Yoropiko x Star Wars Novelty Jeans

Yoropiko x Starwars Novelty Jeans YOROPIKO designer MARTIN YAT MING is launching a YOROPIKO x STAR WARS novelty jean for the Hong Kong and Chinese market only. The collection will be limited to 100 pieces. And once again the denim genius has pushed up the boundaries of the requirements in the art of the details and the quality.

Martin create his own selvedge with his own name in it, and he also put another inside special selvedge for the inner pant, a STORM TROOPER all-over for the inner pockets. As usual the carefullness in every details and his the traditionnal way of the denim conception.

All this kind of details and creative ingenuity is to protect the brand from criminal counterfeitors. What out for the Yoropiko flagship store coming to HK soon! Source: yoropiko.co.uk

One Response to “Yoropiko x Star Wars Novelty Jeans”
  1. imani bryan says:

    these jeans are incredible only a few made i havent yet purchased a pair due to cash but if youve got a spare £480.00 go and get a pair theyll be worth double that in 10 years