Griffin + Barucuta Jacket = True Harrington Jacket

Griffin + Barucuta Jacket = True Harrington JacketGriffin are very excited to be collaborating with Baracuta for a second time, a brand with such great heritage and the originators of the first ever Harrington jacket as worn by Steve McQueen and Elvis Presley. The first Griffin X Barucuta was made using authentic British camo, enter No2, made with original German camo, that is actually made in Belgium, and has been for years…

Griffin have taken the classic slim fit G9 block, not normally used in the UK, making it even more special… ‘The bastard child of these two famous brands is so wrong it is right’, was the comment made by one of Italy’s finest retailers.

Only 65 exclusive pieces have been produced worldwide, with 50 going to Japan and the rest scattered across the globe. Griffin have a few and they will go live on our online store very soon.

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