Sustainable fashion gaining momentum?

The Guardian reports: “Luxury and sustainability are two words you may not particularly expect to find in the same sentence. You may even think they are antithetical concepts.” But this is just what innovative NOHARM brand has been doing for the past 6 years.

Looks like the traditional old brands are starting to get the message. Earlier this year PPR — the owner of a string of luxury brands including Gucci – set out a major new sustainability strategy called PPR HOME. Its CEO, François-Henri Pinault, said: “My deep conviction that sustainability creates value is part of my strategic vision for PPR. Sustainability can – and must – give rise to new, highly ambitious business models and become a lever of competitiveness for our brands.”

NOHARM has just released news on 3 new men’s footwear styles:





One Response to “Sustainable fashion gaining momentum?”
  1. Ann C says:

    How do we define sustainability in a business ? Is it different than being a green or eco-friendly approach to business ? At our business we strive for eco-friendly approach pretty much in every aspect of our business. It goes from the materials we source to the recycled plastic bags and cardboard gift boxes. We even do not print a single receipt on paper and use e-mails/SMS to send receipts to the customers.

    We would like to learn more from the established businesses on how to be sustainable and what is the strategy. Agree with Francois Henry’s conviction with sustainability and that it creates value for enterprises both in short and long run.