Man Skirts, Twirl into 2014


Over the years there’s been plenty of speculation that “man skirts” would hit the main stream with a whacking right hook. Could 2014 be the year of the man skirt. To quote “The Wales in Union” Haiku: Scotchmen wear dresses, Englishmen Pomposity, Ulsterian green! Perhaps that provides the answer to why men don’t wear skirts. […]

Meltin’ Pot Denim Apron


Here Meltin’ Pot provide denim heads with the ultimate kitchenwear in the form of a denim apron. The question is what do you wear with it? Perhaps nothink – just the apron and a good pair of sturdy boots! Take a butchers at the full photo: Meltin Pot on the Kitmeout forum here

Evisu Jeans resurrected?


There’s been plenty of chatter about Evisu on the Kitmeout forum over the years. Kitmeout was the first official store online to offer Evisu back in 2000. The Evisu brand has been up and down over the years and it looks like the brand is on the up at the moment. Here’s a chat from […]

Duffer St George to KU USA


A discussion including Duffer St George, KU USA, Luke 1977, Momotaro and Ed Hardy. “yes, duffer had a store in london. he wanted exclusive which i gave him. then he didnt come to our stand one season, so i assumed he was moving on. i then sold to jones in covent garden (now gone). at […]

DJ Campbell, Red Monkey Jeans model


DJ Campbell, the Red Monkey model, is embroiled in a match-fixing allegations. Dudley Junior “D. J.” Campbell, who now plays for Championship side Blackburn, was one of six people arrested on Sunday. Over the years there’s been plenty of chatter about DJ and his association with RMC Red Monkey Company – Take a butchers here […]

Ede & Ravenscroft


Here’s a thread on the Kitmeout Forum worth a butchers: Ede & Ravenscroft “oldest fashion brand? i know this has been discussed on kitmeout before but could Ede & Ravenscroft be the oldest? Ede & Ravenscroft, the British tailoring business founded in 1689, has received a fourth royal warrant. For 320 years Ede & Ravenscroft […]

Evisu Jeans No.0


Nice thread here on the forum about Evisu Jeans – take a butchers, visit here > The Japanese line has 3-4 basic standard lines of denim quality and is denoted by a number on the patch. so No.0, No.1, No.2 and No.3. 0 being the highest in quality and price and 3 being the lowest […]

Yoropiko Jeans – 30% OFF for Cyber Monday 2013


Today only Cyber Monday Flash Sale, 30% OFF the website. Brands include RMC, MKWS and Yoropiko. Take a butchers at these Jay-Z Limited Edition Yoropiko Jeans now ONLY 209.99 quid or these Santastic Black Sakura Jeans now a Santastic 335.99 quid.

World Cup 2014 Jeans


Here’s something for the Football Fanatic – a pair of World Cup Jeans. Take a butchers at the denim here > A unique piece of kit for anyone travelling to Brazil 2014!

Vegan Shoes by NOHARM


NOHARM, the Vegan Shoe brand, which first promoted the link between vegan footwear and the environment is modeled here by Richie Kull. The brand is worth a butchers here at NOHARM.COM Part of the NOHARM environmental pitch, goes: “Senior U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization official Henning Steinfeld reported that the meat industry is “one of […]

Red Monkey Jeans – Cyber Monday Sale


A Whooping 30% OFF all Jeans, Jackets, Shirts and more across the whole site. Get exclusive Red Monkey Jeans at unbelievable prices. This is a Limited Time offer for 24 hours only. 2nd December ’13 for Cyber Monday Visit Red Monkey Jeans Here >

Blue Blood Jeans


There have been an extensive number of Blue Blood Jeans threads on the Kitmeout forum over the past 10 years. One question that comes up often, why the lobster logo? One answer: “Isn’t it just because the lobster has ‘blue blood’?” Take a butchers at the full thread here >

Crooks & Castles – Brand of the Week


Crooks & Castles are worth a butchers out of the peripheral vision at least. Added to the brands section of the Kitmeout forum here > a while back Taste of their marketing angle goes: “From the robber barons of the early times like the vanderbilts, the rockefellers, the carnegies to the modern day billionaires – […]

Criticism and Men in the Fashion World


An interesting chin-wag here on the Kitmeout forum. Opening post: “Got a question for you. I been noticing that I am getting a lot of criticism from friends and what not about me taking a path into the fashion industry. We all know that men in the fashion industry are stereotyped in some shape or […]



The question was asked on the Kitmeout forum: what’s the difference between TJ Maxx & TK Maxx? And what does TJ and TK stand for? The answer was deflating: Thank you for contacting T.J. Maxx Customer Service. While we would like to provide you with some kind of story or anecdote regarding the names, we […]

Stone Island Jacket R.I.P.


Back in 2005 there was a thread on the Kitmeout forum which proposed Stone Island R.I.P. Take a butchers at the thread here. This was the period when Burberry was at the height of its chav fame, the days before the American from Indianapolis, Angela Ahrendts, pulled Burberry away from the brink. History has proven […]

Is manorexia for real or just a media driven phenomenon?


The debate was sparked on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum about Manorexia a few years ago. Is it a real phenomenon today? Is manorexia for real or just a media driven phenomenon? Following the decision to ban size zero female models from the catwalk, Clothes Show Live is taking a stance against skinny male models too. […]

30% OFF RMC Jeans, Cyber Monday Deal


Take a butchers at the upcoming Cyber Monday sitewide deal on the official RMC site here at “Rare opportunity to get authentic and exclusive RMC for an unbelievable price. A Cyber Monday 24 hour deal on 2nd Dec. Or call them before the 2nd and they’ll look after you. This deal ends at midnight […]

Men’s Sixty Jeans


There’s been a bunch of chatter over the years concerning fashion brands and gender association. We’ve all laughed at poor old Juicy Couture making pathetic attempts to break into the menswear market and the list goes on. One that slipped on the radar was The Sixty Group’s attempt to offer a men’s version of Miss […]

Karl Lagerfeld Gloves


Karl Lagerfeld loves his gloves, so what’s the story with Karl being kitted out in turtle doves day and night? Some rumours say he thinks gloves make his arms look longer which in France is a sign of influence. That might be the case in France, Mate, but in the rest of the world it […]

Counterfeit Clothing


There have been a long list on conversations on the Kitmeout forum concerning counterfeit clothing. Here’s one, take a butchers: “what’s your view on counterfeiting. i have read some posts here that say you were the owner of ed hardy so you must hate fakes with a passion.” Read More

Mister Freedom Clothing


Mister Freedom has had plenty of posts on the Kitmeout forum over the years. His customisations of Sugar Cane garments are almost legendary. This is one of many chatter points about Mister Freedom: See Here >

Oldest Japanese Denim Brand


The question was asked – take a butchers at the thread, includes: “Interesting topic, I called the European distributors of Sugar Cane jeans and they confirm that Sugar Cane jeans first produced their jean in 1975. did further research on the other Japanese brands and 45rpm started in 1978. so does any one have any […]

Organic Fashion


Take a butchers at the debate on “organic Fashion” at the Kitmeout Forum: “Because The Industry Is So Nascent There Are No Real Standards. Sugar Cane Have A History Of Producing Denim Made With Fibres Which Are Apparently Less Harmful To The Environment. A Lot Of The Other Brands Are Just Seeing An Opportunity To […]

Vivienne Westwood Menswear


The question was asked on the Kitmeout forum: “I am a big Vivienne Westwood fan. How many men here buy Vivienne Westwood menswear? Do most people still see it as a ladies brand? Does Vivienne Westwood have the same problem as Juicy Couture appealing to the menswear market? ” Take a butchers at the full […]

Worst Designer Jeans on the Planet?


The question was asked on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum: “What are the worst jeans on the planet?”. Take a butchers to see whether your choice is mentioned. View Here > One opinion shared is: “for me it has to be Joykeep Jeans (or Jkeep). They make the worst knockoff versions of brand name labels like […]

Oldest Fashion Brand


A question was asked on the Kitmeout Forum, what does the oldest fashion brand. Take a butchers at this list: Smedley 1784 Vuitton 1854 Aquascutum 1851 Burberry 1856 Pringle 1815 Lyle and Scott 1874? Prada 1913 Hat’s off to John Smedley! Full thread here >

GOLA Trainers, a true British Great!


Over 5 years ago Kitmeout paid homage to the Great British sports brand, GOLA. We at Kitmeout rate the brand above its sporting heritage peers. Take a butchers at the shout on Kitmeout back in 2007: Gola Trainers are a true British classic in every conceivable way. The brand is indelibly printed in the consciousness […]

Burberry or Ralph Lauren Trench?


Sounds almost like a transatlantic battle of the brands. When in truth there really is no competition between Burberry and Ralph Lauren when it comes to the traditional trench coat. The real competition would have to be between Aquascutum and Burberry. Take a butchers at the threads hereand here.

Paul Smith Wallet – Art or Not?


Ever since Paul Smith released his “naked lady” collection there has been a cacophony of indignation condemning the globally recognized designer for degrading the fairer sex. So what’s the deal? Here’s the chatter on the Kitmeout forum, Take a butchers. The story goes, Archie Dickens painted it (a 94 year old from Kent, England) & […]