New Balance Trainers 2007

New Balance Trainers 2007 The history of New Balance begins at the beginning of the 20th Century in Cambridge, Massachusetts. New balance had made its duty to help humans with foot problems, they improved the fitting of the shoes. Inserts and shoes on prescription remained to 1961 the cornerstone of the enterprise, until the “Trackster” , was brought out. The worldwide first running shoe with score-sole, which was available also in several different widths. During the 60s the reputation of New Balance grew as an innovatively producing enterprise by mouth propaganda. When Jim Davis bought the enterprise on the day of the Bosten Marathon of 1972, he committed himself to the original virtue of the enterprise: Good fitting of the shoes, achievement and production.

The New Balance Topmodells: 1500, 860, 576 and 801 (New in 2007) are still hand-made in England. Materials of highest quality are main part of the new collection independent whether in the Far East or in England produced. Worth mentioning are also the new acquisitions: 801,872 and 782 from the Trailrange. In 2007 New Balance will have the 576, 860 and 574 as women styles.

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  1. Paige Davis says:

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  2. NewBalance says:

    My feet hurt Before I purchased NB, my feet were killing me. Having bad feet to begin with, I was at my end. Having just had ankle surgery to repair tendons, I needed something that I could wear 24/7. This is the shoe. Love the style, comfort, and durability