Acne Chinos

Acne ChinosThis spring Acne is proud to introduce the first line of POP Chinos. The chinos are created under our new design program POP Classics, where garments that are considered timeless are given new relevance through contemporary design interpretations. All chinos comes with signature bright colored lining on the inside.

Like jeans the original chino derive from masculine utility-wear made for longevity. Originally used in British military uniforms in the 19th century, the chino gained popularity in the United States when young soldiers brought them home from war. Today, the chino represents ease, leisure and an ever classic silhouette.

2 Responses to “Acne Chinos”
  1. Vy King says:

    Luv the Acne brand and all they do. The chinos look a great alternative to jeans. Keep doing what you are doing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    xx the elefanth