Green Fashion = FutureFashion

Green Fashion = FutureFashionDuring New York Fashion Week, 28 top designers dazzled New York with cutting edge eco-friendly fashions on the runway.  Renewable, reusable, non-polluting fabrics such as organic cotton and wool, bamboo, corn-based fibers, recycled fibers and biopolymers were transformed into everything from elegant couture to street wear.

Why FutureFashion?

FutureFashion have launched FutureFashion as an Earth Pledge Initiative to continue to educate, research and demonstrate to the industry and consumers that there are interesting options and that we still have a long way to go.

25% of agricultural pesticides are used on cotton, causing major water pollution, chronic illness in farm workers, and devastating impacts on wildlife. In the United States, cancer rates in states that produce cotton are significantly higher than in neighboring states that do not. The acidic chemicals used to process synthetic fabrics find their way into our rivers and streams, lowering the pH and destroying ecosystems. Materials such as bamboo and hemp are faster growing, more durable, and more renewable than conventional textiles.

Sustainable fashion is within reach and need not limit the range and quality of products that designers can offer, from couture to sportswear to home furnishings. By promoting eco-friendly products such as organic cotton, organic wool, corn fibers, recycled fabrics, biopolymers, natural dyes to industry and consumers, we can prove that style and sustainability can coexist – creating market demand and improving our environment and health.

2 Responses to “Green Fashion = FutureFashion”
  1. Erica says:

    This is great to see…fashion that is eco friendly. I’ll definitely support this.

  2. Harry says:

    Very good looking shoes from Noharm! I like that eco can be looking smart also. I will ask at my favourite eco fashion shop about these shoes. Anyway, I like ecological materials e.g bamboo T-shirts. And right now I’m wearing hemp, both in shoes and hats, from Simple Shoes in California, relaxed style, comfortable and recycled.