Alpinestars Clothing Autumn/Winter 07

This is an Autumn Winter 07/08 preview for the new Alpinestars range of clothing. The interesting bit here is how they managed to go from a company that pretty much rules motor sports into a company that’s hitting Europe (and to a degree the states) with a steetwear inspired range of clothes that has their […]

Seven Jeans, Reinvented Genius

The story of premium denim is one that is intricately intertwined with the launch of 7 For All Mankind in Los Angeles, California in the Fall of 2000. 7 For All Mankind was the first company to truly bring premium denim to scale, marking Los Angeles, California as denims’ venerable center for research and development […]

Fred Perry trainers – Autumn/Winter 2007

Fred Perry trainers are attracting growing attention as sneaker-freaks across the globe become weary with the over-the-top trainers dominating the market. Fred Perry trainers have a subtle elegance which is difficult for the sports brands to emulate. The Autumn/Winter 2007 collection is a definite must.

Denim Demon Jeans

Denim Demon is another Swedish brand that was started at the end of 2006. The brand prides itself in staying true to denim culture as oppose to premium denim hype and mass-market appeal. All Denim Demon denim is made in Urbania, Italy, which has a long and illustrious history in producing top quality fabrics. Denim […]

One 4 All Clothing, Tommy Hilfiger + Thierry Henry

Tommy Hilfiger and Thierry Henry are teaming up to create a new fashion collection called One 4 All clothing, the proceeds of which go to the anti-racism foundation of the same name. “I’m very happy to be able bring something to people who’ve had less luck than myself,” said Thierry, the official ambassador against racism for […]

Puma x Evisu Jeans, The Evolution!

The next generation of Puma x Evisu Jeans are from the darkside. The collaboration was widely considered something of a dysmorphic hybrid when it first appeared on the scene but the collaboration has evolved into a serious piece of denimwear.

Martin Ksohoh inspects RMC Fakes?

Kitmeout has been informed by Martin Ksohoh that there are a growing number of fake RMC Martin Ksohoh garments on the market. The RMC x Wu Tang jeans below were bought as a test purchase from an online store in the USA by Martin and 1001 and they are reputedly unofficial garments: 1) Martin is inspecting the […]

AS Jeans worn by Margherita Missoni

Margherita Missoni and Boy George have at least one thing in common, AS Jeans. Ammar Belal the man behind the AS Jeans label has quite a lot to say about denim: “The aim of a jeans company is to come up with jeans that fit the greatest number of women to maximize profits,” said Belal. […]

Acne Jeans Autumn/Winter 2007

Acne Jeans Autumn/Winter 2007 Collection is now available at selected stores. Imagine the defiant and fearless gaze of Patti Smith coupled with the energetic bedlam of Emir Kusturica’s portrayal of the Eastern European gypsy, and you have the two bedrocks of Acne Jeans new Autumn/Winter Collection. …And don’t miss the brand new Acne concept store […]

Heidi Klum + Jordache Jeans

Heidi Klum, wife of pop-star Seal, follows in the steps of Elizabeth Hurley and Brittany Murphy and becomes the new face (or should that be butt) of Jordache Jeans. The ads were shot by filmmaker Brett Ratner in the penthouse of the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles. “With her success as a supermodel, businesswoman […]

Neighborhood Technical Apparel

Neighborhood Technical Apparel, Voice of A Generation introduces The Filth and The Fury Collection. This current Neighborhood collection is well worth a butchers. Neighborhood has develop a strong cult following and  some are saying the brand is on the brink of going mainstream.

Sugar Cane Jeans, Smoulder…

Eco-friendly jeans just got a whole lot more sexier. Sugar Cane Jeans are known as the original eco-denim if not the original eco-brand and now they are taking it to the next level and saying just because we’re green doesn’t mean we can’t be sexy. Sugar Cane jeans prove having a conscience is more than […]

Ralph Lauren, here today where tomorrow?

At its annual shareholders meeting chairman and chief executive officer Ralph Lauren said: “the company is just beginning and still has plenty of opportunities for growth.”…and he added: “Through the years we have had the same formula for running our business. We are not about trendy fashion. It’s about longevity, which is unheard of in […]

MHI Clothing, Autumn/Winter 2007

MHI the brand which likes to take it to the edge has an interesting theme for Autumn/Winter 2007. Take it away guys: “For autumn / winter 2007 MHI explores the theme Resistance is Persistence with a collection inspired by the free thinking individuals, movements and ideas that have shaped the political and social landscapes of […]

Giorgio Armani a Chelsea supporter?

Could you imagine Giorgio Armani standing in the Shed at Stamford Bridge? Probably not but Giorgio Armani has knocked up a sharp new off-field uniform for the West End’s Chelsea F.C. players, which has been available for fans to buy through Emporio Armani stores in the U.K. since Friday. “Chelsea F.C. has become known the […]

Versace Jeans + Spice Girls

Can the Spice Girls squeeze into Versace Jeans? Rumour has it that Donatella Versace will be dressing the old birds on their comeback tour. Versace Jeans are renowned for being a bit tight around the butt so it could be a tight squeeze for most of the ancient zig-zaggers. That said, Victoria Beckham should be […]

Emporio Armani Online

Giorgio Armani is to open an Emporio Armani online store. “In the last seven years, I have seen mounting enthusiasm for online fashion shopping in the United States through the growing success we have had with our A|X Armani Exchange site,” Armani said. “Over this same period I have also observed the increasing sophistication of […]

David Beckham, best dressed man?

David Beckham, aka golden balls, and his wife Victoria have joined French President Nicolas Sarkozy on a list of world’s best-dressed people as composed by Vanity Fair. “It’s not just about how much someone spends, it is about having real elegance, style, and individuality,” said Amy Fine Collins of Vanity Fair. Has Amy seen dVb! Becks […]