AS Jeans worn by Margherita Missoni

AS Jeans worn by Boy George Margherita Missoni and Boy George have at least one thing in common, AS Jeans. Ammar Belal the man behind the AS Jeans label has quite a lot to say about denim:

“The aim of a jeans company is to come up with jeans that fit the greatest number of women to maximize profits,” said Belal. “At the most, each brand specializes in a particular body type and different silhouettes are designed for the maximum women having that body type. Custom-made jeans are made specifically to fit your body. A pair of jeans that fits well is an eight out of 10, but one that is made only for you is a 10 out of 10.”

AS Jeans with all the bells and whistle can set you back up to $1,000! South American pop star Jocelyn Martinez has a pair with hand-painted detailing and Swarovski crystal detailing. In New York, As Jeans are stocked at Patricia Field and Blond.

2 Responses to “AS Jeans worn by Margherita Missoni”
  1. Dena says:

    Went to PF’s….these jeans are bloody awful! There was one pair left- and the sales person warned me that they had hung there for months already. There is nothing special about these…they seem to be a rip off of what is already out there. AS JEans rock-my ass! Save your pounds/dollars/ whatever and go for the real thing. So tired of spoiled little socialites who are self-proclaimed designers! True vison and art is a dying thing.

    One more note- all his label is just a few seasons old, rip-offs of what has been done. Certainly edgey and trendsetting in a third world country, however totally taudry and behind in the modern world. Belal- use your own ideas on how to apply sparkles.

  2. Maria says:

    Okay, it’s pretty obvious you’re a rival under an alias. Bo offence but really? Are you kidding me? I love AS jeans. Jeans are the wardrobe and there aren’t that many types of jeans. I run a fashion group on Facebook called, “Desi’s with a Passion for Fashion” and any new pictures I add of the collection are loved by all. As in people from all over the world think they are trendy.

    In fact, his handbag was featured in Sex & the
    City movie, his jeans are stocked in NY and many celebrities like Kelly Ripa and Boy George are seen wearing the label. So kindly stfu.