the Peninsula Beijing Hotel in Beijing. China boasts 44 Calvin Klein boutiques across brands such as Calvin Klein Jeans, ck Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Underwear, and Hong […]

Alasachini Jeans + Big & Tall Clothing

The name alasachini has a different appeal than other brands names. The name and goods have the ability to attract the american market by the quality of their aged selvaged denim and their fine quality 100% cotton shirts and wool blend jumper jackets.  European like brands don’t usually give the big and tall men the […]

Yoropiko Jeans + Bejewelled Buttons

Yoropiko Jeans take “attention-to-detail” to the next level. Yoropiko jeans come with gold buttons as standard. For a little extra you can buy a set of additional gem stone buttons for these unique jeans, which you can even use as cufflinks! The gems offerred vary from rubies to diamonds. Each set has 5 buttons and […]

Nudie Jeans + Organic Denim

Nudie Jeans made with organic cotton — the reasons why: “Denim is made of cotton, which causes great damage to our environment both in terms of water consumption (7000 to 29.000 litres of water for each kilogram of ready garment) and in terms of poisonous substances and insecticides. Cotton fields stand for 25% of all […]

Burberry Jacket + Burberry Sport = Reversible?

Burberry’s expansion of their sportswear collection in Spring/Summer 2007 delivers the goods? This light weight reversible Burberry Jacket is offered on Amazon: Burberry mens beige, zipped front regular fit hooded jacket, Classic beige check, large chest pocket with zip closure, classic beige check woven tab Adjustable chord bottom, elasticated sleeve cuffs. Ideal for the Spring/Summer […]

Dr Denim Jeans + Scandinavian Jeans

Dr Denim Jeans – a new Scandinavian interpretation of fashion denim with focus on the product. Experimental fits, forbidden combinations, anachronistic details and “fair” pricing as opposed to cost-plus pricing have been critical features of the collection from the beginning. With a wide range from 59″ flat-finished denims to 29″ selvage denims, the Dr Denim […]

Swear Shoes + Designer Trainers

Londoners Swear makes footwear that are neither shoes nor trainers but live in the strange hinter land in the midst of this realm. Swear shoes are for those who have grown tired of trainers and want to try something different, without foregoing the attitude of the trainer rebellion. Swear shoes has gained a wide cult […]

Evisu Jeans + Puma Evisu = Go Green

There’s Green and there’s GREEN denim. Most of us think of Sugar Cane, Loomstate, Edun or a list of other Eco-friendly denim offerings when we think of GREEN jeans. Evisu, however, have opted to take it literally and offer a pair of green-hued jeans. To quote the guys: “In addition to ring spun denim with […]

Puma Trainers + Puma Clothing = PPR

Puma Trainers to cross the German/French border? PPR announced that it has taken a 27% stake in German sportswear retailer Puma. The French luxury goods group confirmed that it planned to take over the rest of the company for €5.3 billion. With the sale of their stake to PPR, siblings Gunther and Daniela Herz, until […]

Fred Perry Shirt + Comme des Garcons shirts

The Fred Perry and Comme des Garcons shirt introduce their new collection for spring/summer 2007. The well-respected collaboration continues to build on the success of the previous six seasons with a range that successfully combines Fred Perry classic pieces with signature Comme des Garcons shirt styling. The Fred Perry shirt is the focus product for […]

Reebok Trainers vs Nike Trainers

Reebok International has filed a lawsuit against Nike Inc. for allegedly copying its patented technology in sneakers now on store shelves. Reebok received a patent in January for collapsible or “flexible sole” technology allowing shoes to be folded into a more compact form for packaging or to save space while travelling. The athletic footwear and […]

Sapporo + Jhung Yuro = Designer Sneakers

Premium beer maker Sapporo has teamed up with premium shoe maker Jhung Yuro  for “The Sapporo Inspired Runway Show” in Miami, May 4th. Sapporo has also linked up with Ciano Farmer for some quality Japanese selvedge denim jeans and Crooks & Castles for tees for the show.

Sling & Stones jeans + eco-friendly jeans

Sling & Stones jeans for the socially responsible follower of fashion. Sling & Stones is a collective of dreamers turned doers. Began in 2005 with nary a fashion designer on staff, Sling & Stones represents a reckless pursuit of revolution. From mathematicians to fine artists, each of them has sacrificed the security of paychecks and […]

Sugar Cane Union Star Jeans

The newest addition to the Sugar Cane denim line-up for 2007 is the Union Star Jean. Sugar Cane Union Star Jeans available from listed retailers on the official website and online at Togged In July of 1965 Toyo Enterprise, the parent company of Sugar Cane, was commissioned to make a limited  run of jeans […]

Hugo Boss Clothing + Suit = Bayern Munich

Hugo Boss dress the Bayern Munich football team with some sharp threads. This is the official spiel: “They’re renowned for their stylish play. But in fashion terms too, the Bayern Munich squad are top of the league with Hugo Boss. In his luxury blue suit, sky-blue shirt and diagonally-striped tie from the Boss Collection, striker […]

dVb jeans + Jennifer Lopez + Victoria Beckham

Jennifer Lopez has reputedly agreed to be Victoria Beckham’s “fashion guinea pig” for Posh’s dVb jeans collection. “Jennifer’s as fashion-obsessed as Posh and they’ve had several girlie chats about Victoria’s new range. Jen thinks Posh is incredibly stylish and has asked for some tips, but they’ve got different body shapes and she was concerned that […]