Sugar Cane Clothing 2011

Sugar Cane Clothing 2011

‘Sugar Cane’ denim by traditional Japanese dyeing techniques by hand and not by machine. The first model ‘ Sugar Cane Awa ’ is made of sugar cane denim dyed by Awa indigo. Awa used to be one of the popular places producing indigo, located in the western part of Japan. The second model ‘ Sugar Cane Okinawa ’ is made of sugar cane fibre and indigo produced in the region of Okinawa, Japan. The third model ‘Sugar Cane Hawaii’ is made from sugar cane and indigo imported from Hawaii.

Sugar Cane Jackets

Uniquely Japanese denim made from — you guessed it- sugar cane. For many years, Sugar Cane Jeans were a ferociously guarded Japanese secret but today the brand is attracting global attention. Interestingly, Sugar Cane prefer to use the vintage term ‘dungarees’ in preference to the term ‘jeans’ to describe their product: “The word ‘jeans’ has become the vernacular for faux denim fashion wear that masquerades as the tough, classic waist overalls history made famous.

Sugar Cane Pants

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