Surface to Air Comes to New York

Surface to Air Comes to New York

“WE chose the name because we thought it was a nice metaphor for creativity,” said Jérémie Rozan, the founder of Surface to Air. “We’re not pro-war,” Mr. Rozan said.

“When I started, I tried to reconcile things that couldn’t be reconciled,” said Mr. Rozan, 36, who studied business and worked for a consulting firm in London for all of six months before starting his own company. “It was about trying to do 20 things at the same time and still being the best in every field.”

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi in Surface to Air Jacket

“It’s a way to show the specificity of our brand, which is a fashion brand with an eye for creative artistic capital,” Mr. Rozan said. “It helps us express who we are without spending an extraordinary amount of cash.”

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