PUMAGILITY “Footprints” Commercial

PUMA introduces PUMAGILITY but know this is not your average trainer. It’s reinforced with a stable design that doesn’t compromise on comfort and flex. How’d we do it? We used super lightweight foam shapes that compress on impact (ahem, flexibility aplenty) and widen the base (cue maximum stability). We even threw in a few flex grooves for enhanced, smooth side-to-side movement while training. Put it all together and you get a shoe that not only moves with you, it moves for you—now get going. In PUMA’s new commercial to launch PUMAGILITY, we get a glimpse of a young runner’s journey through the city with his new PUMAGILITY shoes, demonstrating how he gets moving. PUMAGILITY offers stability and flexibility for all your cross training needs.

2 Responses to “PUMAGILITY “Footprints” Commercial”
  1. Toby says:

    In what city was this commercial filmed?

    • Maria says:

      we were wondering too. we saw a NY licence plate, but also some kind of european ones as well. The street signs looked american, and judging by the buildings, if it were in america i would imagine an east coast city.