BAPE clothing to Black Label

BAPE clothing to Black Label BAPE clothing grows up? A Bathing Ape, the Japanese brand known internationally for its flambouyant camo and child-like characterisations, has released a new line called “Black Label” which is reputedly a collection of black and other one-shade clothing. Whether this is a transition to a more mature and discerning customer-base is yet to be seen, but as we all know Nigo is a marketing genius so the move is bound to have substance!

6 Responses to “BAPE clothing to Black Label”
  1. Fashion says:

    There already is a line called “blac label” also a skateboarding company called “black label” soooo, how is that gonna work?

  2. patric says:

    BAPE suff is great but unfortunately not available in good old germany! darn!

  3. Specca says:

    so what if there is? black label is going to be a sub label of bape characterizing the clothes collection if i could understand this hugo boss that has orange label which is kinda cheaper and less classical

  4. pito says:

    no mames

  5. Anonymous says:

    this is the wackest asian known to man

  6. joe says:

    what does he wants to show us? “i got many shoes, a lightening bolt in th head and a big car. (but he still looks unhappy)