Manuel Bozzi Jewellery

‘Manuel Bozzi Jewellery

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I hope to meet you in Paris and introduce this incredible jewel/accessories collection.

Manuel Bozzi’s SNAKES BRACELET in camel leather and double snake shaped buckle, handcrafted and engraved in sterling silver.

Following the dreaming vision of last UNIVERSITY OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL COLLECTION, the italian designer, still inspired by sacred and fantastic animals, show us his round shaped and hand engraved snakes engaged in a perpetual motion. Their dynamism reminds us Moebius’ duality and Escher’s paradox still maintaining Manuel Bozzi’s personal stylistic perception. The launch of the new jewel is scheduled for Premiere Classe international tradeshow – Paris Oct ’08

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  1. Lisa Aubrey says:

    Just thought I would leave a note stating that this is one of the best snake head braclet I have seen. I have been searching for a braclet that my friend had over 20 yeats ago and still have not found one comparable.

    Love your braclet!