David Beckham togged in H&M underwear


David Beckham keeps his fashball reputation alive as part of the H&M new campaign. Becks had the shots taken in in Los Angeles by photographer Alasdair McLellan.

Jeans washed in natural salt


Wash jeans in natural salt? Why we wash new jeans using natural Salt in Japan. Washing your new jeans in natural salt helps to set their dye, preventing them from fading. In the past, using salt to keep the colour on your blue jeans was necessary because of a lack of quality laundry products for […]

David Beckham, the original FASHBALL Player


David Beckham, Football’s Fashion King, fronts Esquire’s September edition. Photography by Josh Olins, the look follows the tried and tested “moody motion”. David Beckham is the archetype for Football and Fashion synergy, or as abbreviated here at Kitmeout the original FASHBALL Player!