La Maison Simons A/W2011

Not the usual Kitmeout offering but here we go…

Making of La Maison Simons Automne/Fall 2011 Le 31 Collection avec/with Sebastian Sauvé

La Maison Simons was founded by the Simons family in 1840 in Quebec City, and is headquartered in that city. The store began operations as Simons House, but retail operations began in 1889. Now a chain with seven stores in Quebec, it is currently headed by Peter Simons. The birth of the family business took place in 1812. Peter Simons who was born in Scotland in 1785 settled into the Quebec City area where he lived on a farm and raised his family including his five children. His 17 year-old son John Simons at the time opened a dry goods store where he sold imported products from England and Scotland, after much success in pleasing the customers the policy is brought about and grows big where customers are fully satisfied or they get their money back. In 1870 La Maison Simons moves to its current location at 20 côte de la Fabrique, from this time and on the store grows to be even more successful. In 1952 the Postwar brings upon different brand new market opportunities where Donald Simon enters the picture and leads the store into a modern era, transforming it into a department store where it becomes leader in popularizing fashion. La Maison Simons sells not only high quality fashion but also home fashion. With only eight stores in Canada, La Maison Simons is very successful for rich people. Some things in La Maison Simons are decent priced, but if you want a good pair of jeans, it’s better if you have money. Plus the security system is pretty high tech so good luck. The year 1961 is the turning point for La Maison Simons as it enters a growth phase with its new store in Place Sainte-Foy where home fashions is now introduced to the store and bringing upon new brands for men and for women in their thirties and forties.

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