Britney Spears dressed by Dsquared

Eco Friendly ClothingDsquared is putting the finishing touches on Britney Spears’ wardrobe for her upcoming Circus tour. Dan and Dean Caten reinterpreted clowns, trapeze artists and jugglers into a series of provocative looks for Spears and her dancers to be worn on a world tour that kicks off Tuesday in New Orleans. “We are enormous fans of Britney, and have been waiting for the perfect moment to collaborate with her,” the twins enthused. “It’s going to be wild.”

DSquared is the name of the company formed in 1993 by twins Dean and Dan Caten. Born in Canada in 1965, the twins grew up in Willowdale, Ontario. Following high school, they spent a summer at Parsons School of Design in New York and then decided to be designers.

One Response to “Britney Spears dressed by Dsquared”
  1. Britney says:

    personally I think she’s sorta nudeish.the words of most of her songs are sexually just plain werid.But all that I realy don’t listin to anymore.But I must admit britney’s new single ”kill the lights” totally a awesome song it gives a very real life spoke to me.I had this guy that is now my ex-boyfriend and he seemed to me like he wasn’t able to get over me cause he was all over me like some animal and he even said that he was never intersted in me when in the first place he said he thought of me as a girlfriend and know what else I bet if britney saw my music video on that same song(kill the light) she’d be impressed cause I’m makingmy own music video this summer on her song(kill the light).I say brit did a very awesome job on her single for kill the lights. YOU ROCK BRIT!